Hi, I am Sohel, 23 yrs. old, living in Mumbai and this is the first article I am writing in my life. I have been a regular follower of this site for approximately 1 year. I personally wanted to thank all you guys for creating such a wonderful and user friendly site. You guys really help lots of buyers choose their mean machines with all your Pro’s and Con’s verdicts.

My Bike: 1st June 2009 is the month in which I gifted myself with a wonderful bike named Yamaha FZ-S. Though I am completely aware of the fact that there are no differences between FZ and FZ-S, I went for FZ-S because at that time I really wanted my bike to look different. FZ had already over-shadowed many of the other bikes in the market and where ever you go you can always find an FZ. FZ-S definitely gave me that different appeal. I always get looks at all the traffic signals and on the roads.

Yamaha Red Silver FZ-S India

I own a Red-Silver FZ-S, and let me tell you that it’s a completely amazing bike in terms of looks and also in terms of performance. This beast cost me some thing above 75K.

How I Came to Own It: Earlier I had owned a Platina and then I upgraded myself to a brand new Pulsar 150. I always have a perception in my mind that, Bajaj bikes are the best for Indian roads in terms of servicing and parts. They have a wide network of service centers across the state and also the parts are much cheaper as compared to other brands.

Becoming tired of my existing Pulsar, I really wanted to graduate to something more interesting. At that time I had only one bike in my mind and that was the Bajaj Avenger. As I had mentioned earlier, I was a complete Bajaj freak. So, I went to a Bajaj showroom to check out what’s new, but to my utter shock, there was nothing great about the Avenger. It had that same old look with some new decals and color job done on it. It didn’t even have tubeless tires.

As I had faced a lot of problem with normal tires, I was really looking forward to tubeless ones. As it may be clear to you by now, I was really disappointed with Bajaj, and so I thought “Lets look out for something new”. To my surprise I found a Yamaha showroom just minutes away from the Bajaj one, and decided to check it out.

As I entered, I saw a distinctive looking monster and at the first sight of it, I feel in love with it. It was a Red-Silver color FZ-S. I liked the bike so much that I was ready to buy it on the spot but not without knowing its Pro’s and Con’s.

So, I went ahead and started inquiring about the monster with the dealer and later with friends who own it and also had good knowledge about the bike. I had already read the review about the same in BikeAdvice’s column and got good feedback about the bike from my friends. After all the necessary inquiries, I took a test ride, which made up my mind that this is this bike I was really looking for. So, now I am a proud owner of Yamaha FZ-S.

My Experience: And as per my personal experience I can give you the following tips about the bike.


  • The response from throttle is great.
  • Diamond delta box frame is really amazing in terms of balancing the monster.
  • Tires are wonderful and have good grip on the road.
  • Braking is also wonderful, and it surely has the best braking system among India bikes.
  • Good engine with less noise.


  • Sitting posture for the pillion rider is not at all comfortable, but who cares as long as you are riding it and do not need to sit behind.
  • Drum brakes for the rear tire doesn’t give a proper response due to its small size.
  • Fuel tank looks so big but has a capacity of only 12 liters.

This is what I actually know about the bike after riding it for more than 7000 kms Another 1500 kms will be done by December end, when I will go on a long ride from Mumbai to Goa, obviously for the New Year bash, with a pint of adventure. And guys, as I have mentioned in the beginning, I am not a professional writer, that this is my first article. Hope you liked it and I will be glad if you say if it helped you at least a little bit 🙂

Happy & Safe Riding!


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  1. When Yamaha launched the S version of FZ16, I was a little skeptical about their goal of just changing the design a little bit and charging more for it. But now I really understand the value it provides for people like you who needs uniqueness! Great article 🙂

  2. Good one Sohel. FZ series from YAMAHA is really awesome. I can feel the smoothness and balancing in ride. One thing regarding this beauty I surely want to add and that is.. it’s breaking. I own FZ16 after my LML Freedom DX.
    Regards..Happy+safe riding.. 🙂

  3. Good article for a first timer, but you should have written more about the Pros and Cons, the handling, pick up, mileage etc. Anyways, good job !

  4. Good One mate…
    Nice to hear from someone new in the Race. Hope to get some more things out of your keyboard in future.
    Happy Riding

  5. Sure Rahul there will be many more of it, hopefully.
    And as for experimenting the tyres of FZ into R15, let me tell you its a very bad idea because the speed goes down drastically and the max speed which you will be able to get is 115 KMPH. 1 of my friend tried this and to his vain he found out this……

  6. Nice Insight on the bike Sohel, i am also a fz16 owner and to date there have been absolutely no worries from the bike, your article is in line with my sentiments Sohel. I would say only one thing here that “the truth is written to behold”…..

  7. Hey Sohel m also a big fan of YAHAMA.
    YAHAMA Bike are unique.
    i use yahama crux r from last 7 year it had done 187000 K.M without any engine problem and max speed which you will be able to get is 90 KMPH…
    really goood..
    my next will…….?
    Ofcourse YAMAHA FZ-S

  8. Well for the tank, it looks big but look at it from lower part and you will notice that the tank is the middle part and they fitted it with fibers on both sides to make it look big and a monster look…. A big tank for a small bike means more petrol n the bike will be heavy

  9. Hey Sohel……………!!!
    im kartik & im 20, my dad’s gonna gift me the same FZS machismo this NewYear, but i chose ‘BlackStreak’- Never the less
    Thnx for ur Reviews…….Wish u an advanced Happy NewYear 2010……. I hope u enjoy ur NewYear bash in Goa…

    ” YES YAMAHA ” Go Vroom Vroom, get the fire on ur Wheels…….!!!!

  10. Hey ganesh,
    i’ve actually planned to buy this bike next month as its my birthday. i came to the conclusion to buy an FZS after doing the test rides of Pulsar, CBZ Xtreme, Suzuki GS, etc.. i found this bike had a great riding experince.
    i read that it has got a pair of weak rims and gets bent at a bump of 75km/hr….can u pls share some more info on this pls…

  11. After reading all about the FZS in bikeadvice I have just paid a down payment for a FZS thank you guys for helping me to deside.


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