Upgrade Your Motorcycle With RD Motovil

Do you think that your bike could make use of more than just what the manufacturer provides?…. Well here’s a chance. RD MOTOVIL brings you a variety of upgradation technologies to add to all new and old bikes alike – to provide both performance boosters and stylish latest accessories to make you stand out in the crowd.

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Gear up, all biking spirits, upgrade your beast to what it deserves, if you want to feel the breeze, the freedom and the thrill.

Latest up-gradation utilities, all under one roof – RD MOTOVIL:

  • LDR SENSOR: a sensor which will control the headlight automatically, both in light and dark.
  • DRL (Daytime Running Light): in any shape and size and placed where you want it to be.
  • PASSWORD ACCESS IGNITION SYSTEM: a technology which will ignite/start your bike only after you pass a correct password/code.
  • RAIN SENSOR: a sensor which will turn on the pre-fix LED setup (shape as like DRL) of your bike/car as and when a drop of rain water falls over your bike/car.
  • TAIL LIGT FLASHER: this makes the tail light flash for a certain number of times and will go constant while one uses the break. Its purpose is to grab attention of the vehicle riding behind you.
  • Speedo Backlight Change: Change in the backlight color of any digital speedo.
  • LED tail light / indicator

RD MOTOVIL has brought a clear solution for all bikers who want better and confident riding for long journeys, for touring and night ridings. Now you can show off more wattage halogen bulbs and also you can add-on’s light like auxillary lamp, HID fog lamp and etc, without facing any battery drainage or any other sort of problems. Such modification is known as STAT MOD. In this modification, the stator coil of the bike is rewinded for high power output from the coil and distribute it to the bloodline of the bike. This entire modification is very much reliable and after this modification, one can drive with 100W halogen bulbs with a 55W halogen together, without any sort of problem, not even to the battery.

Other than these, you can light up your bike with wheel lights, under body lights, scoop lights/heart light, custom LED pilot lamps by using 1W or 3W LED’s, LED Indicator, LED Tail light, add-on’s: gear shift indicator, and many more…

RD MOTOVIL also stocks a variety of Headlight solutions/options to choose from. Like PROJECTOR HEADLIGHT KIT, HID HEADLIGHT KIT from a variety of brands like KDO, BI-XENON, AES, MORIMOTO, G3. Branded HID’s like PHILIPS, OSRAM, BOUSCH are available alongside low-cost ones. You can choose from wide range of Single angle eye projectors, double angle eye projectors,Robotic angle eye projectors and custom made.projectors are available to suit your and your bike’s uniqueness. You can also choose HALOGEN PROJECTORS.

[You can get color temperatures of 4300 Kelvin / 5000 Kelvin / 6000 Kelvin / 8000 Kelvin and many more..]

In today’s age, branded projectors (high performance) are highly advised for all bikers due to its huge output intensity and good throw of light on the road, which is said/tested to be 10 times better and safer than the ordinary stock bulb with reflectors. While both would consume the same 35W power.

In this generation of customization, bike lovers are always expecting more and more upgradation for their bikes. Performance upgradation is the latest hype – you can get upgraded performance in speed, acceleration, bhp, torque, sound and etc. To fulfill these desires of bikers and bikes, RD MOTOVIL also brings you some exclusive high performance AIR FILTER, PERFORMANCE CAM SHAFT, CUSTOM FFE, BIG BORE KIT, and many more.. to build your bike a race machine.

All the above upgradation technologies are guaranteed to be the best, safe and reliable at our MOD-FIELD. The increase in power and all the add-on’s technologies will bring you some real thrill to your nerves and freedom to your soul.
So why wait? …. Its time to make the most of these technologies to enhance your bike and boost our spirit…

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Also stay tuned for the upcoming modifications and technologies. As RD MOTOVIL is here to Research and Develop in the ultimate way with all new products.

Ride Safe.