World Premiere: Honda CBR 250RR with Throttle by Wire Unveiled

While a lot of people may have criticized Honda for having a single cylinder 250 machine which could not stand shoulder to shoulder with its rivals, they preferred to let their craftsmanship have the last word. The company wants to leave all of that behind. And that it can do with the new CBR 250RR!

This parallel twin cylinder motorcycle has been developed from scratch by engineers from Japan as well as Indonesia. Displacing 249.7 cc, the CBR 250RR aims to give total control to the motorcyclist. The output figures have not been released but expect it to be at par with the competition, if not more. Mated to this will be a 6 speed transmission.

Honda CBR 250RR cover

The primary drive gears are inside the cam chain, while the oil pump has been integrated on the right side of the engine. It also gets a water pump in the cylinder head as seen in their MotoGP challenger RC 213V. The air cleaner too has been moved from behind the engine, which is its usual positioning, to above the cylinders. All this has allowed Honda to keep the engine compact. In fact it is as wide as the single cylinder CBR 250R mill.

Honda CBR 250RR colour 1

The bike also gets ‘throttle by wire’ which thanks to which Honda claims smooth and steady acceleration. The presence of three riding modes is another boon (Comfort, Sport and Sport+) not seen in the segment before. Just like the RC 213V, the CBR 250RR also gets an acceleration position sensor which send signals to the ECU helping keep things tidy.

Honda CBR 250RR colour 3

The new CBR 250RR measures 2,060 mm in length, 724 mm in width and 1,098 mm in terms of overall height. The ground clearance is pegged at 145 mm while the seat height is 790 mm. The fuel tank can store 14.5 litre of petrol. The front suspension gets 37 mm upside down forks by Showa while the rear monoshock gets 5 step adjustable pro-link setup. The front disc gets twin piston while the rear gets single piston calliper to stop the 140 section tyre. ABS is available as an option.

Honda CBR 250RR colour 2

Colour options for the CBR 250RR include:

  • Matt Gun Powder Black (metallic)
  • Anchor Grey (metallic)
  • Honda Red Racing.

The CBR 250RR is set to hit dealership in Indonesia by the end of the year. Bookings though are open.