Yamaha Fazer 3000 KMs Ownership Review by Vinaya Kumar

Yamaha FaZeR.! My madness… My Sporting Instinct… My Lady 3000 KMS Review. Guys, we must have gone through so many bike reviews here and there on the superficially honest and common man’s foray into the biking world on our one and only dearer website BikeAdvice.in

I will assure you not to bore you guys any soon as I would like to help you out on a review on my dear lady! Yamaha has vivid features which stand out requiring individual description based on its engineering. Owe a lot to this website on giving me this chance to share my viewpoints on a bike I own. Might be biased at times. Given the knack I have, certain valid things are quite assertive.

Always had this dream of owning a bike which must be a Show-Stopper in all terms. My college days just passed by me with just not able to think of buying a bike. Was satisfied with a Hero Honda Splendor for local trips here and there.

With a steady job at stake, I made up my mind on a 2-wheeler. Friends suggested me a lot of options. Given the built I have, I was supposedly best suited for a bullet and vice-versa. But, dunno why I was hell bent on not going for any Royal Enfield ones or a cruiser. It just does not appeal to me. All I was needed was an eye-catching and a decently performing bike.

Overall Appearance

Yamaha ensures the real need for the bikes to look good. With so much of hard earned money that people put into buying these segments of bikes, the Japanese motorcycle major provides an eye catching looks as always. This in turn make men who buy these bikes build emotional bonding with their mean machines.

Engine Performance & Power

Yamaha FZR performs good at optimal speeds (60-80) at constant and consistent RPMS (4k- 5K). Proper care has to be taken when the bike is still under the 1st year of riding. Initial days make up for a great going later into the bike’s life. Frankly speaking, I see the FZR could have been provided with more bhp as opposed to the present 14bhp which at times seems insufficient to handle the bulky built.

But, manufacturers have ensured the weight of the bike is reduced down with fibre built which are atmost positions which do not hinder anything.


A lot of things have been said on Fazer’s aerodynamic body and stuff, I will want to believe in them as everything which has been said has been true to its expectations. Particularly, with respect to it’s shape and the wind shield arrangement and stuff. Let’s look into a dew more inclusives on this category.

  • Ergonomics: I must say, the seating position could have been the best ever provided in Indian market as of now. No other maker, I think has even though about these particulars.
  • Stability: I steer it across on Indian roads through different lanes and curves and find my lady responding superiorly without any qualms.
  • Steering Geometry: I have heard a lot of previews from a few that steering might be a touch difficult as Fazer has a faring and stuff. Believe me, nothing of that sort have I ever encountered.


Yamaha as always had superior handling. As I travel through the nooks and corners of the Bangalore city, I find handling to be not an issue at all. Supports me in every possible manner. Am saying this coz, I see a lot of other bikes have less of this.


This necessarily attracts my attention as it attracts all critics too. I always have enjoyed the sitting posture on my bike. It has this car like sitting posture. Many may not agree. For no reason when I sit on my bike, I feel comfort. I have almost experienced all the Indian Bikes which do not provide proper sitting postures as Yamaha does. Cheers to Yamaha on this.

P Factor

I completely understand the sentiments of Indian mass commuter bikers that they don wanna go for higher priced small displacements bikes. In a fazer, they should not have any qualms. Superiorly styled, wonderfully chiselled. Always thought the look and the handling this machine offers is all worth the money.


Maintenance does require a mention as a new buyer will press upon this which is considerably most sought after post sales. It has been 4 months now and I don’t see any specific maintenance required to be done by the self. Free Services ensure the engine and the pre-requisites are well serviced to be able to go on for a few 1000kms.

Optional self-maintenance might include these

  • Brake Oil change with proper info.
  • Chain Lubrication can be done with prior guidance.
  • Engine Oil Level Check.

Instrument Cluster Assembly

This has come under quite some pressure among peers. Like in, it doesn have,

  • Clock to display time- I wonder why would someone need time display. We have watch we constantly wear, mobile phones which can be so much of use. I think this
  • Mileage Indicator- Inclusion of this might have been a really satisfying thing to most people who see its absence. Have heard ZMR to be having this with inaccurate efficiency.

Tyres and the Handling Assistance

FZR comes with scripted MRF Nylogrip tyres that I ensure I don miss out on curves. Will go for full on throttle with a turning radius that should keep every other biker at bay. Cornering is at its best as far as other 150 cc segment bikes are considered. Almost evrytime I assure my bike is treated well enough and exploited all its capacities and capabilities. Chicken strips help you in every attempt that you make in cornering. All in all, Reliability comes with the name… Yes! Yamaha?

