With the battle for the third spot fought hard between TVS Motors and HMSI, both the companies have pushed the ‘Launch’ button. After aggressive launches from Honda, TVS has ensured that they do not left behind. With the clutchless wonder Jive, TVS has launched the 110cc unisex scooter Wego in Pune a few days back in a bid to make sure that the product reaches all major potential parts of the country.

HMSI leads the scooter market with their omnipresent Activa followed by other similar models. Wego is a direct attempt at the largest selling Activa in a bid to regain the lost ground. We try to figure out does the scooter has enough juice to dethrone Activa at the very First Look.

Wego is powered by a 109.7cc air cooled 4 stroke engine which is capable of producing 8PS at 7500 rpm and an equal amount of torque which peaks at 5500 rpm. These figures seem comparable to the competition, a lot will demystify once we thoroughly test ride this machine. We will switch to the various features TVS is banking upon.

  1. All Aluminum engine: Wego comes loaded with a noise free all aluminum low friction engine for a fuss free experience and lesser vibrations.
  2. Forward Biased Center of Gravity: TVS has been advertising this feature a lot. As they say, the center of Gravity, which is one of the most important factors for stability of a machine, has been kept forward biased which would have needed a lot of technical expertise as it’s not easy to lessen the impact of rear mounted engine’s weight which is the single heaviest component of a scooter.
  3. Telescopic Front shock absorbers: This is one feature we would advice all companies to adorn on their scooters. Telescopic shock absorbers are so much better than the conventional ones at providing a much needed respite to the rider’s spine.
  4. Gas Charged Rear suspension: Wego becomes the first scooter in India to pay heed to and sport Nitrogen Gas charged suspension for the rear. As a combo (front and rear) it does make the scooter probably the best when it comes to rides on normal to broken roads. Middle aged men (and women) are you listening!
  5. Large Tires: One thing which we really liked was the industry first 12 inch alloy wheels on this scooter. While these add to a lot of safety on the road they make the scooter stand out from the rest.
  6. Aggressive styling: Look at it from the front and you would find a hard lined stance as if it were to prove a point forcibly on you. The bulging rear ending with a pointed tail adds to the overall styling.
  7. Full Metal Body: Wego also comes equipped with a full metal body. Rest assured it would save a lot of your after sales spent money along with adding a lot of safety on the go.
  8. External Fuel Knob: Similar to the Scooty Streak, Wego also has the rear mounted fuel knob so that you are saved of the unnecessary extra hassle of getting down everytime you fill fuel.
  9. Combo Charger: Now you can charge your cellphone on the go; a very handy feature which must make it to all other scooters as well.
  10. Zero Maintenance Battery: Keeping pace with the competition, Wego comes equipped with a zero maintenance 12V 4Ah battery which doesn’t need frequent looking after.
  11. Patented EZ Center Stand: An innovation especially for the fairer sex, the patented EZ center stand requires lesser effort to mount the scooter on it. Now no more, in-a-hurry side stand niggles!
  12. Combo Lock: One key does it all! The side panel lock opens up both the seat and fuel tank cap.
  13. Under Seat Storage: Wego comes with a 15 liter under seat storage space which can store a full face helmet, documents, Pepsi cans and other handy loads. Not class leading but decent enough!
  14. Claimed Mileage: TVS claims this bike to deliver close to 50kmpl of mileage on a mix driving of cities and larger roads.
  15. Low Weight: The scooter tips at 105kgs on the scale which makes it an efficient machine for both the sexes to handle.
  16. Vivid Color Options: Wego would be made available in 5 color options: Silver, Black (our choice), Dark Blue, Cappuccino Brown and Golden Beige.
  17. Wet Compound Tires: Wego also come equipped with wet compound tires which promise to be sticky even on wet roads.

That seems a lot of innovation and a very worthy attempt at the competition. TVS has kept the pricing of the scooter very competitive at 42,361 ex showroom Pune which is on the similar lines of Activa. TVS plans to sell 20,000 units for this scooter per month once the scooter has been made available all around the country.

Its evident that Wego has been made with a lot of heart and it clearly shows in the overall product. Now is it an Activa defeater needs to be seen as sales progress. Look out for our rode test where we will talk about the scooter in depth.

– Saad Khan

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  • Pulsarboy

    Good to see competetion to Activa from an Indian company… TVS is now the only Indian company (if you discount HH as they directly get it from Honda) in competetion with Honda for scooter’s market.. hope they get it right with this product.

  • Jaysing Thokal

    Wego needs a fuel efficient. silent engine to compete with New Activa (the main rival), since fuel efficiency matters a lot.

  • Gowtham

    I bought a wego last week after spending susbstantial time on testing other bikes in the same league & reading reviews etc..

    Am very happy with the product as it beats its competitors on many fronts like suspension,road grip, economy.

  • Hemik

    Hi, Gowtham good to hear that u have owned a TVS Wego, but let us know the mileage on road & which city your into ride with TVS Wego & also some other features like pick up & suspension & wheel alignment when your on a double ride, mainly how showroom price on road & also some more info about the spare parts & finishing of the vehicle.

  • Amit

    Dear Hemik, Even i need the same information as the above person either Hemik or Gowtham is asking about but let us know the mileage on road & which city your into ride with TVS Wego & also some other features like pick up & suspension & wheel alignment when your on a double ride, mainly how showroom price on road & also some more info about the spare parts & finishing of the vehicle.

