Video Featuring Yamaha YZF-R15 in the Track.

We have off late had many videos featuring the bike which unleashed Racing DNA and that’s the TVS Apache RTR series of bikes. Now, we get to show you guys a video which will explain telling what India’s true Sport bike – Yamaha YZF R15 is capable in the track.

It is actually a commercial shot for the R15. It is a feast for Yamaha lovers and for those who are planning to book one in the near future. The next generation R15 might be out in the initial month of next year. So, only for a few more months you will get to watch the present machine which brought the true biking spirit into India.

People understood the concept of performance biking only after the foray of R15 into India. Though, Indians felt initially that a tag of 1.10 lakh for a 150 cc bike was very huge, the brilliant performance of the bike put a full stop to all the dirty talks that arose amongst us.

Even today, the R15 is synonymous when it comes to racing in India. In that way the Indian biker community, I would say should be thankful to Yamaha. The ‘R15 One Make Championship’ is the right platform for the novice racers to experience the pinch of actual racing.

Just sit back and watch this breath stopping performance of the R15 on the track. Hope you guys would find it enjoyable!

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