Yamaha Fazer – 2 Years, 18000 KMs Ownership Review by Dhruv

Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall. In similar situation when I was searching a new economical ride before 2.5 years. I was searching better bike for me but confused for the best. I got bushed after cramming many bikes of HH, Bajaj and TVS. Then one day I went to Yamaha showroom for a change. As I entered in the display area, my eyes got stuck on the gorgeously built astounding beauty. All of a sudden I realised that “This is the bike made for me” – A feeling like love at first sight.

I asked the sales person about it and left that showroom with solemn heart because of price tag. Then during few weeks’ search for economical bike, I recognized that most vital instants in our lives happen at those times when we really, utterly understand the deepest of our needs. I was hunting around for an economical bike but my deepest need was a powerful and attractive bike. I realised that I already had left my heart in Yamaha showroom with that gorgeously built astounding beauty “Fazer”. Yes, it was “Fazer”.

I again visited that showroom and laid a hand on it. At that moment I decided to earn more, to balance my financial conditions and to purchase my “Fazer”. Auspiciously I achieved my targets within short extent and purchased my flaming orange “Fazer” on 30th November, 2009.

Owning my Fazer

It really becomes very precious for us when we hold our innermost desire very first time. It was also very precious day of my life on which I got my Fazer delivered. As per Indian tradition, people have preference to some particular days for vehicle delivery. I personally don’t believe in this trend, hence it was impossible for me to wait for my deepest desire for a single second, so I cleared my intensions to the Yamaha people at the time of booking only.

Undoubtedly I told them to deliver my Fazer as soon as possible and not to wait for any particular day. Finally the day came and I reached the showroom at 4 P.M. I got my Fazer ready at 8 P.M. because of the extended procedure of changing silver side panels into black. Finally I got my hands on my burning desire. It was breath-taking instant for me when I turned my Fazer’s key to “ON” position, those lights, those digital indicators blinked in front of me. I felt like my Fazer was asking me “I am ready, are you?” I still remember the smell of that new rubber grips in my hand, smell of new tyres and shine of new paint.

What “Fazer” Means

“Fazer” is a Portuguese word and means “Injected”. The name unerringly suits it. It the best in its class which has been injected in Indian Market for bikers, like me. Bikers those want to feel the ride. It injects adrenaline Pulse(ar) in my heart. It injects pleasure on my face. It injects Apac(h)e confidence in me. It injects my unique Karish(z)ma on others. It injects difference in me when I stop at signals. Though “Injected” suits it a lot, I have made my own definition for “Fazer”. Let’s look at it.

  F: Fluent

It is without a doubt one of the effortless bikes I have seen till date. I feel like am breathing in heaven whenever I drive it. I can close my eyes for the things I don’t want to notice, but I can’t close my heart to the smoothness I feel in “Fazer”. Each belongings of the Fazer contains its own smoothness, either it is gear shifting, riding, clutching, suspensions etc. especially between the speeds of 60-80 kmph. Not a bit change is there in the sound of its smoothness even after two years.

  A: Aeonian

Fazer is aeonian in the sense of spreading joy, making me smile, other to ask for a ride. I remember that not a single day yet has passed in these two years without its ride. You can’t resist yourself after driving it once. Fazer is just for endless journeys. Also provides the mileage of 40-42 kmpl which is not at all a bad digit. This mileage also helps to have long journeys with few fuel top-ups. My extreme ride till date is of 310 kms in one day without any failure.

  Z: Zoë tic

Fazer looks like a living thing. Its split head lights give the impression of being its two eyes. The exhaust also converses when I apply the throttle. Being an automobile engineer, I always feel the rhythm of the piston-crank mechanism, particularly when riding on vacant roads and silent atmosphere. It gives me a feeling just like movie “AVATAR” in which Pandora people feels while they connect with Pandora creatures.

  E: Engineered

This is also a very well engineered bike as other bikes also do. But some feature like huge aerodynamic fairing, muffler, riding posture, throttle response, blind spot elimination, paint quality, CG location, braking performance, suspensions, ergonomics, riding and handling characteristics, steering geometry and engine technology makes its class apart from other bikes. We all are aware about these extraordinary details, so no need to thrash out them again. Any mechanical or automobile engineer is capable enough to recognize the perfect bike for him just by watching the dimensions of bike and so as I do. Till date, I have found only two bikes been perfect for me: Fazer and Karizma. Now I feel proud on my decision when ever any two years old Karizma passes nearby me. Majority of old Karizmas make lot of noise (I personally believe that). This makes the difference between these two bikes at engineering level.

