World-War Inspired Royal Enfield Classic 500 Limited Edition Motorcycles Unveiled

Royal Enfield has unveiled new limited edition Classic 500 motorcycles in India which are inspired by Despatch Riders of World Wars.

During World Wars, the role of a Despatch Rider was to transmit vital information between headquarters and ground forces and this involved long continuous rides through different terrains. Royal Enfiled motorcycles were the preferred choice and the Limited Edition Classics are made to pay homage to these riders, the company says!

These Classic 500s are made available in three color choices

  1. Desert Storm Despatch
  2. Squadron Blue Despatch
  3. Battle Green Despatch

The first two are available for India and the third one Battle Green has been crafted for international markets only since civilians in India are not permitted to ride (or drive) this color.


Features of Limited Classic 500s


These Limited Edition Wartime Inspired Classic 500s come with…

  • Signature camouflage pattern
  • Distinctive embossed detailing the certain manufacturer-related information such as the production number, plant of production etc
  • Genuine Italian Leather Seats
  • Classic leather buckle strap for the air filter box
  • Matte black paint on the engine, exhaust and silencer


Royal Enfield’s head, Siddharth Lal adds that every Classic Despatch motorcycle has been handcrafted using some unique film transfer technique which, as a result, produces signature camouflage for each individual machine and hence, making the motorcycle unique and one of a kind to roll out of the factory.

Royal Enfield says that only 200 units of each color will be produced and bookings for these Despatch motorcycles will begin from 15th July this year at Royal Enfield’s Official Store and prices will be announced on the same day. Engine and other mechanicals remain absolutely same.