TVS Scooty Streak Ownership Review By Dhruv Panchal

Two years back, I purchased Blue Scooty Streak for my lovely wife. Obviously, ownership review comes out more effectively after rubbing the vehicle for enough time. So, I want to share the experience of riding and maintenance of it with you guys.


It’s got single cylinder 4 stroke, air cooled 87.8 cc engine. Valve operating is with single overhead cam shaft. Cylinder bore is 51 mm and stroke length is 43 mm. Compression ratio is kept 10.1:1 to generate 3.68 kW @ 6500 rpm and 5.80 Nm @ 4000 rpm. Engine oil capacity is 750 ml. Maximum speed claimed by the company is 60 kmph. Whenever I drive it, it doesn’t even rich up to 50 kmph.

Maximum speed I got till date is 45 kmph. After that, vibrations from all over the vehicle make me worried about clutch and I use to stop pulling the throttle any more. It produces lots of noise even at idle condition. These defects are compensated by mileage which I am getting from Streak. It gives me around 50-55 kmpl which is far better than any other vehicle in this segment.


It has dry centrifugal clutch along with continuous variable transmission. The primary reduction is 2.46 to 0.9 and final reduction is 10.47. The clutch is not enough capable to deliver torque and power to the CVT. Any new rider can also feel the vibrations from clutch. Transmission is also not smooth like Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. After twisting the throttle up to 45 -50 kmph, transmission starts losing torque and power and produces lots of noise. Transmission oil capacity is 120 ml.


Front suspensions are aluminium telescopic type. If we compare this to Activa, obviously Streak leads ahead, because Activa uses leading link type front suspension, which is less efficient then telescopic type. Rear suspension is toggle link type which is almost universal for this segment.


Both front and rear brakes are drum type with 110 mm dia. As the top speed is not too much, both the brakes are capable enough to stop the vehicle. In monsoon, both the brakes get rusted quickly. Because of this corrosion, friction between pads and drum increases and drum brakes act like disc brake, become more efficient. In summer and winter, the gripping of brake liners becomes bit poor.


Both the tyres are puncture resistant and perfect for the machine. These tyres contain a sealant inside the tubes. Tyres are so tough that I have not paid out a single penny for puncture till date. Both the tyres are 90/90X10 size.


Illumination of each control on the panel is much better than the scooty Pep. I think the head lamp is perfectly positioned to illuminate maximum area ahead. Tail light is much beautiful than any other vehicle of this segment.


Styling done on Streak is just up to the mark like Dio. Styling details are uniformly distributed on all parts: Starting from front dome to headlight border, side indicators, foot board, briefcase hook, bag hanger body panel, and finally rear body panels. No doubt, vehicle looks heavy like Activa but become much lighter in driving condition because of all FRP body. Rear view mirrors are having the same colour as body. Shape given to these mirrors is also unique and looks good. Front body panel also looks impressive on the vehicle.

Some Features

Glow Ring

Scooty Streak is fitted with a self glowing ring for better visibility of ignition key location in darkness without any power consumption.

Effortless Centre Stand

It is really easy to place centre stand on TVS vehicles than any other of this segment. Location and lever design of the stand for Streak is perfectly done to reduce the effort. This stand contains a rotating lever arm to increase the lever ratio.

Glove Box

Streak is provided with lockable glove box to carry small things up to 3 kg.

Mobile Charging Socket

Socket for mobile charging is located inside the glove box for charging the mobile phones even when in travelling. The thing needed is appropriate adaptor for your mobile.

Side stand indicator

Streak is equipped with a side stand indicator, which gives continuous beep sound, if the side stand is not returned to the fully up position when the ignition switch is in ‘ON’ condition.

Bag Hanger

Bag hangers are provided on both the sides of the Streak below the seat assembly at the front end near seat hinge.

Briefcase Hook

A briefcase or small bags can be hung on the hook provided between steering and glove box.

Helmet Hook

Two helmet hooks are provided under the seat assembly at front end near the seat hinge to lock helmets.

Fuel Cap

Trend to locate the fuel cap under the seat has been conked out by TVS. It is made easy to fill petrol from the cap located at rear behind pillion seat. Design and seal of petrol cap is good enough to restrict water going inside the petrol tank.

Some Failures Happened Till Date

Exhaust Broken Down: After running of around 9000 kms, the exhaust pipe got crack from the mounting. One of the stud was broken on the exhaust port flange due to stress concentration. As these studs are rigidly connected to the exhaust port, we need to change the costly exhaust port.

Rear View Mirrors: Rear view mirrors are easily getting loose from the ball joint after some running of vehicle. We have to suggest worker to fix out both the mirrors at the time of each service.

Oil Capacity Problem: Generally, service stations are providing us used engine and transmission oil and named this practice as “Oil Change”. To avoid this, I prefer to change the oil in my scooty in front of myself. For that I have to purchase new bottle of 1 lt oil and tope up my scooty with it. Out of 1 lt, 750 ml is required for engine and 120 ml is required for transmission. Rest of 130 ml oil always remains unused.

Kick Ratchet and Kick Stroke Problem

Kick ratchet engagement with transmission is very poor. Somehow ratchet is not connected with transmission erratically. For this reason many times effort applied by me is wasted and engine doesn’t start at once. Another problem with the kick is about stroke length. Kick stroke is very small which results in poor starting and waste of my energy.

Service Quality

I always observed poor service quality from TVS dealers in Ahmedabad. They are never concerned about any complain of customers and always make delay for delivering our vehicle. Washing is the basic operation of any service which is also very poor at TVS service stations.


It is a good machine for those who don’t want to allow their sisters, mother, wife or girl friends to go beyond 55 kmph. It is good just because of the features available within 43,000 rupees. It is not at all suitable for long journeys. Bike fanatical boys will never like this machine even for a small distance drive. I didn’t take test drive at the time of purchase, otherwise my decision would different. Anyhow, my wife is satisfied with her Streak and enjoying her each ride.

Dhruv Panchal