It was all a matter of commuting from one place to another a few years ago. And then we saw the emergence of two of the most promising companies from India, TVS lead by Venu Srinivasan and Bajaj lead by Rahul Bajaj which changed the whole scenario and the mindset of an average Indian. They changed the very outlook of daily commuting to fun riding. Now what matters more to the enthusiasts is not just the travel from one place to another, but ‘How’ does it takes place. Both the companies have one thing in common; one product brand got them going. Pulsar did it for Bajaj, Apache did it for TVS. And without doubt both the bikes remain trendsetters and the very best in their respective worlds.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 2009

The best part about these companies is, unlike some better known bigger Japanese manufacturers, they believe in giving value to the customer for a single penny spent by them. After strengthening its sales in the 150cc segment with the ohh-so-fast Apache 160 RTR, TVS has launched a direct assault to Bajaj’s long term horse Pulsar 180, in the form of Apache RTR 180. The difference between these two bikes is the fact that Apache 180 is an upgraded version of Apache 160 whereas the Pulsar 180 seems to borrow much of its tidbits from the bigger sibling, the Pulsar 200 DTSi. We compare both of these spearheads, heads-on for our readers to enable them take an informed decision if they are caught in a fix between these two ‘quite similar yet differently character-ed’ machines.

TVS Apache RTR 180

Flash back three four years ago and all we saw was Bajaj ruling the performance roost single handedly with the help of their Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 siblings. Enter the Apache and its various iterations and have Bajaj mulling over what to do next? Though, Apache has not been to beat Bajaj in terms of sheer sales, but the least they have done is keep Bajaj at their toes. They have just not let Bajaj relax and sit pretty with the performance king title. Despite a few legal hiccups between these two companies, they have managed to keep their cool and play sportively. Read on for a comprehensive comparo between these two machines.

Engine: Apache now comes loaded with a 177.4cc 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder SOHC 2 valve mill which is a bored out version of the 160cc mill with a longer stroke. The engine remains an oversquare unit, similar to the 160. The bore and stroke of the new bike is 62.5 mm and 57.8 mm. The new bike is now capable of producing a peak power of 17.3 PS of power output, up by 1.9PS and the power comes at the same 8500 RPM of the 160. Peak torque of the bike is now up by 2.4 units to a handsome 15.5 NM and is produced at 500 rpm over the RTR 160 at 6500 rpm. The engine breathes through the big Mikuni BS-29 carburetor.

Coming to the latest Pulsar 180 2009 edition, a lot has changed in it from its earlier version. The bike has the same 178.6cc 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder SOHC 2 Valve mill which produces an enhanced output of 17.02 PS at 8500 rpm. Bore and stroke remains 63.5 mm and 56.4 mm respectively. Maximum torque is reduced by 1 NM to 14.22 NM from 15.2 NM of the earlier version and only Rahul Bajaj knows the reason for this! The reduction is very much feel-able in this bike. The moment you ride this bike, it feels a bit less torquey than its previous iteration. The bike breathes through the UCD 29 carburetor.

But it a worth mentioning point here, that TVS has still not been able to do away with the vibrations issue completely in this bike. The vibrations, though lowered, make the difference between the two engines evident. Pulsar seems a Honda in front of the Apache, it’s so refined. But credit must be given to TVS because of the fact that they have done a good job in reducing the harsh engine vibrations of the earlier Apaches. Moreover, the clutch of Apache feels more progressive in front of the heavy feel induced by Pulsar. In fact, clutches would be one of the factors Bajaj has not been able to improve. Since there launch, Pulsars have sported very bad clutch assemblies which fail to deliver even under slightest of loads. We see not a worth mentioning difference with this bike as well.

Chasis & Suspension: The Apache 180 has a Double Cradle synchrostiff chasis which aids to the overall dynamics of the bike. Front suspensions of the bike are the telescopic forks with a 105 mm stroke and the rear are the Mono tube Inverted Gas filled shocks with spring aid which TVS calls as MIG. The suspension set up has been reworked on this bike to compensate for the increased wheelbase and to aid in the overall drive-ability and stability. The best part about these is that they do not bottom out at any time and feel confident under high speeding.

On the other hand, Pulsar 180s chasis is a Double Downtube frame borrowed from the bigger sibling Pulsar 200. The front suspension is now meaty 37 mm inner diameter telescopic forks which has a 130 mm stroke straight from the Pulsar 220 and the rear remains triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable Hydraulic, Gas filled Nitrox shock absorbers with 101 mm travel. The overall look of the front suspension gives the bike a masculine look and also does the job pretty well.

The overall dimensions of Apache are 2085 mm x 730 mm x 1100 mm whereas Pulsars remain 2035 mm x 760 mm x1115 mm (L *B * H).

Handling: This is area where Apache seems to score comfortably over the Pulsar. Even the earlier iterations of Apaches have always been nimble, to the point and flick at corners. With this bike TVS has just taken the game ahead. The wheelbase is now increased by a good 40 mm to 1326 mm which makes it even more confidence inducing, more stable, especially during cornering than the previous Apaches. Even if we talk about the straight line ability, it has improved substantially over the previous iteration and makes it a lovely high speed handling machine. The precision and conviction with which this bike tackles the steepest of turns makes the rider lust for more. Add to this the higher ground clearance of 180 mm makes sure you have ample amount of space under the body for the earthen potholes to pass by easily. In fact, ride it and it crosses smaller potholes with ease.

Its not that Pulsars are way behind; actually, between these two machines it’s very less to distinguish the better one so small points like these look big. The case with Pulsars is that, they have improved drastically on this front but sadly, they still remain at the last in this league. But all accolades to Bajaj for making this bike one of the best handling Pulsars around (probably only after the new Pulsar 220 DTSi). The wheelbase has been increased by a healthy 25 mm to 1345 mm (from 1320 mm) which aids to the straight line ability of this bike to a great extent. Bajaj has also done away with the rectangular swingarm of the earlier Pulsar and this bike now comes loaded with an Oval section swingarm straight from the Pulsar 200 /220. As a result, the bike is easily one of the best cornering Pulsar 180 till date. Although, a point worth mentioning is that with the inclusion of all these features the bike feels a bit stiff and less nimble comparing it with the earlier iteration during city riding. Add to this, the bike also has a little longer turning radius. The ground clearance of this bike is 165 mm which makes it a tad more vulnerable to the ever so deadly Indian potholes. But all said and done, it’s a commendable effort from Bajaj, which makes this bike stand in the league of the best handling machines in India.

