TVS Apache RTR Ownership Review by Girish

Am Girish from Trichur, Kerala doing C.A. Let me first introduce myself to you. I am just 64kg and 5.8ft tall. Let me make thing clear first. I am explaining about myself a lot. I am doing this to give you a clear picture about my tastes and way of dealing things. I feel review without explaining yourself is like a structure-less building. And I want the readers to be satisfied and doubtless.

I love driving cars rather than riding bikes. If I get a chance I would like to go for racing. Why I said this is, because my Father knows about bikes and cars a lot even though he is not working in this field. Let’s say he is crazy and he taught me how to take care of bike/car in good condition and the most important thing, riding or driving and handling the vehicle. I really got a racer in me but I never got opportunity to express it out.

I know how to ride economically, smoothly and fast, credit goes to dad. And I am one person outstanding in this field when compared to all my friends and family. They appreciated me for having such taste. It’s all because I love car/bike. I consider it as part of my body and what I want to express I express it through them. You know till date I didn’t try for stopiee. And I want to do that without a fall. Cause it will hurt my bike (a part of me). Those who do that may think I am scary but truth is I thoroughly study things before doing it.

How She Came to My Life

I had driven many cars from Omni to Corolla (sedan series). Since we love cars we used to go on changing cars. But parents never wanted to give me bike. After crossing 18 years, dad advised me to take the license. We travelled almost the whole of South India in these past few years. But 5 months back they realized that I am in great need of a bike for my official purposes and they decided to get me one.

Past Experience

I have driven many bikes of which I love Bajaj Discover, Unicorn and Apache. Of these, while at Chennai I drove Discover for few months and Unicorn for one month. I was mad for Unicorn. but i never drove Apache but I had seen many traffic polices having that. I used to feel that these traffic police having Apache can chase and catch us when we try to escape. It might be the looks that made me feel that way.

So this was the only picture I had in my mind about bikes before purchasing Apache160. On Aug 26th 2010 we went searching for a good bike. My requirements were mileage as well as power. First we preferred Hero Honda, then Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj and TVS. Why we went in this order

  • Because of geographical distribution of outlets at Trichur from our place,
  • Brand value and preferences

We choose CBZ, Twister, FZ, Discover and Pulsar and Apache from different brands. Tail lamp and the sides of CBZ looks ordinary, nothing was special. In case of Twister it gives good mileage but it is just 110cc and I felt it got some polio issues, sorry that was the comment I said to my parents, because its legs that is back wheels are small. Well, for better mileage you have to reduce weight. Also it got empty space in its chest (Sorry I compare vehicles to human body). FZ is good looking one, like a bold alien.

But its mileage and cost didn’t attract me. Then Bajaj Discover, good in its class, economical one. Pulsar looks the same in all classes except 200cc, cost is attractive but not mileage. It’s true that they rule the Indian roads. Where ever you goes you can see Pulsar and I want something different and competitive. Then I met Apache, she swept off my feet. Sorry other girls. She was obedient to my parents too… what can I do. Dad felt it comfortable to ride compared to other bikes (he is 5.5ft tall) but he liked the looks of FZ. Apache160 is in between all classes. For example take Twister in one side and FZ the other. Apache got average mileage of both.

Cost in between, power no compromise. I am not a fan of TVS rather I love to be the fan of Bajaj in case of Indian companies. But Apache changed the image of TVS a lot. I didn’t read any review before about any bikes and ended up in Apache160 dual disc. I found something special and attractive in her. We were using TVS and Bajaj bikes before and we very well know about their services. It is not excellent but good. Competitions definitely make them improve their services in future.

Experience and finding with Apache

First positive comment I heard is from mom. She said she could see what is in the front when we went on our first ride. Even my sis told the same. However, the next day I heard that TVS Apache RTR gives pain to your back and shoulders. That made me google for TVS Apache RTR 160 review (after purchasing Apache 160) dual disc.

Then I came to know about Amazing blog, helped me a lot to get over many issues. After which I came to know that I do not own just a bike but something more than that. By the time I got shifted from Chennai to Kollam. My official rides were less however I crossed 6200km on 15th jan2011.

