TVS Wego Ownership Review by Adnan

Hello all! This is Adnan here. I bought a TVS Wego last month and have done 500kms so far. Let me consider one aspect of the bike at a time and rate it on a scale of 5. These are purely based on my experience with the bike.

1. Looks (4/5) – A head turner (white)

2. Paint Job – Shoddy (2/5) – Let me elaborate on this; I bought a white Wego which I noticed had a bad paint job on it as one side even had paint drips on it and the paint seems to be coming off in a hurry with several black dots appearing; didn’t read about this topic any where so it might just be my bike!

3. Engine – Powerful (3.5/5) – The initial pick up is good and the engine overall gives a good feel as you ride on but then the top speed could have been more.

4. Mileage – Good, around 50 Kmpl – (4/5) – I have been riding only in the economy range till now once in a while above 70 kph, have used only super unleaded fuel from Shell, neat fuel dude.!

5. Comfort – Rider:average; pillion:good. – (3.5/5) – I am used to stretching my legs and riding in my Scooty Pep+, so when I riding Wego I really feel the need to stretch my legs as it does feel cramped after a while as the legs are always in a L position but the riding position good. As for the pillion rider, once seated the ride is really comfortable but then getting on and off is a bit of an effort due to the height.

6. Suspension – Front – (2/5), back – (4/5). I guess there has been enough said and written on this topic; just to let you guys know that I am facing the same issues.

7. Lights – Front – (4.5/5), back – (4.5/5). They do what they are meant to do perfectly; and very stylish as well, totally loved the feature of those tiny lights in front; they look really cool and I keep them on all the time irrespective of the time of the day!

8. Storage – Enough – (4/5). The front and the storage under the seat are good, takes care of the helmet menace.Even tool kit has a separate storage space; the rubber band!

9. Fuel tank – (4/5) – Out of the box thinking literally.!

10. Stand – (4/5) – The easy stand works; very little effort required indeed.

11. Ignition – (3/5) – Yes the bike needs choke to start in the morning coz the engine is cold, but you can pull the choke and use the self start option; no need to kick, the battery is really good. This issue is found even is activa, dio, access and rodeo FYI.

12. Service – (3.5/5) – TVS has been giving good service till now, when I gave my Wego at Bharat TVS, Bangalore; they were excited to know how my bike is performing; I liked the curiosity and let them know what I thought about the performance. They say the engine and transmission oil needs to be changed in a month; I hope they changed it as they charged me for it. (How am I suppose to know if they have changed it or not?) Got a Teflon coating done for 350 more.

12. Price – (4/5) – At 50,750 the bike is priced almost reasonably, decent value for money I must say.

Overall a good bike from the stables of TVS, lets wait and see if it stands the test of time like how scooty has always bought a smile on my face; this is my third TVS bike (2 stroke scooty, Scooty Pep+ and wego)and hope to have some more in future.

13. The Wheels – (4/5) – 12″ alloys are great on the road, the bike doesn’t skid even on wet roads.

Ride Safe!