Under extreme braking Pulsar stands tall and feel more planted majorly because of the quality of tyres. Apache sports TVS Srichakra tyres which have now been fattened to 110 from 100 (in Apache 160) but fail to maintain grip on road especially in panicky situations. One more point to be noted is the change of rear tyre size from 18 inch of the earlier generation Apaches, this bike has a 17 inch rear tyre. We felt that, had Apache sported MRP nylogrip zappers of the Pulsar, it would have been quite a different story then. On the other hand, Pulsar 180 gets more meaty 120 rear section MRF nylogrip zappers which earlier did duty on the bigger Pulsars and as always, are so precise that we failed to pin-point any flaw in them. Front tyres of both the bikes are 90/90 * 17 inch in size and the good part about both the bikes is that both of them sport tubeless tyres which prevent us from the hassles of the traditional tubed tyres.

This is the end of Part One of  this article. Since this article is a big one, Part Two of this article will be published tomorrow. Stay Tuned. Part 2 will contain information about Performance, Mileage, Braking, Instrumentation and the most important stuff: The BikeAdvice Verdict.

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  • shiva

    Both two are the disasters i am not willing to say anything about this two machines

    • parth

      short but best comment shiva

  • MuHiLAN

    wEll boTh bajaj and tvs have done justice 2 each other by not doing anythin new in da stylin department which let me down a little but then performance is the word they use often 2 cover em up, hmn m gonna pick up one f them nxt week ,made 2 depend on these shootoutz till then.

  • manoj

    “bajaj pulsar” defnitly male and no more bikes to comparared with. 2009 models are very outstanding looking and amazing performance related to other bikees

    • sharan

      really awesomeeeeeee bike
      2009 180 cc pulsar am having really good performance
      and smooth on roads it give max 50kmpl i we maintain the bike….
      really monster

  • Rajesh

    thank you very much, its really a good information, the website is really helpful for people who are planning to purchase a bike however I am still confused which one to buy pulsar 180 or TVS 180.

    • Haunie

      go ahead with the Apache RTR 180 cuz believe me you will never regret!!!

      • Kalpesh Dabhi


        In Indian market……………

        What a young Indian needs????????

        1.) Spent less money

        – TVS Apache RTR 180 is now available it around 87,000/-
        – I got my BAJAJ pulsar 180 at 70,000/- on 01.01.2010

        Which is most important factor for young (Mostly Collage) boys.
        Coz papa normally not allows to spent more money ( ha ha ha )

        2.) Good power

        – Max. speed of TVS Apache RTR 180 is 124km/h
        – Max. speed of BAJAJ Pulsar 180 is 121km/h which i have got.

        Which is not a great different.
        3.) Better mileage

        – TVS Apache RTR 180 gives mileage of overall 40 kmpl.
        – BAJAJ Pulsar 180 gives me mileage of 52 kmpl.( on highway for one time only i got mileage of 63 kmpl. Trust me, not fake)

        So, guys now you compare it and decide Which one u want to have………More money good stuff or a value for money BAJAJ Pulsar 180.

  • Anand

    True clash of the Titans. Regarding performance and handling, the RTR 180 definitely has a great edge over the Pulsar. RTR has raw power as we have already seen in the 160…. May the best one win…. 🙂

  • Saad Khan

    Rajesh: thank you very much, its really a good information, the website is really helpful for people who are planning to purchase a bike however I am still confused which one to buy pulsar 180 or TVS 180.

    Bro, just hold on for sometime, we are coming up with the remaining part of the comparo by afternoon. Read on, many things will get cleared. If not, then tell us we will try to zero in on the one which fits your requirements and priorities well 🙂

  • ani446

    man where are come to the present from the ages RTR 160 has already overtaken the pulsar 150 and 180 range a long back. And now the 180 RTR can compete with pulsar 200 ok.Pulsar 180 2009, just came up with a face lift. Dumb pulsars i hate them

    manoj: “bajaj pulsar” defnitly male and no more bikes to comparared with. 2009 models are very outstanding looking and amazing performance related to other bikees

    manoj: On the other hand, Pulsar 180s chasis is a Double Downtube frame borrowed from the bigger sibling Pulsar 200. The front suspension is now meaty 37 mm inner diameter telescopic forks which has a 130 mm stroke straight from the Pulsar 220 and the rear remains triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable Hydraulic, Gas filled Nitrox shock absorbers with 101 mm travel. The overall look of the front suspension gives the bike a masculine look and also does the job pretty well.

  • yasho

    im plannin to buy one of the two…….waitin fr the verdict eagerly….also i hav heard bajaj bikes are not at all the same after 1-2 years……n start givin way too many problems is it true
    its gonna be my first bike plz help me out

  • I would pick up the R15 out of these. Till the Apache 180 is established you can’t say much. Nice points btw. Waiting for part 2.

  • anay

    TVS sucks….TVS has copied everythin in der apache RTR 160 segment which bajaj invented in der pulsars…….TVS lacks durability,reliability,power,style,n much much more….dumb i really hate tvs apaches it has got no length,height,weight….i mean its like a housefly(TVS)messing up with the dinosaur(Bajaj)

  • ganesh

    copied apachi why not but perfomence wonderfull apachi RTR180 beaten 200cc bloody pulsar & Wonderfull brake in apachi

    i have apachi 180 menace who want test drive

    9025967085 but test drive Rs50/-
    4kilometer only

  • Anup

    hey guys can u help me out, well i want to buy the apache rtr180, but i’ve heard that TVS is not good in providing spare parts and post-purchase servicing. can anybody clear this out! that’s the only thing that’s stopping me from buying this bike. pls advice

    • Taher Bakri

      tvs apache is anytym better then pulsar……..even m planning to take apache……..