    Please feel free to call on 9930991764 my id is amit.chaddha@hotmail.com

  • rishabh

    i want i have choose only an tvs company because i have only only correct is an tvs and i have tvs scooter is new tvs wego and i will purchase in 2010 diwali

  • my comment is the tvs is an very very succesfully company.the tvs company has any model have got i had choosen a tvs company because ihave a purchase new tvs wego in the diwali i have choose silver colour.
    my number is an 8000089799 my e-mail id is rishabhrajput71@yahoo.com

  • Sudheer

    Yes! I am also a proud owner of WEGO. It’s excellent and very easy to ride. In fact I was about to go in for a Activa but changed my mind and went for this. It’s too good.

  • mehul

    I am surprised to note that in Ahmedabad, Gujarat TVS wego is not seen on road in comparison of new Honda products like new Honda acitva, Aviator, Duo or access125 etc? Can any one tell me the selling ratio of TVS wego after lunching in Ahmedabada and resale value of tvs wego?

    • @ Mehul

      Dear Mehul,

      You are “Pakka Gujarati”, before buying you are checking the opportunity of selling and resale value.

      Good one.

  • Dinesh Ansurkar

    Best scooter launched by TVS

  • Kumar Mangalam

    Ive briught the wego today after consulting lot many review from others. I felt very comfortable while driving its one of the good option when compared to Suziki as well as Pleasure

  • Abdul Rakheeb

    I bought Wego this july.The riding comfort is good and the stabilityis much better as compared to other scooters.The main advantage is its reduced weight which makes it easy to use for ladies.Ladies find activa hard to use because of weight.

  • jayshree dinesh thacker

    tvs chargable scooty is failed its not repairable its service is not good my scooty is under repairing since 13 92010 company not repaired it they have no spare parts so dont purchase chargable scooty purchase petrol scooty

    • Pavan Kumar Giduthuri

      Hi All and jayshree, Plz find time to read this;;
      What kind of repair did ur TVS_Scooty get, and from which place are you so that I can suggest alternatives. TVS is doing its best since the launch of its first Scooty. Ultimate competition to Bajaj Sunny and Bajaj Spice, even the large wheel Bajaj Rave and Hero Honda Winner did not click in market due to poor design of engines.

      Not only TVS Spectra, Even Honda Eterno, popular Kinetic 4S(after Zoom) failed as Indian customers did not recv them well. I took the test drive of first two and the drive was good.

      I took the privilege of “TEST IT LIKE YOU OWN IT” on the new TVS WEGO from Hyderabad KPHB showroom and I am much convinced on WEGO.

      Trust me, I have seen the braking, acceleration, stability and its performance. there may be + or – when you compare it with Activa or Access, but Indian is always Indian. non of these scooters give more than 45KMPL. My purpose of taking this is both for me and my wife.

      I get a constant mileage of 42 to 45KMPL after my two services.

      Certain things which u need to folw when driving gearless scooter always
      1) Do not accelerate when you brake
      2) Do not drive on mud roads or non smooth surfaces always
      3) Maintain a constant speed of 40 to 45
      4) Try to use petrol from same place
      5) Do not suddenly accelerate
      6) Always ensure correct air pressure on both the tires.
      7) At Speed brakers, slow down ur vehicle and accelerate; do not jump
      8) WEGO especially has good ground clearance than Rodeo or Dio or Duro or Kinetic 4S.
      9) Do check the air filter when you feel you vehicle is pulling back while accelerating.
      10) Fill the petrol during early mornings, and fill tank at once, do not fill for 50 Rs and 100 Rs

      Aaahh.. big article. I can write more from my experience but enough is this to say TVS WEGO is good for two persons.

      Thanks All.. Happy Riding. Wear Helmet always

      • jesi

        hi friends and pavan kumar i buy tvs wego ago 2 weeks it yet not get registered
        it giving only 15km/litre mileage but in all yhe website they published that it will give
        mileage of 50/litre plz kindly help me to repair this

  • Datta

    Spair parts are not available in market . I meet one accedent with mahindra jeep about 15 days back . But delear Sajawat , ( Vasai ) couldn’t start work since spairs not yet received . My TVS WEGO regis. no MH04 EM 5155 ,

  • Parag M

    Hi All,
    I purchased a TVS Wego in the month of October this year from Sai Baba Sales P. Ltd Chinchwad Pune. Before buying a Wego, I consulted many friends, Colleagues, and even Mechanics, but I got NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK about WEGO from anyone. I & my wife took a test drive of various scooters like Honda Activa, Honda Dio, HH Pleasure and TVS Wego. We drove all these scooters specially on (damaged roads like small ditches, bumps and speed brakers) to check the suspensions. The most convincing was a TVS WEGO because of its
    1. Comfort driving while Single seat & even Double Seat.
    2. Relatively good Pick Up.
    3. Awesome Suspension & Big Tyres.
    4. Good Height that is convenient for me & my wife.
    5. Smooth & Gliding Feel while driving.(No much Engine sound & Vibration effect.)
    6. Beautifully Balanced.
    7. After buying a WEGO, We went on a small outing, when we were returning IN THE NIGHT WE DISCOVERED THE HEADLIGHT IS AS POWERFUL AS A CAR.
    I am really happy that we took a right decision and now, I am a proud owner of a TVS WEGO. I Think TVS “HAS” and “WILL” continue to make INDIANS Proud.
    I wish TVS all the very best.

    • haritha

      hi parag,this is haritha from pune.I want to buy TVS wego from Sai Baba Sales P. Ltd Chinchwad .How much milage i can expect in real?Is it suitable for couple riding?Please respond me.

      • raghu

        Hi haritha, i am raghu from pune. I want to purchase TVS Wego, which is the good showroom in pune also i would like to know about the performance of Wego, Is it worth to buy?