  R: Ravishing

You all must have the same opinion like me that it is really an eye catching beauty irrespective of colour combination. Nowadays there are many colour combinations available in FAZER and one can choose any of them according to his personality. There were only four options available when I purchased my Fazer: Midnight Black, Blazing Blue, Lava Red and Flaming Orange. Though very few Fazers are there on the road with flaming orange colour, especially in Ahmedabad, I have preferred Flaming Orange for me.
Actually I am having hereditary hobby of painting. I am more inclined towards Black and Orange colours from my childhood. Fortunately both these colours suit my personality also. The same combination I was getting in my bike. I didn’t required anything else, grabbed that beauty and still enjoying its aesthetics. You can also observe its orange flames, its curves and its gorgeousness in the photos.


The very first move for maintaining the Fazer clean is washing. I always enjoy washing my Fazer on Sundays. I use only soft water to wash my bike because hard water, shampoos, detergent powders and other market powders can damage the paint if remains unclear or trapped. I also try to minimize the water trapping between small gaps and fits of Fazer by using blower. I also perform some small maintenance procedures like brake adjustments, RPM setting, mileage adjustment, chain lubrication etc. The 20 W 40 oil could be used up to 8000-10000 kms but I don’t like to run my bike with black oil. So I use to change the oil minimum at 3 months and maximum at 5 months.

I have spent some money as breakdown maintenance till date. It includes 4 punctures worth Rs 400 and a battery change of Rs 900. Battery change was an unexpected failure occurred during heavy rain. Surprise grounding took place because of water trap between one of the damaged wire and frame. This caused a drastic increase in circuit resistance. The weakest cell of the battery got damaged next morning when I cranked the engine without knowing the matter. More to the point, I have not spent a single penny on any component failure till date except for battery.

The Accident

Another hidden quality of Fazer comes into sight here and it is safety, safety of the Fazer itself. As we know, Fazer has two beautifully projected headlights in very front huge fairing and extended ORVMs. These parts are made from FRP but they are strong enough. I had faced only one accident in these two years. It was because of sudden braking and front wheel lock. A car swiftly crossed my path and stopped at the middle of the road. I didn’t have any other option then braking hard and generate skid. It was peak hour and road was full with traffic. It was converted in to low side type accident and Fazer skidded approx about 20 fts. The front end of my Fazer got struck to the bottom of that car.

For a fraction of time, I was flat on the road thinking about damage of huge front fairing, headlights and ORVMs. I stood up fast with increased heart beats and pulled up my Fazer. I was shockingly happy because only few scratches were there at the expense of leg guard. I felt such a relief that never could be express. Then I realised that I also got many scratches on my knees and elbows along with shredded denim.

As I said earlier my bike was struck to bottom of the car called “Rail”. Rail is the toughest part of any car body. The front end of my bike should have damaged terribly in this case. But inversely, a dent was generated on the rail of that car. Normally handle bar gets bent after a low side type accidents. Fazer again stands as an exemption here.

Apart from FAZER

Besides my own definition, I also want to share something with you guys. Many readers may think that the same author was criticising his Fazer tyre for chicken strips a month ago. At that instant, few readers also suggested me to drive with courage and more speed. It was not at all criticism of my bike or tyre, it was just an awareness I wanted to ignite. Now the thing I want to share is about our age period and responsibilities according to that.

I was also a fast biker during my college days and won three awards for bike racing even with my Splendour (at college level). Now the things have been changed and I am having other important responsibilities. Now I first concern about the safety and then feel the thrill of speed if I want. It happens with each and every man. As it is said “Passion never dies” so I use to drive my bike on highways frequently and have touched the max speed of 117 kmph yet. I know this is also a very small digit for few of you guys but I am happy with it.


Yamaha has done few modifications in the Fazer till date. This includes colour combinations, kick start and graphics. Engineering terms are same as in my Fazer. So this is I think the best time to purchase it.


This is the perfect machine for you if you want to purchase a bike within 150 cc segment. It is the best combination of power, fuel economy, speed, delight, safety and aesthetic. You have to invest 83000-85000 once and the Fazer will remunerate you the double amount in future. No doubt, the remuneration will be in different forms but you will definitely be happy at the end.

As a conclusion, I want to assert for now and forever that I am deeply and passionately in love with my bike. It is the part of my life and one of the stars in my personal heaven because I have earned it. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up every day with the sound of its firing in my ears; the smooth ride of it’s in my hands. I love it because of what it is and because of how I feel when it is with me. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart, I am doing alike……

Dhruv Panchal

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