      • Rajesh

        Hey guys i want to buy either pulser 180 dtsi or apachi 180 rtr ,bt confuse abt stylng n riding both are nice mileage im nt sure bt friends says 40-45 in pulser n 45-50 in apachi ,i heard dat tvs apachi big drawback is spare part availabily ,service n high maintainence cost is it true ,im thinking of apachi coz m0st of my frnds hv pulser they r giving gud response bt i want diff bike nt comman n even their r diff sporty colour n graphic in apachi ,whch bike make sence for cost of ownership ??

  • kabeer

    lets go to yamama . i love yamaha . i have yamaha fazer 125 cc . now i m going to take fazer 150cc. dont wanna other one.

    yes| yamaha

  • vinod

    Actually Apache RTR 180 is much better than Pulsar 180 if compared with Sporty Look, And Pulsar maintaining there old Designs… Nothing Special in Pulsar 180, Better try RTR 180 and Reply its realy a great Bike so far….

  • Amit Kadian

    Well, guys TVS is best whatever it is performance, average, braking, or style. It is the best…………


    Dear All,
    Dear well wisher,

    Please advise me regarding TVS 180 cc Apeche RTR.
    I am going to bye it in within 1 month.

    if anybody is using this bike kindly leave comment regarding bad experience. – Regarding- TVS service?, Resale Value of Apeche old model?, average/milage in city??????

  • Aditya Kulkarni

    I own a Apache RT 180. Its Macho. I took it a month back (to be precise on 17th July)and I have competed 1700 Km of riding. This includes in city and on highway. Man its tooo comfortable to ride it.
    Happy about
    1. Millage- 45-47
    2. Excellent braking power.
    3. Pickup-awesome hummmmm….
    4. Computability at the time of curving. The rider seat is
    bit low and this give a whaaa feel. It has a very good
    grip at the time of curving.

    Sad about.
    1. Headlight- It does not give a good coverage on the Highway.
    I was riding on the highway in the night and in rain. I
    could barely see vehicles in front
    2. There is no place to put the helmet lock.
    3. There is some problem in shifting gears. Some times the
    gears skips.

  • Aditya Kulkarni

    One more sad part is, the pillion seat is not really comfortable. People sitting on my bike on the pillion seat kept complaining every time.But BUT, some say there is no problem. I really don’t know. I am getting a mixed reaction.

  • Death warrior

    hey you people saying that apache 180 is best……pulsar 180 is so strong on indian roads,,,,n most imp thing the repair n service of apache 180 in more costly than pulsar 180……mileage of pulsar 180 is more than apache 180,,,,i was also confuse to buy pulsar180 or apache 180 but,after all the comparison i m going to buy pulsar180…n all the girls also like it…….

    • karan

      but bro apache beat pulsar easily i have apache 180 and its pick up like a rocket i beat my frnd pulsar200 & my frnd apache 160 ki top speed 160km h

    • kuttu

      bro apache rtr 180 is better than pulsar 180 it has mor power stylishand girls like white color and perfect handling an braking i think only the tyres are bad…in alll other terms rtr 180 is best service cost and maintenance is lower than bajaj tvs has the best service they have six free service so maintanince is less in rtr 180bajaj has only 3 free service i have owned pulsar 180 at first it is a bad bike and the perfomance of pulsar will last only one year after it will remain as a waste bro….

  • Shakti

    really i am happy to know that bajaj pulsor comes with new look its realy wonderful i am really happy and i want to purchase new 180cc and 150cc bjaja pulsor but i am confused how is better then for me………. i am belong to Himachal Kullu manali. its a hill area and i want power and mileage also

  • AK-47

    m planning to buy either of d three
    apache 180
    pulsar 180
    fz 16
    besides power nd performance my top most priority is safety.
    i ve learnt it in 1 of d bike mags. dat apache 180 doesnt have good what do dey mean ????
    plz help me out asap.

    • Akshat

      I have apache 180 ya there is a problem in tyres but only in rain or when road is wet, bike get slip but in pick up or in power or you want to race apache 180 is the best as a comparison upto 200cc no bike can beat apache 180

  • prashant h

    i had the pulsar 180 old one and sold it and will be buying apache 180 very soon…. pulsar is a sick vehicle… DONT BUY IT….

  • sandeep

    I own Apache 160 and am very much satisfied with the bike….. I can definitely advise you to buy Apache 180… Its better in performance, stability, flickability and also a better overall package. Pulsar maniacs will still say abt the pulsar being best, but the stats and actual performance simply rules it out. Apache is the best……

  • Well Guys ,I have a RTR 180.This Bike got the progressive Fiero Engine as the “role model” 😀 .See ,Engine of Apache’s are way superior compared to the Korean junk Which earlier versions of pulsars used(UG-III).Apache’s Vibration issue came because of the Weight distribution of this bike.RTR is designed for Racing -Thorough Racing.The Small Wheel base justifies that.There are TVS Services who can fit Rubber dampeners for the Bike to Reduce the Vibration.BTW ,Vibration is found at 4K-5k rpm range in RTR 180 and it is Very Very Less compared to RTR 160.

    To Be Frank ,Apache RTR180 with it’s sporty Riding Position,Engine and Buld Quality is Miles Ahead Compared to Pulsar 180.Before Pulsar fans gets Offended ,We Know that New Pulsar’s Engine has gone some modifications and Now it is True Desi.No more it is “rouser”(pulsar is sold as rouser in southeast asian countries).Engine Will be Lot More Smoother.Longer Life.Earlier Models asked for a Cylinder Kit change after 30000-40000kms Done.Even there was complains about Pulsars losing Torque as recent as 10000kms!Now ,Past is History.and I believe Apache RTR 180 must be compared with Pulsar220;NOT 180 pulsar!.

  • AK-47

    so wat u guys r suggesting is 2 go for apache 180????
    but no 1 left comment on its tyres which i had asked for…
    nd btw what about FZ 16???