    • swarna

      hey , my height is 155 cm …..so is tvs wego suitable for me…..pls reply

  • Rexon

    Why the TVS people are avoiding the launch of wego in Tamil Nadu? The vehicle is available in other states!!!???

  • Rexon

    TVS Wego is manufactured in Hosur (Tamilnadu) and launched in other states. Anyone have the idea about the date of launching?

  • Yogesh Bagthariya

    I have purchased Wego last week.
    I am totally satisfied with this new scooter.

  • Jean Victoria

    I have brought Wego 4 days back and I’m really happy that my husband had advised me to select the right one.

    Its good Wego has come up with major challenge towards Activa. I would suggest u to buy Wego, since it has the Superb style, Body balancing technology also with Telescopic Suspension which will make ride smooth in any kind of rough roads…..

  • Steve

    TVS Wego looks good and the performance, in my opinion, is just a few notches below average. Bought it about 6-7 months ago. The scooter is primarily used by my wife. On 2 occasions before, the Wego just stopped on her way from office to home, causing much distress.
    The service center (Meghdoot Motors, MG Road, Bangalore) came and fixed the Wego once (In October 2010). Again, on December 05th, the scooter stopped functioning. It was refusing to start. On asking the service center what the problem was, they were refusing to give us the complete information about why the Wego broke down. They kept the scooter with them for 3 days which inconvenienced me and my wife a lot and were not even willing to provide us with an alternate solution. Today is the 4th day and the scooter is not yet ready. Because of this problem, it has caused us so much inconvenience and has made my expenses shoot up, but Meghdoot Motors cannot do a squat about anything. All in all, very shoddy service. The Wego is, like I said, an ok scooter. But again, with the problems I have had, I would never suggest this to anybody. If a service team cannot support the scooter, they should delay the launch till they can rectify all the problems.

  • ramesh gubber

    I had purchased TVS WEGO in Nov. 2010. You provide sufficient in front of where we put the feet to carry the materials like gas and other things.

    • Pavan Kumar Giduthuri

      Days are gone buddy, These scooters are only make your daily commute easy.
      Not to carry GAS cylinder or oxygen cylinder. If there is a real need for you, you can still remove the front box and do.
      But, the skeleton frame will bend and will cause serious ground clearance problems. Thank god, till now the Ground clearance is good.

  • Som

    next january 17th planning to purchase a wego.
    I have already booked the wego colour is black or brown.those colour is looking very nice

  • Joseph Cherian

    now i’m a pround owner of an Indian brand scooter……..THE GR8 TVS WEGO…. i bought this beautiful machine a month back…and the scooter really amazes me in its style, pick up and stability..even does much better in bumpy roads compared with activa.; but mileage is a slight factor for my dissappoinment….in city it gives arnd 40-45kms/litre
    I really recommend everyone that u can buy a wego insted of anyother scooters which is now available.

    joseph cherian

  • Ashar A Z

    I purchased TVS wego last month and one service is already over. Overall performance is good. I’m getting 35-45 kmpl on an avg. Two major problems i can indicate
    1) It has to be put in idle for some time when the engine is cold.
    2) The handle lock is not properly working towards one side.

    But excellent driving experience even with two people on board

  • Rahul Kuldharan


    I Purchased TVS WEGO 2Week before.
    It gives me round about 35 t0 38 kil/lit.
    riding quality is best.
    One think I want know after first serviceing WEGO have to give 45kil/lit average.
    But one disppointment is gas cylender not fit in.
    It is very nice if you are new for ridder.
    I will update you after first servicing.

  • adit


    I just admire any product of TVS, as they are masters in Auto componets.

    I saw WEGO and just liked it immediately. Good design.

    I don’t know, if this is also a TVS a good quality, but poor aftermarket support, resale value, mileage and even dealers of TVS will be lathargic as usual.

    I also find in TN it has started coming to dealer points, but dealer has not asked me to try, when i asked for TVS Scooty.

    TVS should train thier troope first.

    Then only it is WEGO, otherwise it only a SOLO.

    good luck to TVS for

  • Delia Dantis

    I purchased tvs wego on 25th Dec 2010 since then i m facing problems…tvs service centre is not providing me proper service…bike has starting problem…its engine takes time to heat up…i got every part of wego repaired but not at all happy with it…no doubt wego compared to any other bikes is stylish, comfortable..u really enjoy riding it…
    but tvs has let me down with such service..i m told tht tvs wego 2nd batch when came in market has problems….its a brand new piece n is making me cry:(

    • vinod

      HI delia. I am also facing same problem. The bike has sarting problem. It starts after too many kicks.

  • rahul

    I am back again.
    Just Few days before I finished my first servcing. One problem in WEGO when I purchased is that small noice came from front wheel. while driving. that problem was solved sevice man. And As per TVS wego they adjust the RPM to 1500. That will slightly increase the average to above 40-42KMPL. while discussing with my dealer he told my after 2nd servicing it will definatly give you above 45KMPL average.
    I Like one think in WEGO is good ride quality and balace. But one disappointment is LPG cylender not fit in. TVS have to do something in it. and also TVS have come with good graphics with WEGO.

  • Kiran Raveendran

    I bought a Wego on Dec 8, 2010 and have rode 1100 kms till date (feb 2, 2011). It is absolutely a pleasure to ride it. The telescopic front suspensions combined with the nitrogen back makes it a smooth ride on potholed roads. The boot has got 20 litre space and the helmet goes in smooth. One key does it for both luggage compartment & petrol tank. Gives me an average of 51 kmph in city drive and once went upto 65kmph while I drove around 200km on the National Highway in kerala. Bought at an onroad price of Rs 51500, this one is a winner. My vehicle also got a few admiring looks wherever I have parked it cos of the cool styling done by the designers.

