Yamaha Launches Helmets for Women & Children From Rs 990

Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd has unveiled new stylish helmets for women and kids in India to promote helmet use by pillion riders. The country is going through a big change in terms of road safety and traffic rules; in fact just a few days back the government has made it mandatory for women pillion riders to wear helmets in Delhi.

Whitenight-Yamaha-Kids-Helmet* Yamaha Whitenight Kids Helmet

Close on the heels, Yamaha has gone a step ahead by bringing to light not just the importance of helmets for women but as well as for kids by launching a range of cool and colorful helmets in contemporary styles.

These helmets have been developed by Yamaha Motor India and are ISI approved. The pricing has been kept at reachable points starting at Rs 990 and going upto Rs 1380.


Yamaha Elmo helmet for women

Yamaha Helmets and Prices:

Here is the list of helmets along with their prices…


  • ELMO (Offered in Gray, pink and dark pink colors): Rs 1175
  • AVION (Offered in White & Blue Stripes, White & Tricolor, Pearl White with check): Rs 1380
  • COSMO (Offered in Red and Black): Rs 990


  • Whitenight: Rs 1350
  • Blueking: Rs 1350
  • Blackstar: Rs 1350

Yamaha-Blueking children helmet india

Yamaha Blueking helmet for women

These Yamaha branded helmets can be bought at all Yamaha dealerships across the country. Through the few pics of these helmets which Yamaha has shared with us, we get the impression that they do look modern and hence lady riders/pillions can buy them based on their likes.

yamaha AVION Women Helmet

Yamaha AVION Helmet for women

For the last few years, Yamaha has been taking up road safety as the key point in its Corporate Social Responsibility plan. The Japanese major currently conducts Yamaha Safe Riding Science (YSRS) for college students, Yamaha Female Riding Training (YFRT) for women, Yamaha Children Safety Program (YCSP) for school kids and Yamaha Drivers Safety Program (YDST) for truck drivers. The company has also introduced its Maiden Mascot – ‘Zippy’ to promote the Yamaha Children Safety Program (YCSP which is a first of its kind social initiative to educate and influence both parents and children about vital road safety measures).

While we are at it, BikeAdvice urges all its readers to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle/scooter!