Wear Helmet – Live Longer

I’m very much aware on how much you guys like to ride bikes. Well, is it merely like or love? Whatever, it is. You guys are live in our blog and forum for the sole reason of your addiction to riding. Atleast for me, life is all about riding and driving.

Now we’ll have to accept the fact that guys like us are more prone to accidents than the regular commuters. Do you agree with me that we’re an entirely different breed by ourselves?  At the same time, you all must also understand the value of our lives? It is our duty to protect it. There’re people on Earth waiting for us to land back safe in home. It just can be anyone.

Unlike cars, bikes are not equipped with life – saving devices that will act as a boon to the rider at times of mishaps. Helmet is the only saafety gear which we wear at all times (I’m talking about the noble set of bikers who do not ride without their helmets). It becomes mandatory for us to know how a helmet really functions and the way it is comprised of.

For non users of helmet, this video emphasizes the need for using a good quality one. Atleast after seeing this, we request you to start using one. It is also specified in this video on the importance of strapping the helmet tight on the face.

This video is created by Yamaha, as part of its Yamaha Safe Riding Science (YSRS) program. I feel very honoured to share this video in BikeAdvice.  My special thanks to Yamaha for coming up with such a fantastic video.

Author – BikeAdvice.in