    • sampath

      is it so ? r u sure that u got 65kmpl ??????????

      • Kiran Raveendran

        I am amazed at seeing so many mails citing that TVS Wego is giving low mileage. I have run 1405 kms now in 2 months exact and i am consistently getting 52kmph in city conditions and i repeat i checked twice – i got 65kmph and 62kmph the two times i drove 200kms each on NH17 in kerala. Maybe my vehicle is plain lucky to have that performance but I have no complaints mileage wise. I got more than I bargained for when i bought the vehicle in Dec 2010. My only complaint is abt leakage of engine oil when parked.

  • Dharshana

    2 weeks b4 i bought wego. Its really awsome..

  • Kousik Mukhopadhyay

    Overall WEGO is good but I am facing problem with Autostart.

  • sumit

    I got my TVS last July 2010, TVS wego is a good bike with minor problems. Intially i also had the cold start problem it would take repeated stroks to start the Wego. But now after 2 service the problem has reduced.

    Once they solved the first problem the milage went down to 25 to 30. After my 3rd service i think its has picked up little on milage, but not more then 35. With the increasing cost of fuel TVS Wego can be expansive deal.

  • K.Venkata Rao

    I had purchased TVS WEGO in Oct. 2010. but i am facing one major problem is stating in the morining time. even i am giving choke it takes 5 minutes to start.
    I think it is a technical problem . in 2nd service i had discuss with service people
    but there is no use

  • Datta

    I had purchased TVS WEGO Apr 2010, It has starting problem . It tooks min. 5 mints to start . Also discussed with service persson , but no warth. Also average is very low about 35-38 km/lit.
    No sufficent front space , for gas cylinder ,etc. Pick up is good , silent engieen .

  • rahul

    hi guys.. im confused n unable to decide bw RODEO N WEGO.. my priorities are
    1) good mileage n minimum maintenance
    2) good speed for doubles n easy handling when on doubles.
    3) n good resale value after an year or 1.5 years.

    i personally liked WEGO for its gud looks(im a guy so its a bit BOXY than RODEO), but in HYDERABAD they are claiming the ON-ROAD price to be Rs.55,663. I think its a bit too much for a non-gear vehicle.. how much does RODEO cost ON-ROAD..?? N plz advice me ASAP.
    and nybody got any idea about wen r TVS planning to launch TVS QUBE in india and wat cud be possible pricing of it..?

    thanks..drive safe

    • Ajay

      Hi Rahul,
      I hope you have not purchases Rodeo.
      Wego is anytimes better than Rodeo.
      I have purchased Wego in April 2010 and till now I am finding it an excellent scooter.
      If you don’t want to purchase Wego, then go for Access or Activa but don’t go for Rodeo


      • do you know the” R” of rodeo?, if you do not know then keep quite.

  • Kiran Raveendran

    A small typo error in my earlier post – all the units of mileage were kmpl and not kmph as i rote.

  • Gururaj

    i have been owning tvs wego for the past 15 days.The mileage is around 52kmpl in the city conditions.I ride between 40-50 KM speed.this includs 3-4 cold starts using the choke.
    Also i have introduced the fuel saver in the initial stage it self so that the carbon deposits will be lesser.i got the greentech fuel saver .
    Hope it is working positively.

    • rahul

      Hello Gururaj,

      I want to attach FUal saver to my BIKE.

      I am in PUne. So I want to know it actually increase the mileage.

      And what is price of that.

      • Gururaj

        Hai rahul,
        yes the fuel saver does increase the mileage about 5-6KMPL.
        How ever i had to search here and finally got a seller in bangalore.It costed me Rs.1500/- and the best thing is it lasts for life time though the company say it is for 10 years.
        the ride is smooth and pickup as fat as the one we get from high octane petrol.(Etrapremium).

      • Ashok

        Hi Rahul,
        This is regards to Fuel Saver, Ya there is increase in mileage & performance of my bike. Have u installed it yet?

  • Mandira

    I wanted to buy TVS Wego Brown but was not available for a weeks time, them wondered about White but thought of the dirt & rainy season in Mumbai, so booked Black on Tuesday & got the delivery on wednesday Itself, as for me i’ve never riden a 2 wheeler but learning & driving this for the first time is an amazing experience, believe me its attractive, trendy, soft & the best performer scooty ever in the market as on today, even better than Activa n others, especially for females & new learners. I’ve covered around 70 Kms in 2 days time & the mileage i got is around 35-40 kmpl(which will increase further after 1st servicing as said), Speedometer range is upto 100, best for Short as well as long drives, Very comfortable for 2 adults & a kid. The On-Road Price i got it for is 52000/-(allin with accessories)in Thane Suburbs. If u guys/gals wanna buy it, would suggest its better to goto http://www.tvswego.com find the Authorised Dealer near you & contact them directly referring their website, so that u’ll get competitive rate & spot delivery. So enjoy & have a happy driving experience,,,,like meeeee.

  • Ratan – baroda

    Hi All i am going to get it today and i have Understood that its once of the best bike/Scooters its going beat all other bike/Scooters.

    You can reach me if you’re in Baroda 8128389339 we have fun.

  • Vinod Menon

    I am convinced with all your positive feedback, i will
    finalysed the deal in 1/2 days after receiving proper pricing and dealers points.

  • Nirmal

    I bought WEGO 3 days back; its a great bike fitted with the latest tech .The ride is just smooth especially on city roads. Although I had a macf problem with the bike pulling to one side; this was resolved by the efficient ‘Meghdoot management’ , cox town ,B’lore.