Till date my long drives were 9 times, between Trichur to Kollam. The distance is 240km one side. I used to take on an average 5 to 6 hrs. Then i made a long drive to Chennai. 724km alone on 17th dec 2010 took 11hrs. Came back on 7th Jan 2011 via Trichur to Kollam about 897km. It took me 18hrs. I enjoyed my ride. All support I got is knowledge base. I was dressed as per the advice but went without pillion.

It is risky but I kept in my easy accessible pocket complete profile of mine with contact details for emergency and I made sure that I will reach my destination at day time itself. But I was upset when I reached Chennai. Everyone will make a second look and many will ask comments when I was at Kerala but not at all in Chennai because where ever I look there will be Apache.

I attained 0-60 km in just 4sec ( did it when I was at kollam), crossed 137km/hr in highways (on my way to chennai). It was reaching 123km/hr in ordinary course but I leaned forward for more aerodynamics to reach 137km/hr. During my first drives I used to go in 60s to 80s and got mileage of 57km/hr. After crossing 500km it really unleashed the racer in me. My adrenaline was pumped to attain all the above achievements.

Every day I admire her beauty and I can’t be without seeing her for a moment. You know when I give her for service I don’t feel like going from service centre. Where ever I go I want her and where ever she is I am there. This is one of the reasons why I took her to chennai.

The main things I have in Store to tell about her…

  • I admire her looks and I call her Apache kutty. She really looks beautiful.
  • Scoops are really fitting to her.
  • Tail lamp is too good and noticeable one.
  • Head light is sharp enough. You know on roads bikes are not given value by other vehicles say car /bus. It is risky to drive bikes on Indian roads during night. No one will dim their lights. It’s the duty or way of showing manners by a driver to dim lights when vehicle passes by on the opposite side. But she made everyone to dim their lights by vehicle language ( that means if you are unable to see due to bright light of opposite vehicle make your light bright and dim).
  • Opposite vehicle guy has to understand that and dim his lights. If not i will say he is not fit to be a driver or else your bright light is good for nothing.
  • Rear disc is amazing. What a break! Even my friends who own FZ were amazed.
  • Handling is matchless. FZ friends were amazed by this too. Once, I made a bet with my friend that i will drive from triplicane, chennai to chetpet without stopping. I managed to balance my bike for without moving for 4sec. I said this to make you realize the handling ability of this bike having 136kg.
  • Gear shift was poor till I crossed 1000km after that it is smooth.
  • Mileage dropped from 57 to 46 on highways. May be increase in my average speed from 80km/hr to 102k/hr and I was carrying 17kg luggage. But in streets I am getting 52km/liter, may be because I ride nicely by shifting gears smoothly at perfect gear shift.
  • I shift gear of my bike between 2 to 3 RMPs for economic drive. I manage to drive bikes in 5th gear at 23km/hr speed on streets.
  • Thing is that I love shifting gear and I hate automatic gears. I shift gears when required without hesitation. I know many who are lazy to do that. That’s why I said. Or else any vehicle let it be bike/car will drink fuel.
  • She is scared of muddy turnings and wet surfaces but never compromises in braking.
  • She vibrates a lot during 50s to 70s.
  • Pick up is amazing. Attains 60km/hr in 4sec and reaches 100km/hr in just 8.5sec.
  • TVS Apache RTR takes time to reach 123km/hr from 105km/hr. Up to 105km/hr she is superb.
  • Back and shoulder pain — One day CBZ guy asked me about Apache. They admire her looks and want to know my experience. I shared everything and they came up with body pain and shoulder pain issues.
  • The only thing i said was, ” I went to chennai on 17th 2010 and came back on 7th Jan 2011 in this bike and here I am standing in front of you, do you want any more comments?”. They smiled and walked off.
  • Definitely one bike will have some qualities than the other. Apache got some sporty looks in some angle and she definitely calls everyone for a chase. Back pain will be there. But what I found is that your posture decides. Be seated in straight posture without bending forward.
  • Hand pain comes when you give pressure to your hands when you apply brakes. Hold the tank tightly by your legs. It will give you more confidence and better riding posture and body weight will be shifted from hands to legs.

I am planning for a North Indian trip (if I get a chance). I am happy that there is a blog like this and we are able to share out reviews and knowledge. Hope you all enjoyed reading this. Thanks to the owner to publishing and maintaining this blog.

Feel free to give comments.