Yamaha Fazer Review by Sumit

Hello all. I am really thankfull to BikeAdvice and Deepak for helping me in choosing bike of my dreams, I am a proud owner of Yamaha Fazer 2011 Midnight Black and I call it as Midnight Beast as per name. It really a beast for the mid section bike. Itz fast and furious and best thing in this bike is its handling.

Let me tell you about my self. I am working in Hotel HR so for official meets I had to go for long drives sometimes and because I am a traveling lover I usually prefer my own conveyance to travel. Before owning my dream bike I use to drive sometimes Royal Enfield Bullet and some times Hero Honda Glomour Fi. Both different bikes. Bullet as we all know kind of the road. And glamour a very good Bike with good average.

But there was something lacking in both of the bikes. I mean bullet lack in pick up and glamour lacks in speed. So I decided to have a change and look for a bike with good speed good pickup and good styling and yes little bit good average.

I looked around and asked from my friends some said go for Pulsar which has good looks and some said go for Apache which has good pickup and all. I was totally confused. Then I started searching on sites about bikes and after seeing reviews of Yamaha Fazer. I decided that yes this is one which I want to buy. What I got from reviews of this bike is that its has really nice looks with better handling and average is normal. That’s all I wanted as in delhi traffic is so much. So I made up my mind and went on Yamaha showroom to ask the onroad price of this bike.

This was the moment which shocked me for a moment because when I come to know the onroad price of this bike is 83500 I was lil shocked. I means y would any1 spend arnd 84000 rupee for buying a 150 cc bike when one can get bikes like Karizma in paying 1000 or 2000 bugs extra. But because this bike has already made a place in my mind so I decided to buy it. I asked for midnight black from the dealer and he said its on one day waiting. I booked that bike and the day on which I booked my bike. I couldn’t even sleep well. Cause I was waiting passionately for my dream bike to come. I was thinking when I could ride my new bike.

So finally the day came. When I have to go for taking delivery of my new bike. I got up early dressed well and at 10 in the morning I reached at the showroom. And I saw my bike standing in side with cool and dashi looks. So I met with the sales person and made all the clearance and then was jst waiting to get my hand on it. Finally bike got ready and the person gave me the keys of the bike and I was like now m the boss. I took the bike reached home and after all the rituals things I went to have a ride of the bike and it was a awesome experience. But had to manage to run it under 45 Kmph till 1st service not done.

After covering 1st 1000 KM, I went for 1st service Waited whole day to finish it. At evening. I got my bike back. So now it was the time when I can check the power and speed of my bike. Next day I went on the highway NH-8 which has some rush and a good track for checking spped from dhaula kaun to gurgaon I was ready to race now. I checked its pick up and I am pretty impressed with it and I have reached at a speed of 120 Kmph which is pretty much impressive for a 150 cc bike.

If any 1 ask me to rate its performance then I will rate as speed 4 as it’s a 150cc Bike bt still impressive speed. For handling I will rate it 5 its superb specially at rush. For seat comfort ability I will rate it 3. As its known as tourer bike bt its seat is not as comfort as it should b for mileage I will rate it 3 its giving 40 to 45 kmpl. Which is compatibly low by other 150 CC bikes for looks I will rate is 4 out of 5. For pick up I will rate it 4 out of 5. For handling I will rate it 4 out of 5 its smooth specially at traffic.

Sumit Kumar Tomara