  • Akshat Khanna

    I bought it days ago…. awesome pick up … awesome suspension ………. its just an amazing bike drove activa beforee… it far far better thn that ……:) u wana buy a scooter dont give a doubt about this sizler

  • shawkath khan

    Next week, i am buying Wego for my daughter, hope she enjoys the ride and the bike, she felt very comfortable when on test drive , all the while she wanted to go for Honda Dio, but changed her mind after the test drive. She loves Wego.

    I wish her all he best.

  • Nowshad

    friends ..plse think about this wego in this season..due to tsunami spare is very difficult to get for honda nad suzuki access.from japan…. this is purely indian… u can trust it,.. any way iam planning to cancell my access booking and will book one wego tomorrow…

  • akram khan

    tvs wego one of worst scooter in its segment, front susnsion very bad ,its unable to bear load of zerk,get fully closed and sound a lot, this thing is expeerianced many times and app 5 no. of wego in show room,the dealer tell me ,its normal.the engine of wego is vibrate on load condition when to try to accelarate it , and accelarate on mane stand, there is a loat of sound of vibration, dealer says ,its normal, when you are a pillion rider then the seat tilt right sight your bone get pain, dealer say its normal, if all its are normal then the canclusion is that the scooter is not perfact, i am sorry to say but its truth ,after six month to bearr that bakwas type bike i get 12 time for servicing, but there is no result, when i check other scooter of other compony there is no any problem like this, yes mileage is 45, its good ,but boss pick up ,

  • Vasim Shaikh

    I just bought wego yesterday, i must say its worth the money… I wanted to owned activa/avitor but since both are not available in the market i opted for Wego..TVS are know for their mileage.
    The good part of wego is light, smooth drive. Bad part is not suitable for heavy weight pillon rider. Its bump sometime on speedbreaker.

    But still It good bike.

  • Tabita Gone

    I bought TVS WEGO a nmonth back. It is peppy and is just gliding effort less like a bird. It gets the adrenalin rush on me to cruise out making cuts. I admire it from every angle. The aggressive eagle look on the face gives a kick in the shins and admirable gaze from the onlookers. It is far more refined than on duro or rodeo. Thank God I don’t have to lift its seat for filling petrol. Its back reminds me of a girl in shorts, so you need not have to wear one. Mileage on traffic free roads is excellent with 50 – 60 Kmpl. Though it even clocked more than 60 at times. Its sleeker than Activa and fatter than a Streak, a perfect hybrid I had been looking to gift my daughters but I must not shy away from saying that I am more on it than them.

  • Craige

    Hi All..i’ve noticed one thing here..and this is just what the truth is..many of u don’t seem to know what needs to be done to keep the bike well and get good mileage..this is something that every1 should do..
    1. Kick start the bike every morning or if the bike is parked for more than 4-5 hrs at a stretch..cos ur talking about an engine..not a human heart..the kicker will get the whole engine running and also gives ur battery a longer life..whenever you self start, the engine strains hence consuming lot of petrol and giving a lesser life to the bike..
    2. Don’t be racing around at least till the 2nd service is over..stay between 30-50kmph as the engine is new and needs to set..normally no bike gives u mileage till the 2nd service..
    when u do this also, you get more mileage in the long run cos that’s how the engine gets tuned…

    BTW, i own a TVS Apache RTR 160 (rear disc) and thats how we look after our bikes..

    So all the best cos the Wego is a good bike…Happy riding.. 🙂

  • rahul

    ny idea about de mobile charger supposed to be under the seat..wen u break the plastic covering ders a hole n nothing else.. a big hole..LOL..

  • Pravakar Maharana

    Dear All Wego Owners,
    I would like to know about your experiences with the fuel meter of wego. Recently I filled 2.5 litres of petrol after the red mark but after filling (Now it’s 4 litre of petrol in the tank = 1.5 + 2.5 ) the reading shows more than F mark. When I confirmed with the show room technician he asked me to bring the vehicle. After lot of testing and replacing the fuel metre the same problem persists. After a lot of arguements they said it’s not a issue. When you have 5 litres capacity of petrol tank, after filling 4 litres if it show more than F mark, please confirm me if this kind of problem happened to you.

    Please reply

    • rahul

      hey pravakar maharana..
      yes de fuel meter has som issue..abt de reading it shows its not perfect reading. remember dat generally fuels meters r not precise in many vehicles. dey say capacity is 5L max wen i filled it for 4 or 4.5L meter shoots above F mark..lol..ignore it.. also even if meter falls below red mark i still got atleast 300-500ml of petrol left.. so im not reading much on the fuel meter.. its definitely not reading correctly…

      i got a query.. plz reply 4 dis (anybody els also)
      any idea abt the mobile charger that is supposedly present below the seat.. ders a small plastic covering seal n wen u break the seal u c a hole..n nothing els.. som say dat charger is in the tool kit..but not der.. ny idea..?


      • Ajay

        Hello Rahul,
        You need to purchase a mobile charger. The covering seal which you see is the place where you would fix it.
        Ask your Showroom owner for a Mobile Charger.

    • sumesh

      i think every scooters… like activa, aviator,pleasure etc shows same problem …. if we fill more than half of the tank…. the fuel meter will show more its than F

    • Ging

      Also, pl check your vehicle mileage, some of the Wego lids are defective. Fuel leakage through evaporation has been very bad. Either get the cap changed or do a temporary fix.

    • sabrinathan

      Dear Pravakar Maharana

      Can we talk ?