  • Themiya Srilanka

    Well Pulser is the best.! in its catogary.. Definatly Male it is … coz im telling this dat iv brought all the models up to now as it came to the market… so iv compaired with the tvs models.. but no one beat me yet..! tvs is tooo late to try this.. why cant TVS make something new than copyn somones models???

  • sugan

    hi guys i buy new pulsar 180 cc.Its a great power,pickup and mileage is 48 in city and 53 in highways.definatly male its rocking.My friend having Apache 180 its mileage is 42 in city and in highways 46.pulsar 180 is best.Apache is worst.

  • Shiv

    m planning to buy either of d three
    apache 180
    pulsar 180
    fz 16
    besides power nd performance my top most priority is safety.
    i ve learnt it in 1 of d bike mags. dat apache 180 doesnt have good what do dey mean ????
    plz help me out asap.

  • Prashant H

    i got an apache 180 recently… guys, the bike rocks.. go for it… i have rode p180 for 7 long years and it continues to be a tragedy… dont even think of pulsar… go 4 APACHE 180….

    • Jeff David

      Its not the bike you ride, it all depends on how you take care of your ride..

    • Jeff David

      As for now, i dont think apache 180 can beat pulsar 200NS. And beating a bike depends on how the rider rides the bike.

  • sonal

    i’ll leave pulsar200 behind with it possible?

    • Akshat

      Ya definately

      • joe

        no! definately

  • loki

    i guys dont be confuse i suggest pulsar 180 is most effective in everything. b’coz i buyed it

  • dik

    RTR 180cc is awesum in all circumstncyzz..

    i beat FZ16,P200,Bullet olrdy with my RTR 180cc..

    i achieved 148kmph on my RTR recntly on NH-8..

    its perfrmance,maintenance,average,style,handlng, servicng cost iz mch better thn other bikes of d same segment..

    dunt think for other bikes.. jst go wid RTR 180cc..

    it rockzz.. \\m//

  • suyash

    guys m gonna buy my 1st bike within 1or 2 month….can anyone give me idea of which bike to buy?? im confused Apache 180 or pulsar??

  • dik

    no doubt.. for sure RTR..

    handling,performance and average wise RTR is far better..

    what else uh ppl want..

    use ur brain before selecting.. happy ride.. 🙂

  • linkin park

    im going to buy a bike in a month or two a bit confused btwn pulsar 180ug iv and rtr 180.. as far as the reviews given above i would definitely buy rtr 180..bcos..its not a bike that every 3rd person owns like pulsar..but..i would like to know if there would be any new release to compete these two titans.

  • vishwajeet

    yo…bro..hangon, wait a min do u think the pulsars are dumb then u r a person who dose not know to ride bikes bcoz u choose bikes from their looks , i had owned an apache 2 years back but when i ride pulsar for 1st time i went crazy obout its smoothness and power which i felt, now at the moment i have sold my apache just for 19000 and had got my dream bike pulsar 180, so i thank bajaj and i am proud to have a pulsar . so tvs try try till u cry and get fry bcoz there is no compare to pulsar family.

    • Kishore_apache

      Vishwajeet….! Why did you sold it for 19k…! shit..! dont you think you become fool in this market..! I sold my bike for 42k rode for 47k kms…! used 3 and half years… it could be your bike had damaged because of not knowing driving…! I’m going to get RTR 180 ABS white.

      Pulsar 180 sick bike its like ladies vehicle… no engine beat, its very light… not willing to buy… and its handle is broad its hard to manage at traffic…

  • linkin park funny..hey bro..even if u had owned a Pulsar[any] 2 years before u would have given the same talking abt the new technology not the old…there is no point in comparing new bikes with old..time changes technology changes….compare menace vth UG iv

  • dik

    uh can compare RTR 180cc with Bullet,FZ,R15,Fazer,Pulsars..

    its beyond cmparsn.. huh..

    RTR is mch better in terms of power,mileage,handling,engyn

    health,maintenance.. go for it..

  • maxz007

    apache 180 rockz!!!!………it has a gr8 pickup lyk a rocket!!!

  • karthik

    i suggest for pulsar 180. its performance is too good the bike is too stylish,powerfull,smoother when compared with apache rtr 180. I filt the performance of rtr 180 as worst when compared to pulsar 180. pulsar 180 dts-i rocks.

  • dik

    karthik.. i thnk uh own pulsar tths y..

    pulsar is too common now-a-dayz.. no scope of it..

    ask a bike engineer or mechanic who havin atlst gud knwldge of bikes..

    i having RTR 160cc.. and RTR rockz.. \\m//

    • Kishore_apache

      Well said dik…! no new riders will take sick pulsar..! Every new rider will opt for RTR or yamaha….!

  • kris.karthi

    Apache 180 AWE SOME , the one who knows about automobile, definitely they will choose APACHER RTR. Except that the vehicle vibration , all remaining things are unbeatable. The comfort riding , initial pick up , road presence everything is good.

  • Nikhil

    Hi all,
    Getting very confused among the 150cc bikes. My choices are between Unicorn, Pulsar, Apache and Hunk.
    Am 5’6″ and weighing 62 Kg and fair. which bike do u think will suit me. I really love the unicorn engine and looks but the sitting position is what has stopped me from buying it, more suited for uncles. It should have been more sporty.
    Is honda launching a upgrade for unicorn?
    Apache looks cool? But the vibrations are irritating which can be neglected for the adrenaline rush the bike offers?
    Pulsar seems good wit all the goodies, but heard it needs a lot of maintenance after 4000 kms. and the comfort level is a bit low.
    Hunk lacks in looks. The muscles over the tank could have been more sporty and the dome should have been more aggresive.
    All the bikes scores in their respective depts but which is the best. Feeling a upper edge of unicorn. And what abt the mileage of all these bikes? Very confusing yaar……..
    Help karo Bhailog….

  • Sumanth

    Can sum one help me out wat to take rtr 180 or p220 or confused wat to take.all seems gud.plz advice me it is my first byk.

