Yamaha FZ Review By Bryan Rodrigues

A small note…. About my love… My Yamaha FZ. Brought this bike on the 29th of July 2011. Completed 14000 KMS Today (20 Feb 2012). No Accidents. Just a minor scratch on the silencer (Happened to hit a Honda Civic’s bumper while riding). Honestly speaking, Yamaha FZ 16 is the Best ever decision I have made. I am pretty impressed with the service done at the Yamaha Service Centre. Moreover, Im impressed with my FZ. All that matters to me is the Bike and its Performance based on Maintenance.

My Bike is my life, the sound, the speed, the looks… Its Killer! Im a rider, Done allot of inter state riders (not on my current bike). The looks of this bike truly inspired me to buy it. But honestly speaking. Its a real Monster! It truly is. I have done a couple of riders on my bike.. As follows,

Trip’s on FZ16

  • Hyd – Medak – Hyd: ODO 325 KMS (Before 1st Service)
  • Hyd – Nagarjuna Sagar – Hyd: ODO 380+ KMS (After 3rd Service)
  • Hyd – Hampi – Hyd: ODO 1280+ KMS (After 4th Service)

Nevertheless, Use it to the core. Hanging out with friends, riding thru the highway’s and dhaba’s every weekend.

Max Speed Attained : 126 Kmph
Max Mileage : 48 Kmpl
Max Odo Kma on A Single Day : 410 Kms


  • Mileage is GOOD. (Gives me an average 40Kmpl).
  • Performance is really good.
  • The brakes are Excellent.
  • The paint is as good as new. When my bike comes from service or a washing centre. It shines like new. (Given it for Teflon Coat during 3rd free service).
  • The seating position superb. Give’s me a on-road KING feel.
  • The grip is fantastic. Thanks to the MRF tyres.
  • Handling is good due to wide handle.
  • Suspension is excellent as well. Even on high speed breaker’s and bumpers.


  • As soon as i got my bike from the showroom, by bike got a puncture, Felt as if it was a bad omen. However, None so far.
  • After 6000 KMS, whenever my bike touched 70 kMPH, my foot rest kinda vibrates. (BADLY) Need to get that checked.
  • At times – Feel that my clutch plates need to be replaced as the bike looses it smoothness at time.
  • Horn is too low.

Service & Maintenance Chart

1st Free Service — Done on 16th Aug 2011 — Kms Covered : 970


  • Mineral Engine Oil.
  • Oil Filter.

Total Cost : INR 326.00

2nd Free Service >> Done on 14th Sep 2011 — Kms Covered : 2969


  • Mineral Engine Oil.

Total Cost : INR 275.00

3rd Free Service >> Done on 01st Nov 2011 — Kms Covered : 5995


  • Mineral Engine Oil.
  • Oil Filter.

Total Cost : INR 332.00

4thFree Service >> Done on 08 Dec 2011 — Kms Covered : 8987


  • Mineral Engine Oil.
  • Front Brake Pads/Rear Brake Shoe.

Total Cost : INR 552.00

5th Free Service >> Done on 17th Jan 2012 — Kms Covered : 11855


  • Switched from mineral to fully synthetic engine oil (Motul 10W40).
  • Replaced clutch plates.
  • Replacement and lubrication done for Front Fork, Chain, Wheel/ Steering Bearings and Swingarm
  • Battery Charging.
  • Replaced Oil and Air Filter.
  • Clutch Housing, Cable and Spring.
  • Installed new Crash-Guard.

Total Cost : INR 3,868.00

I’ve Owned Multiple Ride’s Until Date

  • Pulsar 150 DTS-i (2007)
  • Karizma R Series (2008)
  • Honda Stunner(2009)
  • Activa(2010)
  • Yamaha R15 (2011)
  • Currently FZ16.

My FZ a.k.a Red Bull. Always Wear a helmet! Ride Safe.

Bryan Rodrigues