Yamaha Introduces Riding Clinic in India

Yamaha is one of the known manufacturers who promote racing in the country. Yamaha is known to produce master racing events like Yamaha R15 – One make race to bring out the best of racing world. Now it has introduced yet another international event called Riding Clinic. Riding clinic is nothing but a sort of training session program to equip he riders with more depth knowledge of safe riding.

Yamaha Motor Co. and Madras motor club jointly organized the clinic from 21st to 23rd of November 2010. Yamaha specially invited Ex GP rider Mr. Osamu Miyazaki to share his knowledge with the participants. A total no of 24 riders took part in the clinic for three days and they were trained both theoretically and practically. The participants were trained on basic bike check up, Daytona racing kit parts, appropriate riding posture, correct way to pull over, right racing line, maintaining the bikes performance and so on. The clinic helped the participants gain appropriate knowledge of biking perfectly.

Yamaha further plans to select the participants based on their performances and only few lucky ones will represent India in Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race to be held in Malaysia in December 2010. The overall objective of the clinic is to find a GP rider from the country. Yamaha, through this clinic, wants to train young aspiring riders to represent the country on International platform. Yamaha’s officials said that this type of events will enhance the no of riders in the country. The bikes used in the clinic were YZF- R15s modified with Daytona kits to enhance the riding experience of the participants. The racing kits included Racing ECU (Engine Control Unit), High Lift Cam Shaft; Petal shaped large Disc and Racing Exhaust System.

Yamaha also wants to make its brand more powerful and establish a monopoly whenever racing is talked about. Overall the Riding Clinic was a success and the company plans to organize more such events in the country in the near future.