  • Pradeep

    I can Sugest that go for p220 if you want ride with more optimal speed than zmr and rtr 180. Though zmr looks better than p220. With p220 u wiil hav a feel ur riding the fastest Indian bike.

  • Sameer

    Well pulsar mean machine has kept itself way ahead of apache, the apache looks like a copy cat of pulsar just to compete nothing else, well if you know how to handle bikes, then pulsar is just the right choice, i have a 200p whic is just true raw power, so the new 180p/200p is good choice, all pulsars have good grips & braking..

  • Dik


    ppl who own pulsar will definitely appreciate pulsar stuff but

    have you ever ride apache RTR?? its worth buying..

    you can compare Apache’s RTR top speed,handling,average wid

    ur pulsar 150,180 and 200cc..

    so plz dunt misuide ppl over here.. first ride rTR 180cc..

    then only give commntz here..


  • Pradeep


    I do agree with u. I believe that P200 worth enough than RTR 180. Even I am planing to get p200. I was in confusion which one I have to buy whether p200 or RTR 180 and after comparing all finally I decided to buy p200.

  • rajesh

    hii every one can any rtr180 owners say pulsar 180 is the best i.e, who dissapointed after buying rtr160 refresh or rtr160 fi or rtr180 if so plzz mention and y the pulsar is great plz give a reply who have seen this comment plzz plzz

  • Dik

    i am a owner of RTR 160cc and i am proud to be its owner..

    wot a handling,average and performance man..

    it rockz.. i beat many tymz bullet and p200cc wid k&n..

    awesum byk.. thn pulsar stuffz..

    and though pulsrzz r too common diz dayz..

    um jst waitng for RTR 250cc to launch.. 😛

  • goutham

    Im owner of discover 135 bt im nt satisfied will any 1 suggest me which byk shuld i take in cbz nd apache [160-180]

  • Anshuman

    guys please pulsars are gone

    rtr 180 is a ultimate machine

    0-60 to 0-100 the fastest byke in india

    and top speed 135kmph

    the pettal disk brake are excellent with 270mm front and rear 200mm….

  • Dik


    go for RTR 160cc

    its beast and gonna beat all d bykzz of 150cc segmnt

    go blindly

  • rohan

    bajaj pulser 180 is best bike because it is comfertable,fast,eassy handling.

  • rakesh

    p180 2009 edition is best bike.i reached atop speed of 136.really cool bike.

  • nep_ryderz

    regardless of every topic tht has limelight on it, i feel Apache 180 RTR much mo awesome then its most competative opponent PULSAR 180, I would like to give a big middle finger to all those bike of Yamaha. The only thing i wish to change in apache is rear pillion grip to some other custom made (i am working on it) It looks like those horns of Yamraaz

  • keshav

    i own a apache 180,pearl rocks and it really does.pros:.gr8 styling.te color of te pearl white wud catch all eyes on road.pick up is te mantra of this bike..features and solid braking system(havin two discs in front and back,cant ask for more).gr8 bike by all has tubeless tyre system,once u got ur byk punctured,u shud repair it immediately,otherwise ur byk tyres get a bulging and change in cant remove the tyrs from the byk yourself or with a local mechanic..its a big complicated process to remove the tyres from the service sucks in tis regard.(I PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED TIS PROBLEM,I WAITED FOR 10 DAYS TO GET MY BIKE DONE AFTR TIS INCIDENT).doesnt provide a great mileage in comparison to its dear rivals pulsars

  • priyan

    m also planning 2 pickup an bike on my birthday…… so pls suggest me that is rtr 180 is better than 180???????????? plz frnd help as soon as possible…. contact me on- 9977071147…..

  • priyan

    hi! every one m also planning 2 pickup an bike on my birthday…… so pls suggest me that is rtr 180 is better than pulsar 180???????????? plz frnds help as soon as possible…. contact me on- 9977071147…..

  • @rakesh

    hello dear..i have reached 138kmph on my apache rtr 160cc without any mods.. sso dunt proud of it and dunt claim ur top speed(pulsar 180cc.. duh!!)..

  • @ priyan

    go for RTR 160cc or RTR 180cc(if avg dznt matter)

    it can cmpete p200.. no doubt..

  • Arun

    Apache 180 vs Pulsar 220 acceleration times (km.h) as verified by Bike India (october issue) with VBOX GPS datalogger and same rider:

    Apache 180 , Pulsar 220
    0-60 km.h 4.15 sec , 4.35 sec
    0-100 km.h 13.3 sec , 13.2 sec (.10 sec difference)

    top speed 125 km.h , 132km.h (actual top speed,not speedo)

    Apache with 40cc less can give such an intense competition to the pulsar 220, so you can all simply imagine what the newer Apache 220 (to be launched) would do…
    TVS is implementing full fairing, all new looks, ABS brakes, unbeatable performance and new colors for the new 220 bike, so keep your eyes open…

  • rohith

    hi guys i bought two bikes one for me im 19 doing my engineering second year and one for my bro who s 18 doing his 1st year engineering in two different colleges of bangalore i bought the bikes recently in oct 2009 after lot of surveys where i needed a bike which has power,looks and affordable mileage at around 37-42 after all i test rided 13 bikes 0f 150 – 180 cc class and then stuck to two bikes i.e. tvs apache rtr 180 and the beast of indian market bajaj pulsar 180 2009 as i use both the bikes one day i take apache the other day pulsar so by my experience i wrote this comment pulsar provides 17.02 ps power and apache 180 provides 17.3 ps therefore apache is a bit more powerful than pulsar and apache has a better torque when compared to pulsar which is better for city rides…… whereas at high speeds 110+ pulsar has better road grip than apache as it has mrf zapper tubeless whwereas apache has got tvs tyres which has bad road grip pulsar being heavier has better stability on road apache being lighter is hard to control at high speeds apache ‘s height is very less compared to pulsar it s like a 125 cc bike that way the advantage in apache is that it s got rear disc brake but what s the use the tyre also must be solid right to withstand that effective breaking….. pulsar s suspension lasts longer and has wider front forks for better handling in turns one more disadvantage with apache is that it s rear seat is very small making it uncomfortable for the person sitting at back whereas pulsar has got split seats so more comfortable to sit at the back my pulsar 180 is givin me a mileage of 38-40 in hard bangalore city traffic conditions of bangalore and also mind i rip a lot and apache is giving me a mileage of 34-36 for the same type of ride so guess this is the single regular user stats of the bikes pulsar is better for mileage also and also note pulsar 180cc 2009 looks same as p200 and bajaj is in the 180cc segment for a decade or so nearly so i suggest u ll to go for pulsar 180 rather than apache rtr 180 i rate pulsar-9/10 and apache-8/10

