Yamaha Caught Testing Mystery Bike: Naked R15 – MT 15 Under Works?

Looks like the R15 Version 2 without the fairing and few bettered ‘streetfighter’ traits.

Yamaha seems to be getting real aggressive globally. The Japanese motorcycle specialist has just unleashed the R3 (link to review) in a few of its important markets (including India); they also just unveiled its naked version MT-03 and in what seems like a big possibility, they are now going to focus a segment lower…

A mystery motorcycle from Yamaha has been caught testing by the guys at Thaispyshot.com which appears to be the naked version of the present R15 and as a general naming convention, if it is, it may be called MT 15! These spy pics come from Thailand (which gets the R15 exported from India)

Yamaha-MT15 b

Looks like Yamaha has plans to update the Vixion which they sell in Indonesia. The Vixion is the naked version of the first generation R15. The bike’s 150 cc mill produces 16.6 PS of maximum power at 8,500 rpm and 14.5 Nm of peak torque at 7,500 rpm. While the output seems to be pretty much in tandem with our R15 version 1.0, the transmission unit is just a 5 speed one. The frame though is the same delta box unit.


The spy shot reveals that the test unit carries a lot of similarities with that of the R15 version 2.0 but the front suspension surprisingly gets upside down forks! The fuel tank and the cowl gets a new design with sharper edges. Overall, it looks like a fabulous looking motorcycle in the making and we will want to take that in this matte black palette as well.

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However, the point to be noted is this – Yesterday, in a conversation, we asked the Yamaha India’s management about the possibility of a naked R15 and they quashed it completely….