And here WE-GO! to begin with, it’s not a fancy bike with gazillion CC’s and all you can imagine power. NO. This is my scooter! And the reason I bought it was to not want to struggle everytime I had to go to the grocery shop in that heavy bike with nowhere to keep all the stuff you buy and quite a few gears to fondle with at almost every stop.

What I wanted was twist and run. Something light and nimble, which can keep up with the traffic and is n’t very hard on me when the traffic gets heavier. From the folks at TVS, this is exactly what I got.

It isn’t a matter of lack of options either. I had to choose right in between the mighty Honda Activa which is everywhere you can see with your eyes and then there was the all the more powerful Suzuki.

The weGo caught my eye. What got my interest with the wego was the attention to detail here. An external fuel filler is something you would love to have on it, since the trips to petrol stations happens to be very often as the 4 litre tank is nowhere near enough and a mileage os 40-45 kmpl is all you could get, which isn’t very bad if you think about it, and not lifting your seats each time you are there in a petrol station is certainly welcome.

The ride on the scooter is quite to my fancy, soft. It seems the chaps at TVS have got this one right on the money, it’s comfortable and the forks up front compared to the dog legged ones other scooters have got, does a very good job in keeping the jerks to a minimum.

The engine front is where the TVS looses it out to the Honda, having driven both around for all the time there is in the world, Honda feels slightly more smoother and faster, with a better top end as well. But this isn’t an all hands down win for the Honda as Wego happens to be as close at it ever gets. It’s like comparing one James Bond film to the other, for each one his own! Whether it’s diamonds that last forever or it’s the quantum of solace.

In the desperation to make something that stands up to the Hondas from taking it all over, TVS has made something significant here. As a product in the market, it’s complete and by all means loaded with all bells and whistles to be a success. As a scooter though, it is n’t that great. It doesn’t have anything like the magic that kine spread across everywhere or the scooty ES did it for all us teens. It just fails to put a smile all over your face. But, the thing is, there isn’t anything now that does.

Abinav Ram

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  1. Not exactly what i’d call a review 😛
    But i’ve always liked non-geared bikes.. Its what i started out on.. Fun to ride, quick and nimble.. Very good for the city..

  2. IT HAS GOT body balance ah as they would show in ad. . .lol. nice ad too see for this one. . .
    apdi podu.. .ipdi podu. . .

  3. I hope a pic of someone dancing at ur backseat would have given more justice to the wego..
    Body balance na.!
    I suggest everybody who want a true body balance in their any scooter i.e activa or access go and fit side wheels n enjoy the nice true balance..

  4. These non geared bikes are very much suitable for city traffic.They will relieve the pain from our left hand, which goes through the physical harassment of frequent clutch operation in the busy traffic.

  5. some day I like to own a non geared vehicle. I was expecting something about the body balance from this review. the only add that attracts me at the TV is this TVS WEGO add, but I did not see any body balance topic here……

  6. i own wego last six month,its total west of money,activa is too much better than wego,too much vibratiion in engine on two load,weak front shock ip,low pick up,low color quality,mileage 42kmpl wich is equal to activa but activa has smooth,novibration,good pick up, at last go with activa…………..else go to hell with wego like me….decision is yours

  7. TVS WEGO Review:
    Recently I have bought a new TVS WEGO and used over 1100 kms;1st service has been done already. Now I would like to share my experience.
    Riding comfort:
    It is very easy to start with Electric as well as Kick starter,anytime.
    Adequate pickup even with pillion rider.
    New Body Balance Technology enables everyone (Including New riders) to take sharp turns and very safe ride;Manoeuvres with ease in Chennai traffic;Ensures very smooth riding and no vibration at high speed also.
    Broad tyres & large alloy wheel base give nice road grip.
    Stands straight and firm when you apply sudden breaks and no wobbling at all.
    Unique Gas filled shock absorber in the rear suspension and proper seating position(Broad Seat and enough room for legs) provide the Pillion rider, the best comfort.In fact,Pillion rider is more comfortable than the rider.
    Effective front telescopic suspension gives the rider some extra comfort(If you are not comfortable, plz Check & adjust the steering).
    Salient Features:
    Good mileage for its category(Giving minimum 44kms & Maximum 47 kms/Ltr in Chennai).
    Even girls can park the vehicle on the Centre Stand effortlessly (New Pattern).
    Very Bright halogen bulb headlight is simply superb (You may need to adjust the focus of the light,if necessary).
    Very low Engine/Silencer noise.
    Aluminium body adds strength and durablity for long life.
    Elegant LED tail lamp,Indicators and twin city lamps.
    No need for a single extra mandatory fitting.
    Main Defects:
    No pass light(Pilot lamp) is available to use in the narrow roads.
    No Indicator is provided in the speedometer to know the battery’s On/Off position.
    As per company’s advice you should not take this vehicle for a very long trip(Trip meter is must for this purpose.But, it is not available here).
    There is no Indicator/Alarm for side stand(Lack of Safety).
    Instead of keeping the two small size(useless) helmet hooks under the seat assembly, it can be kept outside with lock&key.
    Glove box is not at all useful(Kept only for beauty).
    Glowing Ring around the ignition key hole is not that so effective.
    Very light and small size bag hook in the front side has to be upgraded.
    It is better to have a big size side hook for ladie’s comfort.
    Rearside Petrol tank is gimmick and accessible only by the left hand users who will be able to open it without getting down from the vehicle;The tank cap quality is far inferior to the one in the TVS Streak model.
    The mobile charger(optional) located inside the utility box is prone to engine heat that may damage your valuable mobile phones.
    In Due Course ? :
    Maintenance Free dry battery is good.But,it’s performance and life is left to seen after few months usage.Even this MF battery may also require periodical voltage checking/recharging from the TVS Service Centre.
    No choke is required so far.But,I haven’t got the opportunity to try this vehicle in the Monsoon and Winter Season. Then only we will come to know about the starting trouble, if any.
    The cost of WEGO 110 CC is on par with Suzuki Access 125 CC.But,the price should be less than that of Suzuki.Because Suzuki is having higher engine power,pickup and speed than WEGO.
    Males who prefer high speed,pickup and long trip can opt either Suzuki Access or Honda Activa.
    After considering all the pros and cons of this vehicle, I am of the opinion that WEGO is the best scooter available for Unisex!
    If TVS authorities overcome with the minor defects, then TVS WEGO can surely dominate the scooter field in the near future.

