Yamaha May Launch Scooters Named Neo, Fino and Spark in India

There was news the other day that Yamaha is going to launch scooters in to Indian market. Guess what, Yamaha has even initiated proceedings for bringing three scooters to India. The three scooters currently included in the portfolio are Neo, Fino and Spark. This is great news for all those scooter lovers who wanted to experience scooters made by Yamaha.

According to the reports and news, Yamaha has already decided to put these three models for a test in India.  The Japanese manufacturer will test the scooters in Indian market soon.  The scooters viz. 50 cc Neo, 115 cc Fino and 135 cc Spark are currently very popular in Thailand and thus Yamaha decided to test them out in Indian market.  As far as the news go, Yamaha is certainly coming with these three scooters to India at any cost.

Earlier this year Yamaha announced its intention of entering the Indian scooter market. The company has also finished studies pertaining to the market researches, marketing mix and product feasibility.  The only thing remains is the real test of these three scooters in Indian market.

Confirming this news Mr. Pankaj Dubey (Head of Marketing and Sales) said that the company is studying the market conditions after that it will be decided on which model perfectly compliments the Indian customer base.  He further added that the company is anyhow going to launch scooters in India.  Mr. Dubey also said that company is deciding on the product feasibility as in which model will be most suited for Indian markets.

As far as the news is concerned, the market researches are almost complete and Yamaha will soon make the next move. The company was planning to enter the scooters segments form start of the financial year.  Speaking of the scooters, all the three are unique as far the looks and the features are concerned. There is no word from the company officials regarding the costs of these scooters but they are expected to be priced high in India.

Yamaha has got gear less scooters starting from 50 cc and above. All the three scooters viz. Neo, Fino and Spark are gear less.  While Neo and Fino are air cooled scooters, Spark is a liquid cooled one. All the three scooters are ready to be tested in India and the result will be out soon, said a company official.  We will soon see the rise of Yamaha in Indian scooter market as well.