Video: CBR125R, CBR250R & CBR 600R

CBR 250R is, for sure a wonderful product from the stable Honda. For a bike enthusiast who wants to experience the at most power that could be best utilized on the Indian roads  with an affordable price tag embedded to it, he’ll be left with no choice but to gradually go and book a CBR 250R.

Yesterday when I was browsing through the Web, I came across this particular video. This video features 3 CBR ranges in it – CBR 125R, CBR 250R and the CBR 600R. The video features no stunts, no extraordinary visuals, CGs or nothing of that sort. It’s a simple, neat and an elegant video which makes the viewer feel all these bikes featured here.

The aim of this video is to just make you feel all the 3 bikes in a single video and that’s it and that is what this video does too. It’s a very small one, so just watch it comfortably.

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