      Pl send me your contact number

  • Shashi

    Can anyone help me with the on road TVS Wego Price in Andhra Pradesh?

  • Om Dutt Sharma

    Hay All
    I had purchased TVS WEGO August 2010, from S K Traders Mohan Garden Delhi-59, It has starting problem after third service on 3333 Km.on 07.02.2011 The mane problem i am facing is stating by electric start in hole day. i discussed with service persson , but no warth. For the same problem three times I went to service station but all in vane. After holding yesterday all day today when they (SK TVS Mayapuri Delhi) deliver me the Wonder TVS WEGO is not ready to electric start. I think it is a technical problem but no one cares the customer, Nether manufacturing company nor Sailing dealer.
    Also average is very low about 30-35 km/lit.

    So I suggest go through other available options in market.

  • sushmitha

    hey! i have just bought the tvs wego a week ago its really awesome to own it….it is no less than activa.proud to own this vehicle!

  • Hema Priyadarshini

    I surely agree for the comments of everyone.
    Thats how I purchased wego in month of FEB 2011. But my vehicle is in the service centre from past 2 weeks for no fault of mine. The oil is dripping continuously from the engine. I took to the notice of the service centre where I bought it, they confirmed that it is manufacturing defect but they are still in the verge of getting it repaired nor giving me an new vehicle in exchange. just think, paying 56,000Rs. and getting repair within a month is the worst experience of mine with wego.

  • mathi

    HI everyone,

    Im in a plan to buy a new scooter.after a long term survey three scooters i ve concluded which are TVS wego,Honda activa,Honda Pleasure.

    I heard like Honda activa ll take three to five months to b delivered.

    Now im in a great confusion between Honda pleasure and wego.

    waiting for your valuable comments to solve my issues.

    thanks in advance

    • rahul

      Go for TVS WEGO

  • neha

    I am palnning to buy this vehicle but want to know rewiew from a user who ows it for more than 6 months

    • Devraj

      Hey neha,
      My friend owns it for more than a year, simply great. Go for it!

  • Dedip Sanghvi

    Hi frds i want to buy a scooter i am confused between activa,access and wigo pls guide me thanks.

  • vipin

    i am gonna get dis byk 4 55,000 on road price in A.P,,I really guess its worthy,,,,

  • Smita

    Hi. I want to buy a 2-wheeler… I want reviews from owners of Mahindra Rodeo and TVS Wego as I don’t want to wait for months together for a Honda vehicle. Rodeo’s low mileage and low ground clearance seems to be a big problem. Do the problems still persist? And howz Wego? Need help guys…

    • Rahul Kuldharan

      this is nery nice over the rodeo.
      It has very good average too.
      u can buy his scooter.

  • hussain

    Hi everyone,

    To some friends complaining about starting problems.

    I use to have the same starting problem during morning kick start, i took the bike to service centre, the mechanic advised me not to place hand on the accelerator while kick start (i.e,) to say
    1. put the vehicle on centre stand
    2. Pull the chock, do not place your hand on the accelerator
    3. Kick start the vehicle

    by doing this the scooter starts effortlessly


  • Ak

    Hi All,
    i m plannin to buy a scooter. but stuck in a choice btwn activa and wego. well, i read all the comments above and hav almost decided to buy a wego.
    Before i buy it, can anyone explain, what all points to keep in mind while buying it and where to buy it from in bangalore? How good are the service centers in the city ?

    Thanks in advance for the advices.

  • Bajju

    Hello Friends,

    I am little bit confused about purchasing of Wego. But now I am clea. I am going to buy a WEGO in before one month.

    Thank you all for your comments which was helped for me.

  • nag

    all these reviews are genuine get first hand information from user, take customer references
    before buying. Now a days many reviews are created by company representatives to sales boost. 50kmpl mileage may be fake review. real is 40kmpl, even 45 kmpl hard

    • Ak

      i think you are correct nag!

  • Hemant

    Yes its a very good bike i have purchae it before 3 months.Its is full fill with all comforms which other scooters are not. Milage is still good as 40 without sevicing.I and my wife is really happy that the choice was worthful.

  • Venkat

    Hi I am planning to gift a bike to my fiancee i am confused between Honda Dio and TVS Wego, can any body give suggestion what to prefer.

  • ajay

    I am K. Ajay Kumar Reddy, purchased TVS Wego in the year 2010 Though there is successfully Honda Activa model available in the market I just want to give a try to the TVS wego which is newly introduced into the market.
    After a month of purchase I regret my decision. The basic feature people expect from mobikes like Honda active or Tvs Wego is the auto start which is utter flop in case of the TVS wego. I gave it for my first month service and informed that I have issues with auto start It worked for the first day. The issue repeated again. If it is winter even with choke switched on mode it tooks atleast 3 minutes to just get started and then keeping it in on condition. Even after that still vehicle wont get moved. I need to wait for 3 more extra minutes to go ahead. If it rains in between it is gone case you need to keep giving manual till you get tired or loose all your energy. In my vehicle second service I informed them that auto kick is not working which is the basic feature of mobike, imagine the pathetic situation of giving a kick to wego by getting down in terrific traffic conditions unlike apache where kick can be given with out getting down.

    From the second service I got another terrific problem with break. If I am applying a break to the wego it does not look like a break to mobike its like I am giving it to a lorry with horrible sound in a decent software basement parking.

