Yamaha Informs us of the New Colours for FZ-S, FZ16 & Fazer Now: Prices Inside

After almost 14 days of BikeAdvice carrying out the launch story of new colour options for Yamaha’s complete FZ series, the company has shared with us an official press release just now.


There is nothing really new to talk about apart from the confirmation that these are only cosmetic enhancements and there are no mechanical mods at all.

Though the new colour theme does make the new FZ and Fazer look refreshing but its high time the company moves up the ladder. A lot of our readers have been blaming Yamaha for loosing its streak. There is no R15 V3, there is not even a single 250cc motorcycle in their stables, no real update about the much awaited R25, the FZ has been running around with similar specs since its advent!

The crib is about the fact that the company has become too much into commuters and volumes and now scooters! They are neglecting their premium customers who expect a more powerful motorcycle from them, which hurts more when they see no real update from the company, even despite the competition launching bigger bikes left right and bottom!


Nonetheless, you can check out all the 9 new colour options in our earlier article here. Here are the prices for you ex-showroom in Delhi:

  • Yamaha Fazer (All 2014 Colours): Rs 77,351
  • Yamaha FZ (All 2014 Colours): Rs 70,411
  • Yamaha FZ-S (All 2014 Colours) Rs 72,385

However, the minor silver lining is that Yamaha is testing the FZ version 2 which is definitely expected to have a more powerful engine!