Yamaha Motors to Expand Production Capacity in 2012

Hi Readers! To start with here is wishing all the readers a very happy and prosperous new year. Now for the news; two wheeler maker Yamaha Motors is aiming to expand its production capacity in 2012. Yamaha announced on Saturday that they are planning to expand their production capacity to as much as one million units in 2012 (guess this is not their New Year’s resolution which eventually gets stale by timeJ). All in all, Yamaha India is aiming to sky rocket their production capacity to a million units by the end of 2012.

Yamaha Motors was silent about the investment part but they said that the sales figures have really improved.  The company said that the sales for the past month stood at 44976 units (domestic- 33290 and exports- 11686) as against 34896 units (domestic 26567 and exports 8272 units) in the same period of 2010. The last month witnessed a 29% growth in sales figures. Yamaha has decided to continue with their plans of increasing production capacity because the aims at attaining the top spot in the Indian two wheeler market. Earlier in November 2011, Mr. Suzuki (CEO, Yamaha Motors) said that the company was in a severe condition and would break even by 2013 as they are planning to increase their production capacity. Keeping in mind the great demand for Yamaha products, Suzuki said that the company aims to sell at least 10 lakh vehicles in domestic market by 2014.

Yamaha motors did not reveal either the investment required or their plan as to how are they going to achieve their goal of producing as much as a million units. All in all, we can just assume that Yamaha is still planning and the true picture as to the execution of this humongous task will come out a bit later. We hope and pray that Yamaha gets what they wish for in this new year of success. Finally I would like to wish each one of the Bike Advice readers a “Very Happy New Year” and all the “Success”.