    These are basically two of my problems that I have with Wego
    1. The auto kick , the basic feature people expect of a mobike
    2. The break is like horrible. It gives really annoying sound

    I have two options again here
    1. Regret my decision of taking the Wego with out proper service
    2. Appreciate the response of TVS service with attention to customer issues though it has problems
    I already started giving feedback to people who saw my vehicle and approach and feed back on the same like
    It has pathetic auto kick feature and horrible break experience
    Hope TVS takes it as a positive feedback from me and helps me get out of this situation

  • Kannan

    Buy Indian Bikes…………………Wego, from TVS

    I am not marketing personal…………I am one of the upcoming customer.

    6-8 months waiting period for Honda Activa; its too high, demand is more and the supply is less.

    Surely country like india should have competing motor companies…..currently, if we need to review TVS, Wego will be finest option for all of us….

    Go India, Go Wego

    • thanks.because i will brought wego within two days

  • Savio

    Hi all,
    Purchased a Wego 2 months ago. 1100 kms and 1st servicing done at 750 kms.

    It’s a superb bike. Excellent riding comfort even with 2 people on it. The body balance tech works. The bike simply cruises over rough pot-holed roads in Mumbai even when its raining.

    It is usually ridden by my wife (teacher 5’4″ tall) to work (150 kms every week) and her review is excellent. Mileage derived is around 45 kmpl although she is not a novice who drives slow (sometimes she edges on being rough). The service people at Innovative TVS say that mileage will increase after the 2nd servicing. They have kept the engine tuning slightly faster to run in the parts efficiently.

    The headlights are bright and the center stand is easy. Honestly speaking other than the initial pickup (at par with Activa), I found no difference between its 110cc engine compared to our old Kinetic Nova 135cc. It is a lot silent though. Maybe because its new but I may be wrong ’cause TVS boasts of a fully aluminium engine which makes it noiseless.

    Kick starting the bike is a piece of cake. My wife who would never dare to kick start the 135cc Nova is doing this every morning now. And hey! I don’t hear a single engine noise in the house while she’s at it.

    The metal body is also a blessing since it all fits well and will be easy to mend up in case of dents or scratches. Fiber bodies don’t fit properly once the bike is opened for servicing. Had a tough time with our Nova and my Father-in-law’s Rodeo. Had to do with wires tied up through punched holes in the body once the plastic tabs broke after they became dead dry with heat. Have heard similar experiences at the garage that I frequent.

    The service people as well as the sales staff have been co-operative and diligent so far. No shoddy work done.

    Some features are a gimmick if you can forgive those:
    The glow ring around the ignition doesn’t work. But hey it is white and noticeable at night.
    The cell charger is optional.
    The helmet hooks under the seat are unnecessary.
    Although you don’t have to open the seat for refueling, you still have to remove the key from the ignition and struggle to open the fuel-tank cover with your left hand ’cause the key hole is the same for the under-seat storage at the back. We have mastered this maneuver without disembarking now though.

    Waiting for the 2nd servicing now so that the mileage improves further.
    I would surely recommend the TVS Wego to anyone and you won’t regret it unless you get an ultimate lemon or from sour dealers.

    • Vinay

      that was nice..

  • Savio

    Hey! Few more things:
    Under seat storage is not as good as the Duro but better than the Access 125 or Rodeo. Our full-faced helmet (Aaron Ace) easily fits in with a few other things as well.
    The ground clearance is admirable.
    We have nitrogen filled in its tyres which has its own list of advantages.


  • Rahul Kuldharan

    About Showroom service of Rushabh motors in pune is very worst. before 2 nd service my WEGO start with button. I service my wego in that show room I had very bad experince. there service person may replace my battery with faulty one.
    I suggest to all pune people please think thousnds times to service or buy two wheeler from rushabh tvs show room.

    • Rahul Kuldharan

      It just by mistake I wrote name of Rushabh Motors from Pune. Actually its Malhotra service. It is very worst and very bad experince it is near to vadgaon sheri pune..

      Please ignore the previous one. My TVS wego serviced from Rushabh and what ever proble with my bike they solved. and also change the battery that have problem.

  • Harwinder Singh

    i bought a tvs wego one year ago from Kapurthala showroom , from the very beggining , there is self-start problem with the schooter.I met the servise station many times for this problem but nobody able to rectify it. I have to kick start the wego everytime even in hot weather.
    The behaviour of people at servise station is very bad also.
    It is a bad experence to buy a TVS product.

  • Joydip Sinha

    Hi All,
    I bought my WEGO in the month of May,2011. After riding it for a month i.e. after the first servicing I encountered self-start problems.
    The problems were:
    1. Minimum 4-5 self-starts needed for moving on with the bike irrespective of season.
    2. Sometimes Bike is turned off automatically when the vehicle speed reduced on the go.

    The Mechanic initially suggested a battery problem and hence got the battery recharged for an entire day at the dealer but it did not solve the problem.

    Last week there was a camp by TVS for WEGO. attended that reported the problems. They conveyed that the problem was with the RPM settings and Battery. The mechanic at the servie center had done a wrong rpm setting. It should be minimum 1300 rpm to provide the initial start-up thrust to the WEGO.
    Also the battery electrodes had split-up and the same was changed.

    For the last 2 days after changes , my WEGO is running problem-free. Kindly check in with some senior mechanic at serice center to address your issues .

    Joydip Sinha

  • Joydip Sinha

    Apart from the above stated problems , my experience with WEGO is great. The ride is silky smooth and the vehicle is very robust.

  • a very good scooty for students

  • MaddyA

    Can any1 suggest which one is best scotter to learn…! Activa or Wego

    • Savio

      Hi MaddyA,

      I’d suggest the Wego. The body balance works, so you’ll get used to bikes sooner. In comparison, the Activa is heavier and is so on your hands too.