  • Arjun

    Pulsar looks like the BatMobile(in a good sence 🙂 ) in the latest batman movie…
    BUT Apache has a very futurestic look exept for the headlight faring.
    I also agree that Apache is far more superior than the Pulsar in terms performance.
    It is best to appreciate TVS’s efforts to bring such a food quality perfomance package at an offerdable price.

  • @ rohith

    i think u have bought tht old stuff.. i mean bajaj pulsar..

    thts y ur giving all d advantages of pulsar nly..

    apache have many more benefits thn ur old stuff..

  • guyz.. apache is going to launch 250cc nt 220cc..

    as i am cncrnd..

    TVS wrkshop guys tld meh abt it..

  • Siddu

    Hey rohit vch coll are u studying in?:):)…i am also a second year engineering student in dayanand sagar coll, bangalore…i am planning for pulsar 180 …is ma choice is good?:)…is tat machine is b8r than apache?:)..reply me soon…ill be waiting for ur reply:)

    • arun

      thanks yar

  • prashant

    apache is better than pulsar…. anyday…..

  • mub

    Are you guys confused on which byke to check in on indian roads.
    Guys who eyes on a pulsar180 will definitely think twice before being the sole owner as there is TVS Apache peeping through the glassy showroom at the other end.

    TVS Apache vs Pulsar180
    Lets start with TVS Apache being stylish,smooth,easy to handle and on top decent mileage.

    On the other hand extremely good looks which any 1 will fall for but the reliability after 2 years or so is to be questioned.
    I would suggest if nota freaking rider go for an TVS Apache 160 which is much smoother than 180 and also less throttle sound.

    On the other hand if single user and crazy about looks Pulsar 180 is yours my dear

  • kishore

    hi friends ,
    i am also recently brought the apache 180,
    it’s very crazy bike.i am really happy for having the apache bike with me.
    i ride almost all the bikes,but apache 180 is best in my opine.

    • vikas


  • Dinesh

    Im planning to buy a RTR 160 FI or RTR 180 before Jan.2010. It would be great if you answer me the below questions.

    Is the RTR 180 vibrating at lower speeds (60-80kmph). Bcause thats wat i found searching the web about the bike. And is the vibrations a bit of a bother?.

    Also can you tell what mileage are u getting from ur RTR 180?

    Which will u suggest in buying? RTR 160 Fi or RTR 180 ???

    Email me at

    Thanks in advance

  • Mr.madras

    @ Dinesh

    If u r not bother about mileage then go for 180 or else Go with FI…

    I have RTR Fi…

    Top speed is 134 Kmph (In speedometer) I am not aware of true speed

    0 – 60 in 4 seconds

    Mileage in

    city 52 Kmpl 0 -60 Kmph
    Highway 64 Kmpl 60 – 80 Kmph
    Topspeed 36 Kmpl 110 – 130 Kmph

    My personal advice is go with RTR 180.. Be with new one…

  • Wajid

    Good comparison. Apache RTR 180 has better performance and Pulsar 180 is well refined. Both are almost equal.

  • Deepak Shetty

    Pulsar haters dont hav any rite to use stupid words on Pulsar.. As all the things R copied from the Pulsar family.. So if u people think that PULSARS R worst bikes then Appachi’s R double worst bikes cos all the things R copied from the worst bike !! TVS people will b waiting 2 hear the news of Pulsar upgrades & b4 pulsar releases its model TVS release their copied version. My question is, does tat Vibrator really need rear DISC brake !!
    I’m using Pulsar since 2 and half yrs stil its in good condition.All bikes needs 2b taken care and well maintain. Never complain any bikes without maintaining it..
    Sorry if i was wrong.

  • knock knock

    oh god… why the heck i chose this stupid rtr.. gone to the gutters… waste of money… wud have gone for a pulsar.. now got to act in front of ma frendz saying the DUMBO apache’s are he best… god…. put some extra brains into TVS. Cheap S**T

    • karan

      why we gone for pulsar…..if u want to take mixer grinder and genrator…….so u can purches
      P 180…’s very dumb bike….coz i have alredy P 180…..Apache is better option then Pulsar>>

  • Aryan Chhetri

    Hi to all,
    my vote goes to RTR 180 as because it has strong engine, style, fabulating pickup better than any other.
    It is the bike for sophisticated as coz i feel very comfortable whilw riding. It too ashsame fantastic………
    uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love to drive.
    Really once ride it than know it power or magic.
    It really gonna attarct anyone.
    As Pulsar it too vage and dangerous, many hav lost there life by pulsar. So be aware.
    I hav compete with oter bike but it too gud and it won everyone. I have the highspeed upto 101km/hr in the road of country like NEpal
    I enjoyed a lotttttttttsssssssssssss

    • karan

      yes…..frnd ur right…..Pulsar disk brake is very dengours then other bikes


    hey guys i m from the bulls community.check it on orkut.there is all of the guys riding pulsar .i baught my apache last of them…..they rode it….n complain me dat y i purchase apache rtr 160.i asked y…?they told ….,,//its better than pulsar 180….so now its upto u……..

  • nitin patil

    Watch the clips below of Apache 160 Beating pulsar 180 & 220 on a racing track

    Power is not the only factor to win any race , control of bike is also required
    Apache has both power & control

  • Deepak Shetty

    Check this out.. Pulsar beating Apache..



