TVS Wego Review by Abinav Ram

And here WE-GO! to begin with, it’s not a fancy bike with gazillion CC’s and all you can imagine power. NO. This is my scooter! And the reason I bought it was to not want to struggle everytime I had to go to the grocery shop in that heavy bike with nowhere to keep all the stuff you buy and quite a few gears to fondle with at almost every stop.

What I wanted was twist and run. Something light and nimble, which can keep up with the traffic and is n’t very hard on me when the traffic gets heavier. From the folks at TVS, this is exactly what I got.

It isn’t a matter of lack of options either. I had to choose right in between the mighty Honda Activa which is everywhere you can see with your eyes and then there was the all the more powerful Suzuki.

The weGo caught my eye. What got my interest with the wego was the attention to detail here. An external fuel filler is something you would love to have on it, since the trips to petrol stations happens to be very often as the 4 litre tank is nowhere near enough and a mileage os 40-45 kmpl is all you could get, which isn’t very bad if you think about it, and not lifting your seats each time you are there in a petrol station is certainly welcome.

The ride on the scooter is quite to my fancy, soft. It seems the chaps at TVS have got this one right on the money, it’s comfortable and the forks up front compared to the dog legged ones other scooters have got, does a very good job in keeping the jerks to a minimum.

The engine front is where the TVS looses it out to the Honda, having driven both around for all the time there is in the world, Honda feels slightly more smoother and faster, with a better top end as well. But this isn’t an all hands down win for the Honda as Wego happens to be as close at it ever gets. It’s like comparing one James Bond film to the other, for each one his own! Whether it’s diamonds that last forever or it’s the quantum of solace.

In the desperation to make something that stands up to the Hondas from taking it all over, TVS has made something significant here. As a product in the market, it’s complete and by all means loaded with all bells and whistles to be a success. As a scooter though, it is n’t that great. It doesn’t have anything like the magic that kine spread across everywhere or the scooty ES did it for all us teens. It just fails to put a smile all over your face. But, the thing is, there isn’t anything now that does.

Abinav Ram