  • lakshmaiah

    tvs wego bikes colours mail send plesae

  • Jitendra Pandya

    My exerience is very bad for TVS Wego. First of all it is very expensive due to poor in mileage also there is an issue, sometime it automatically stopped while running. After servicing in TVS service station the issue is not resolved.

  • satya

    I am planning to purchase a scooter…
    I have struct-ed up in choosing a right one……..
    so, pls give me ur suggestions…..
    I have a 3-options……aviator,access 125, wego…
    give me d reliable option ASAP….

    • satya

      For hyderabad roads…..

  • abhishek

    tvs wego activa se far far better ha ek dum mast aur smooth chalti ha

  • R Srivastava

    I purchased a Wego after lot of deliberations and am extremely happy with the scooter. Its got great looks, has excellent pick up and has reallyt good suspension. The noise and vibration levels are very low and is far better in riding comfort of any Honda, Mahindra or Suzuki scooters. Initially, I had a problem with starting before the first servicing. I took it to the service centre (next day after the purchase) and after they did some adjustments , I had no problem in starting ( first start in the morning) using the self start for the first start without using the choke. I have complerted two services and city driving mileage is around 52 KMPL. Great, stylish and extremely comfortable scooter to ride.

  • hanmant kanase

    i bought wego in april 11 and it runs very nice but starter is not working and mileage is 25 km per liter so iam confused what can i do ? shall i ask for change battery ? self start is not in function and milege only 25km i am so disappointed

  • Mostyn

    I want 2 buy a scooter for me and my mother. i’m confused which one 2 buy among wego and pleasure.my mother wants 2 buy pleasure as she wants a lite bike.and wat about wego?pls help me in choosing a good bike among these 2.Pls help me!!

  • Prem

    On 1st Oct purchased the TVS Wego vehicle and today i got the delivery of it, feeling nice….

  • Indu Baloni

    Ready for buy………………………………fab

  • Anil khanal

    WEGO is the best among all scooters!!! thanks tvs

  • After searching for a good scooter, i finally i bought Tvs wego. On road price in bangalore wego basic model white Rs.56750/-. I am simply enjoying riding this beauty. Previously i had Honda activa, it was just a crap. Riding wego is like riding an arabian horse. You will feel like a jockey. The power is amazing. It doesnt skid even if you apply brakes at sharp turnings on rainy days. Mileage is good around 45km. The shape is like a swan unlike activa which looks like a bulky duck. I am waiting for my Registration certificate which will be posted to my address within 40 days. The only thing it lacks is, space in front dickey. so i preferred model without front dickey. Dickey under the seat is very spacious just like in suzuki access. I didnt go for suzuki access because of its sack-like body and waiting period of 6 months in bangalore. My sincere suggestion to all you guys is just go for we-go.

  • Bijay Pradhan

    I am worried to read so much complaints about starting problem and engine stops suddenly.
    Will TVS take care and address this issues

  • There is no starting problems and no engine stop problem. I am enjoying my wego ride both in city and outskirts.

  • Tony

    Honda Dio / TVS Wego / Mahindra Rodeo?

    Luving the Honda, but confused cuz of the fibre body.. :/

    Please help me out?

  • sumesh

    Reading all the comments above…. i found that many of them facing starting problem for this scooter…… i think its just because the idle rpm of your vehicle is too low for a start up….

  • There is no starting problem. The one thing you guys should do before pressing the electric START button is apply the rear wheel brake. The engine will start instantly. The rear wheel brake lever works as clutch too.

  • Salimuddin

    Hai, this is salim from A.P. My height is 5feets. Can suitable this tvs-Wego for me.
    How much mailage give this little bike. reply soon.
    Thanking you.

  • Annapoorna

    Hi.. Planning to buy a Wego.. It is good right?
    Lots of confusions.. Pleasure or Activa or Wego.

    • Devraj

      It is good, true words.

    • i have wego.i think its betterthan others

  • Kaushal Patel

    Hi..Friends i have just book my wego & I am very confident about its performance. I iad take a test drive and i book my wego. My sugesion is only take a test drive it and you will defenetly buy it. also suggest not blindly faith with Activa or Access just go for wego. Proud of India TVS… Kaushal Patel

  • sheeta akash pandey sweedle john pereira

    wego is awesum…i hav one…m loving it. just bought one month back…i m rocking…

  • Ram shingate

    i have 3 months experience of driving TVS wego continue.
    from my point of view wego is better than all other scooter,so i would like to tell u purchase the Wego be frankly

  • yogish

    M loving it…!

    I owned wego on 18/8/2012
    & I just completed 2nd service it’s superb to ride. i think to ride always,
    i love it when i see it’s first add in tv and in news paper.
    I like to join TVS company to learn and design two wheeler like TVS wego & starcity,
    i planned next to starcity.

    Thanking you TVS & best of luck.
    I suggest TVS that should care in dealers value on soled products carefullness in service- it will attract people and satified them…

  • yogish

    M here my wego friends,
    All plz rply me…¥¤

  • pradeep

    hi i purchased tvs wego 2 weeks before. it gave me a mileage of 15 kmpl. intyially i filled 2.1 ltr petrol and it run for 60km only. then i again filled 1.23 ltr petrol and then it stopped at 76 only. it is new. it clocked till now only 78 km. what can be the problem and how it will be rectified.
    please reply me

  • i like verymuch wego

  • qa

    Can you please rate objectively so that it helps others : cost , ground
    clearance , saddle height , weight , pull / pick up , mileage, using
    since how long , lady or guy , shock absorber on bad roads , looks ,
    storage space ,service, any special tips.