TVS Jive – The Clutch Free Wonder

TVS created waves in Indian Biking scenario when it announced its clutchless bike JIVE in November last year, although its India’s second after Hero Honda Street, being it as bike it sure did create a lot of waves. It raised many speculations as to how one can actually ride a bike without having to use a clutch. Finally the bike hit the market and bookings now open in all TVS showrooms across India. The bike looks similar to TVS Star city and its next variant, the Sport. It has 5 spoke black alloy wheels and all black treated engine. To be honest, the bike is not very eye catching in the looks department.

On the technology front, the Jive has become a boon to those stressed by frequent changing of gears and depression and release of the clutch in traffic. Same as the Honda Street launched in the 90’s. It boasts of an electric-start (a must have for all bikes these days) that can be used to start the bike regardless of what gear the bike is on.

Riding the 110cc Jive was not very different to riding a normal bike, but was initially pretty confusing in the absence of a clutch, being a person who had rode a bike with a clutch for many years. It did not take much time to get a hang of how to handle the bike though.  One just needs to keep in mind that one is riding a Honda activa. The gear shift indicators which shows the current gear on which the bike is are very helpful during gearshifts. The first gear gives the maximum pull to the bike and is descending in order till the 4th gear.

The ride quality is smooth and feels almost the same as the Star city version. But remember no clutch means no stunts. The only major advantage that can be seen on this bike is that there is no depression of clutch required while shifting the gears. Though one may start the bike on any gear and also accelerate forward on any, the higher gears may not have adequate power to start from a halt and need to be given less amount of throttle, otherwise resulting in lower mileage. Though there is an anti-knocking mechanism in place which prevents the engine from knocking while riding at low speeds on a higher gear and rpm, one may feel the need for power in traffic, which can be gained only through down shifting the gears. But the bike has rotary gears that allow one to shift directly from the 4th gear to neutral by pressing down the gear pedal when on the 4th.

The bike boasts of an on-road mileage of about 65 kmpl and is a clear competition to Honda’s CB twister, both falling in the same segment. The twister has killer looks and good mileage and power (9 bhp) adequate to the daily commuter, but the Jive has this clutch-free T.Matic technology for the first time on an Indian bike with 8.5 bhp from the power mill which speaks uniqueness of it’s own. The Jive also hosts an under-seat storage space enough to hold a bottle and also an umbrella. The fuel tank is huge like the performance segment, with a 15 liter holding capacity. Is this a winner? We’ll just have to wait and see how the commuter segment responds to either of these bikes, depending on the rider’s preferences.

– Anand

TVS Jive Tech Specs:

Type: 4 stroke, single cylinder, Air cooled

Displacement: 109.7 cc
Maximum Power: 8.4 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Start: Electric and kick
Ignition: Digital IDI

Front: Inline Telescopic suspension
Rear: Hydraulic twin shock absorber with coil spring

Front: 130 drum
Rear: 110 drum

Battery: 12V, 5.0Ah
Headlamp: 12V 35/35W halogen

Fuel tank capacity: 15 litres
Ground clearance: 165 mm
Kerb weight: 105 kg