    • How can you expect long trip with gearless scooters
      Do you know what it takes for long trips?
      All the gearless scooters have fuel tank upto max 6 liters hence on long tours on highway even if you want mileage of 40,you have drive steadily below speed of 50
      Now again there is lot of difference between a bike moving at 50 and a small wheel scooter moving at 50
      Bikes have big tyres of 18 inch diameter whereas max length in gearless scooter is 12 inch tyre to Access 125 whereas all the gearless scooters have a 10 inch diameter tyres
      hence when you drive a gearless scooter around speed of 50 you actually travel max 30 to 35 kms in one hour whereas with bike at 50 kph you can traverse around speed of 45 to 47 kms hence distance to velocity ratio is greater in bikes

      Hence I have seen that all gearless scooters are strained nearly about 70 to 80 kmph speed so that they can reach the distance of 50 kms in 1 hour.So at these speed any gearless scooter gives mileage between 17 to 25 kmpl whereas a bike driven at 50 kph travels 45 to 47 kms distance and nearly 2 to 4 times good mileage to that of a gearless scooter.
      Hence with a gearless scooter you can traverse around 150 to 175 kms max in 6 liters and that too you have to take breaks because due to riding almost at top speed,engine becomes hot very often
      Whereas with a bike even if you ride constantly with 50 kph comfortable cruising,you get good mileage around 60 even from a 160 cc bike whereas a 100 to 125 cc bikes gives mileage of around 65 to 80 kmpl with this speed on highway
      And with this speed of 50 kmph on a bike,you can travel non-stop distance right from tank full till tank empty.I did this on my TVS Victor GLX 125 cc non stop Panvel to Goa.(I started my tour from Pune and halted for 30 mins near Panvel from where the Goa Highway starts and from there,I didnt stop anywhere till Goa and I was travelling continuosly around 50 to 60 max speed.I reached Goa in less than 12 hours)

      So please dont at all consider a gearless and small wheel scooter for long drives
      Also top speed in gearless scooters doesnt matter much
      Wego/Activa have max speed around 85 kph and 88 kph in Access 125 but theritically if you ride it continuosly on top speed for 1 hour you will reach max 60 to 65 kms and 2 to 3 kms more in case of access but a bike can do this comfortably around 70 kph and still be ahead of small wheels.
      You cant ride any vehicle on its top speed for more than 2 minutes.After 2-3 minutes on top speed,any vehicle you will feel like you are sitting on a flour mill(called aata chakki in Hindi)
      hence you cant travel too much distances on a gearless scooter.After half the journey itself I bet you will feel bored by the gearless vehicles

      Why I am teling you because You are adding bike’s parameters to a gearless scooter and considering it for long drives plus you are comparing wego with activa and Access in terms of top speed.Let me tell you once more
      Top speed doesnt matters for small wheels.for top speed,bike is best

  8. First time in my life, I got the oppurtunity to select a vehicle in our family. Its my grandfather. I have experience with Aviator, Activa. I didnt consider 125cc’s cause pickup was not his priority. I have read the reviews of Wego. We went to both TVS and Honda showrooms. My Grandfather was impressed with Wego with its first look itself. He just checked the weight and seat of vehicle. I knew the advantages it has over Activa are smoother suspension, external fuel filling, engine refinement, mileage on par with Activa, less rush than Honda servicecentre, felt proper weight for him Activa heavier.. Ok. I just didnt check the mileage. The suspension is best. Me 73kilo, my uncle 80, my bro 60, there of us on the Wego. Still it handled very well. More pickup than my splendor. The braking is very good. It beats Activa handling, ride quality, light weight for women aged people. Overall very much satisfied with it except small probs like front storage very less, tough to check mileage etc.

  9. im planning to buy a wego..but iv been getting different opinions from people…i was even planning to buy a vespa instead …but the rates are too high..can someone tell me which bike will be better and also the resale value of wego


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