  • Kunal

    Dont buy pulsar 180 because i bought pulsar 180 completed 40000 and changed the cylinder kit 2 times, chain 3 times, clutch plate 1 time.

  • manis

    bought apache180 1 months ago.ts milege and performance is great and pulsar is good only in its looks?and abt sped its gr8.i once rode 134 km\hr in my feels gr8 to be a apache rider

  • m@ddy

    pulsar rulezz…. no more commentzz

  • bala

    hi every body……………..

    Dont Confuse with those Pulsar 180 and Apache 180.But the Word Bike means Bajaj.I mean Bajaj Pulsar only.There is no way to beat Bajaj Pulsar.According to the Bike Riders in India,Bajaj Pulsar has a chance to beat Hero Honda,But there is no way to beat Bajaj Pulsar by TVS Apache.

    Its a Survey taken among college students and all the youngsters.

    TVS APACHE:This bike is the xerox copy of Bajaj Pulsar.

    In apache the performance is getting poor after three years,Especially Pick UP and Engine Performance…..

    In Apache,The Tyres are not from MRF or any other good branded companies.
    The Mielage is Poor.
    Apache never stands with the same performance in Future.

    In apache,It looks very stylish,Good face lifted,and Even stickers and small images in Bike are very Nice,Gear shifting looks like a bike in Yamaha,Disk Brakes are Stylish.

    But these is not important for a Good Bike Riders.

    Engine Performance,Power,Torque,Mileage,Braking,Good Gear Shifting-while choosing a Bike,These are all the most important one’s.

    Make a Bike with Good Stylish,and the Bikes can be altered manually by the Bike Experts(Mechanics).

    The Upcoming new Apache 220 is also copied,and more or less look like Bajaj Pulsar 220.


  • brakesss

    no dude ur wrong in all aspects ….ur words say ur jealous.. and im sure u own a pulsar, but let me tell u the truth nothing has been copied from anywhere… Indian companies are coping from foreign bikes, let it be any new thing…as pulsar did with disc brakes etc(im mentioning pulsar bcos it started disc brakes in india)..if pulsar can adapt then why cant TVS..the only thing pulsar has its own is dtsi engine…did tvs copy that??..and more over Pulsar’s are bikes which are just for style while apache is a bike which are tested for race tracks..and they have won motogp races unlike bajaj’s who are not even part of motogp…!!! my frnd has a p180 2009 which has already started coughing after 6 months.

  • Piyush

    fz & apache r way better grip,suspension, n pickup than pulsar shit. Pulsar saali itni common ho gayi hai ki road par
    cycle ki tarah chalti hai & it has bad looks.

    • vikas

      yes dear ur right

  • bala

    The Racing Award goes like this,
    Apache RTR 160
    CBZ Xtreme
    Pulsar 150
    Suzuki GS150R
    Honda Unicorn

  • Aj

    Friends i own an apache 160now i’m plannin to go for p180 is that a right decission i use to travel long trips over mountains and i’m gettin sudden power drops durin up hill and i use to get pains while goin long drives… And is pulsar’s are good for long drives.. My budget is around 80k and i live in chennai…. Pls help me out in selecting one….

  • Imran

    Good information but Bajaj Pulsar is the bike which one will come to know only if he will ride it. Excellent speed and good looking.

  • kamal bajwa

    i think bajaj pulsar is 1 of the best bike . as it has a market and can resale it after few yrs at good price .


    All d sucrzz… of pulsar 180… u got 2 believe tht rtr 180 is much better thn pulsar… itzz.. even better thn pulsar 200…..
    n if u hav doubt… jst take a test drive…. thn.. u willl get 2 knw what a 180 cc engine can do…….(*&^%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • viplove

    i hve apache180 and jst tested its pick up with pulsar 180. in double loading pulsar 180 gets much behind dan apache 180…
    surely go for apache 180……

  • rohith

    balls to u man read my review completely and then compare i ve got both the bikes

  • bhupesh

    pulser 180
    is best for bikers

  • Chandru

    None can Beat PULSAR.. Its really Rocking for Ever..

  • Dik

    i havin apache rtr 160cc.. 1.5yr old and stil its pikup and engn health so gud.. beat bullet,fz,p180,unicorn on long way frm mah byk.. ive touchd 142kmph acc to spdmtr.. and rectnly ive touchd mah frndz 180cc rtr 147kmph.. isntd kwel..

  • Deepak Shetty

    Imagine a bike giving vibrations in 70’s speed.. Then what mite be the reactions of the same bike if it touches the speed @ 147.. !! Lols.. 😉

  • roc

    Apache is a chor bike. It has copied everything 4m digital consol,rear disc brake,led tail light,clip on handel,split grab rail. It has also copied pulsar dual horn system. Tvs wait for bajaj to launch new bike, tvs then see it copy it and launch photocopy bike.

  • roc

    dont forget BAJAJ sued TVS for copying its patent tech(dtsi) when tvs was trying to use in flame.

  • Deepak Shetty

    According to news reports Bajaj Auto is taking legal action on TVS for copying its famous “Twin Spark Plug Design” [DTS-i] for a small capacity cylinder engines. The 125 cc engine of the Flame also seems to feature a similar “Two Spark Plug per cylinder” layout..


    RTR sucks…its a duplicate version of bajaj pulsar…really TVS has the ability to design only de scooter type like scooty,scooty pep and bla bla….how its possible to make a sporty bikez..really they have a COPY CAT concept designer..TVS fools everyone who bought RTR..damn it RTR..

    • Ravi

      Actually TVS is the only pure indian bike with indian technology. Bajaj has tie up with kavasaki japan. Remember the profit share goes to Japan.


    No one can get near to PULSAR…BE ORIGINAL AND BUY ORIGINAL..NO PIRATES.. i mean de RTR…Thats an Engine fitted Bicycle.

    • pradeep

      hey u duffer just check what is the power of both the bikes …………………

  • piyush

    i am not blame to p180 is poor but after 3 or 4 months bike performence is like bullshit bike is produce sound like juice grinder.the body of bike is rattel. the story that the pulsar get more more more maintenence and replace the part of bike. this is the condition of pulsar 180.
    there is speak about compare in pulsar 180 and apache rtr 180.