Special Edition (Midnight Black)

I decided to buy a premium segment bike in 150cc segment. Yamaha was the best bet of all as far as the looks were concerned. Went into the showroom (Bangalore Wheels) on the D-day. Initial hiccups were always there with everyone advising not to buy a FZR as it was slightly on the costlier side.

Took a test ride, found it magnificient. With nothing else to make decision on, booked it instantly with no qualms. FZR Black what I had decided on. Just a glance at this midnight special edition made me go gung-ho about the looks. Matte coloured Rims and the graphics are superiorly styled as it closely matches the R1 special edition too at times.

Headlights, RVMs

Twin headlights make the bike look on the heavier side significantly contributing to the sporty image of the bike. This is the feature which stands out in the bike which makes it impeccable and irrestible. Initial condition of the headlights will be this – Both lamps will not be lit. High low or beam can be the only option.

There is a soln though. Get back to the service centre and they will fix this in a whisker. Might cost you a quick buck. Don’t mind it. Rear View Mirrors (RVMs) are such elegant stuff that I don’t find this kind in any other machines at all. These make the FZR the best in class. Not even the higher torque displacement bikes have this luxury.

Suspension and Brakes

The mono suspension discharges wonderfully. U apply brakes at good speed and you’ll see the bike leaning onto front with no skidding of tyres. The midship muffler present in the bike is the feature to ponder upon. Disc Brakes in the front couldn’t have been any better. I think inclusion of the rear disc would have served for the purposes which might be of lesser concern.


  • Dealer himself has advised me on installing a crash guard. I see no necessity in it. The overall faring in the front ensures I ride with good clearance in the traffic.
  • After sales service is good as I see. Go to an authorised dealer and you’ll see the bike take care of nice and good.
  • Side stand is at a very appropriate place wherein the biker can blindly operate it. Bikes of the same segment have side stands which need to be looked into its position before operating it.
  • Centre/Main stand almost looks like a premium Yamaha bike’s one. Absolute wonder.
  • Mud rib addition onto the rear mudguard can be useful during rainy seasons.

Kick Start Option

FZR and the FZ series used to be available without a kicker rod initially. The addition of it has done wonders to the bike on the whole. Mentioning about the kicker option, I see this. Never have I seen this much of knack in providing a rod. Its placed in such a way with engineered clearance that you would wonder why didn’t anyone in the market thing of this at all. You take off the rider foot rest and u kick start your bike, you see the difference.


  • Sports Bike at a throw away price.
  • Superior Comfort.
  • Stylish Kowlings anf Farings.
  • Engine Smoothness.
  • Unmatched After Sales Support.
  • Twin Headlamps for greater visibility.
  • Horns which resemble a car’s making your wade through traffic easy.
  • An eye stealer guaranteed.
  • Range of colours to choose from.
  • Beasty Looks with the class of Yamaha.


  • Seat Length is a bit of a concern as it looks. But, it doesn’t let you down too. Pillion riders in women might be a touch clumsy.
  • Battery problem arises during chilly winters. But, common. This can be quite omnipresent.
  • Saree Guard has been somehow adjusted in the bike.
  • Wide foot rest as in other bikes for pillion is missing and I see it justified.
  • Being a black one, dust accumulation is quite easy. Ensure cleanliness of the parts.
  • Mileage is on the lower side of late 30s. 35-40 is the experienced one. But, sports bikes with good performance doesn’t come with mileage too. I am satisfied as I travel short distances every day.
  • Twin Headlamps on a lengthy ride during the night might result in battery lowering down.
  • No utility to store anything on the bike. Remove the seat and you’ll find a cramped up space for tool kit and some documents.


I always have discussed this with my friends all over. FZR can be the best 150cc segment sports bike ever made in the Indian industry. Shell out a little over 90k and you have a show stopper at your disposal. Will offer you superior comfort at a throw away price. Heard a shorter while ago, FZR 250cc is gonna be released. Find myself in a dilemma now. Spread happiness, ride safe.


I will stick to a rating of 8/10 in the 150cc segment. A BUY call would suitably suit this review. If you are willing to have a nice tourer with bombarding looks, go for it. No 2nd thoughts.

For all, my opinion on the FZR machine might look a touch exaggerated to a few. But, can’t deny the way a bike truly deserves. I would express my sincere regards to an institution in Bikeadvice.in and Deepak to have inspired me to pen down some thoughts on the mean machine. Hope my express review serves for the purpose. All the innate and trivial concerns have been mentioned and find my thoughts the best I could have thought of at this juncture with Yamaha?

Vinaya Kumar