R15 V2.0 has been THE bike that has done wonders to Yamaha. It is indeed one of the most preferred bikes amongst the Indian youth.  Though there is a common mindset that 1.2 lakh is way too much for a 150cc bike, its continuous performance has made Indian bikers agree to the fact that it is worth every single buck spent on it.

We’d already posed that Yamaha has announced the launch of its anniversary edition of its R15 V2.0 with two special colours which are named WGP 5oth Anniversary Edition and the other one being Fiery Red Special Edition. Both these bikes are extremely hot looking and it’s always worth spending money on a limited edition bike. The reason being that the production of these bikes is just limited to a few 100 units and after selling them, you’ll never be able to get your hands on them as they’ll be off the production line.

There is absolutely no change that’s been carried over to this bike in terms of technical aspects. It’s just the colour scheme that has seen a change. The Fiery Red scheme is engulfed by fire flame design in form of graphics which begins flowing right from the front fairing and continues its flow till the rear. Brilliant work! Though it lacks the racing instinct in this all new colour scheme, I became a big fan of it, the moment I took a look at it in the Yamaha stall in the Auto expo.

Talking about the new White colour, it is just stunning in its looks, though it looks simple and humble unlike the other colour of this bike. The bike is completely painted in white with just a mild pinch of red stickering here and there without making it a red over – dose. The small rise in seat which appears between the rider’s and the pillion seat is coated with red which adds up the gorgeousness of the bike many – folds.

Most of the showrooms have already commenced bookings for this bike. Yamaha has now updated the images of these 2 limited edition in the R15V2.0 page under the colours tab. The R15 WGP limited edition is priced at INR 1,11,000 (Ex – Showroom, New Delhi) and the Fiery Red scheme is priced at INR 1,10,000 (Ex – Showroom, New Delhi).

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  • joe_clubfirewheeelz

    R 15 is a good sports bike available @ an affordable price……But its is designed and tuned only for track performance, not for indian city riding…… Coz, it starts to deliver power above 5000 rpm only, and it is really tough to ride it in indian traffic conditions……

  • Sangram

    Its great to see such beautiful bikes are available in just 1,10,000 Rs..
    Good work Yamaha

    Yess Yamaha !!

    • manjunatha

      yea i agree with you . the main thing effecting the pricing is the market competition which is making the companies to reduce the price …

  • fas

    Overpriced, common Yamaha you can do better.

  • Madhu

    Bike looks good.. but really bad on the driving part… its like a punishment while you hop-on the bike… very much bent is your posture….
    overpriced too… you will feeel the powerlessness in the engine when you try to push this harder 🙁
    tooo light on the body weight ratio
    rear seat is just a window dressing, your girlfrnd can easily jump off your bike to the next one 😉
    overal… much overhauling required

  • zak

    Can any1 tell me d price of it in MUMBAI plzzzzzz

  • arif

    want buy