Bosch Aquatak Pressure Washer – Now Wash Your Bike Very Easily

Quick Bosch Aquatak review gives an idea of how easily we can clean our motorcycles and cars and many other things.

It is not easy to wash your bike or car. Well known fact! We need to move a lot and even smallest of dirt, dust need significant amount of efforts, and time! Worry not as we have many Pressure washers available in the market.

In this story we will quickly review the Bosch Aquatak. Thanks to this pressure washer from Bosch, car and bike washing is extremely easy now. Wash your car or bike at your own convenience without waiting for your turns at car washers or dealerships. This also saves you from the potential danger of visiting service stations during these COVID-19 times. And it is your best friend to remove wet mud and other debris which your bike/car wears very easily during monsoons.

This small machine, which now costs under Rs 8000, creates a high pressure jet of water which removes dust, dirt etc on the surface of your bike and car very easily.

Bosch Aquatak Review – Usage

The Aquatak 100 consumes 1200 Watts of power and needs a continuous flow of water from a pipe. First you have to take care that there are no air packets locked in the water tube and then just connect the blue colored tube to Aquatak. Switch on the mains and then switch on the machine and pull the trigger of the water gun. A stream of water will flow out.

Bosch Aquatak Review

Then you have to connect one of the three fittings provided with the machine. One releases water in a circular motion (best for washing) – and that’s the one shown in the video (below).

Another piece gives off water in a single narrow jet and is very powerful… if you keep your hand on the way you may even get hurt! Another fitting gives off water in a sharp spray but has a joystick like thing at the end which can be turned in various angles and that is used to wash areas that cannot be easily reached. Such as the bottom of a car. Or the top of a tall SUV.

Bosch Aquatak Review
Apart from motorcycles and cars, you can also clean just about everything, very efficiently and in lesser time.

We bought this one not just for the bike but for washing our cars and cleaning the flooring tiles in the drive-way which had accumulated a lot of dirt since we built this house many years back.

It can throw water at a rate of 300 liters per hour and weighs 5 kilos only!

Bosch Aquatak Review: Quick Video

The following video demonstrates the usage of Aquatak. Sid, my friend is washing his Yamaha FZ.

This video shows the ‘Plus’ model which appears to have been discontinued. However, it gives a very good idea of the pressure of the jet spray and the ease with which the motorcycle gets clean, in a few minutes. The Aquatak 100 works in a similar way.

Bosch Aquatak 100: Where to buy:

Bosch Aquatak 100 can be bought online. Here are the direct links..

It has been listed at an MRP of Rs 12,999 and at the time of this report, it is on sale at around Rs 7600 on both the websites.

Aquatak 100 is the entry product in the range. In case you want a more powerful pressure washer, Bosch has a complete range of Aquataks. You can check all of them in the following links along with their prices.

You can buy them from the online store of your choice and get them delivered without having to even move out of your home.