Yamaha to Launch R15 in Indonesia; Comes Up with a Teaser Website

Yamaha Indonesia has come up with a teaser website which says, “We R Different” and “Coming Soon”. Speculations are high that Yamaha is going to introduce the extremely successful R15 in the Indonesian market according to TMCblog.com.


It has now become a tradition for Yamaha Indonesia to put up a teaser website before launching a new bike. They followed the same promo strategy while launching the Vixion (which is basically the R15 without fairing). They had put up a similar teaser which read as “Ride the Lightning”, and then released the bike a fortnight later.

Indonesians have loved the performance products in the lower segment of the market since the introduction of the Tourer GT125, and have been hungry for more. Products like the Vixion, Byson and the Scorpio-Z have been able to satiate that hunger to a certain extent.


The Yamaha R1, R6, the T Max and the V Max have already been available as Completely Built Units (CBU) for some time now and Yamaha now hopes to increase their market share with the R15, which is also being sold in Cambodia. It is believed that Yamaha will launch the same 2014 R15 Colours in Indonesia which they have brought here.

The R15 was launched in India back in 2008 and had shaken the market with the kind of performance which was unheard of in the segment. With the styling inspired from the legendary R1 and a 149.8cc liquid cooled engine which produces a power output of 17PS and a peak torque of 15Nm, the motorcycle is laden with technology.

The delta box frame engine is interestingly the same as that of the Vixion only tuned up for higher performance. The Yamaha R15 has introduced many souls to the world of super bike performance giving them a feel of power and handling before they can graduate to the higher capacities.