TVS is Ready to Launch its New Upgraded Version of RTR 160 – Hyper Edge

TVS, one of the leading bike manufacturers of the country, have decided to follow the footprints of Yamaha India. It is now set to launch its new version of TVS RTR 160 known as TVS RTR Hyper Edge 160. The prior version is known as TVS Apache and this one is known as Hyper Edge but frankly speaking one cannot find anything like improved in the bike accept the paint job and some sprinkling of graphics here and their.

Though officially confirmation is not yet released regarding its launch but sources say that Hyper Edge will hit the market shortly. However, one can find the new so called improved model at selected TVS showrooms as of now. Since the bike is not officially launched, one can rarely locate it in small towns and cities.

Although, bike is named Hyper Edge, one cannot find any difference in terms of technological upgrade between the older Apache and the Hyper Edge. One can notice the looks have been altered to make the bike look stylish and modern. The model sports a Hyper Edge sticker on the tank flaps with couple of stripes on tank, tail panel and front.

Hyper Edge also comes with detachable rear mud fender as found in RTR 180. Although there aren’t any improvements as regards engine and all but improved paint job and graphics have added a sporty look to the bike. We will have to wait and see how this so called improved version is welcomed by bikers.