    The topic is that the top speed of apache rtr 180 is 124kmph this is actual speed of this bike.

    And the top speed of pulsar 180 is 117kmph this is actual speed of this bike.

    Every one know is that apache rtr 180 is better in our pickup.
    The get a speed 0-60 in only 4.45 seconds.

    And pulsar 180 is also have a good pickup but The bike get a speed 0-60 in 4.98 seconds.

    There is difference of only 0.53 seconds.But this is big reson to defeat on track.

    Seconds thing i speak about tvs apache rtr 180.This is impressive bike in 180 segment.The bike console is very good, there is a data logger this is useful to bikerz for time beating races and bike have rear disc braek.The foot paddle of bike feel like you on a race track it same in (yamaha fz16) you very nimbble in traffic.

    There is topic after 3 year bike performence is low in speed & pickup…..This is main thing every bike performance is low after 3 year.After 3 year not any bike is new one why they r15, pulsar220 or hero honda splender.

    hi:guys anything to say to me or suggest because i am go to buy a new one bike. or any comment on my comment.

    please affcours
    My email address

  • ashis

    till know i havent ride rtr180… yes i ve did 128kmph in rtr160..not fi. pick up iz awesome n brakin vibration pissed off,,im thinkin rtr180 can give racin desire wid low cost to da riderz

  • ashis

    im 6ft tall…..i dnt think rtr180 gonna suits ive loosed hope 2 buy it althoug its my fav

  • Dik

    @ashish- height.. i dun thnk so it reali matters if u lyk dis byk.. i am 6’ft and i proud to drive RTR 160cc and beat oder byks of d same segmnt..

    Apache 180 V/S Pulsar 220
    0-60 km.h 4.15 sec , 4.35 sec
    0-100 km.h 13.3 sec , 13.2 sec (.10 sec difference)

  • Dik

    @ashish- height.. i dun thnk so it reali matters if u lyk dis byk.. i am 6′ft and i proud to drive RTR 160cc and beat oder byks of d same segmnt..

  • manoj

    apache RTR180 s way better than any pulsar!!!!
    pulsar s more of a wanna be bike!!!
    cheers to all apache riders!!!

  • jai

    hi guys… after read al ur comments i was very much confused on choosing a RTR180cc r else pulsar180cc…? but bfre tis i was though to buy apache RTR180. but now all tolated… pls give me good ideas to me.. ma mail id

  • SS

    Plz. tell me the better bike Between The apache 180 and Pulsar 180 as i have to gift it to my bro on his Birthday coming on 3 october so plz. tell me immediately……………waiting for a favourablr response my e mail id is……….

  • Devi Prasad Das

    guyzz… confused… pulsars has great braking power.. if p18 introduces rear petal disc brakes then it will be a masterpiece…. Proud 2 be a member of Pulsar family…. PULSAR RULZZ THE ROAD….

  • Ankit

    APACHE RTR …………
    ABOVE ALL……..

    • Deepak

      Hey Frnds ,
      Apache RTR 180 – Racing DNA Unleashed.. as the name suggests is the best bike…. i am a professional who use to perform stunts in public and will suggest you to take Apache RTR 180… it is power monster… performing stunts on it is too easy as compared to pulsar 180 as we need change many things in pulsar 180 to perform stunts…

      So Go For Apache RTR 180 Racing DNA Unleashed

    • nikhilsona

      east or west pulsur 180 is verybest…………………..

  • jujukemist

    oh yeah, the master has spoken-as we say in africa the gods have a final say apache rules

  • Aditya

    I’d rather put my money on apache. The guys having vibration complaints shd get the balance of bike checked coz i’ve tried both apaches(160 & 180)nd 160 vibrates only at 115+ and as for the 180,its pulsar 180 won with the apache 160(of course t’was not my apache cuz i’ll get my bike after 1year no confusion t’will be apache)till now with me.have fun & go 4 aaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee.

  • sukafa

    well guys i owe a Pulsar 180 cc ug4 its 3 mnths old and its a superb machine , in handling and touring…recently i had a 300 kms journey wid my bike and to my assumption it surprised me coz it took me 6 and half hrs and dat too no back n spinal pain during the ride of hours …the split seats are superbly comfortable and they are a great find by Bajaj!!
    also i tried my maximum limit in the bike which touched at the maximum speed of 100 at 6500- 7000 RPM , further i culd not pull as i am not a speed freak , but the bike gives you superior handling unlike Apache rtr vibrations!!

    hail Pulsar generation!

  • sumit

    hi guys. I want to buy on bike in these that is given bellow.

  • Dik


    dude vibration is not a big problem in RTR.. d thing is its damn better in pikup,avg and speed wyz as compare to pulsars.. though pulsar r too common and apache is wat smthing new.. i have done 270kms in 3.5hrs on NH4 wid avg speed of 110kmph.. and derz no back n spinal pain during the ride of hours.. i went manali from delhi covered arnd 400km widin 8hrs wid pillion riders.. wot ur tokng abt dude.. ahh..

  • Jeyanth

    Racing DNA unleashed………………….Apache is best comparing to pulsar in looks, in pick up ,in performance with has a throttle of 17 which controls the flow fuels to engine…………………………..

  • Swasthik

    hey guys.. i’ll be getting a new pulser 180 by tomorrow… i hope my bike rules city… gimme some information about altering it… i’ve planned to set an additional silencer for it… wat u think of that..?

    • Prakash

      Rubbish! Old idea!! It looks great if you replace 220 silencer!!

  • my apache is going a speed of 160kmph and i gone crazy.

    • Prakash

      Check your speedometer, I thought it may highlight wrong number! It may be 106!!

  • Kabir

    there is no need to explain about Pulsar 180 The Lion’s Choice RiDe it & Feel the Roaring

  • gowtham

    my own apache rtr 180 white angel, wow.but run in period killing me.

  • Sagar

    The parts of apache are not so strong compared 2 pulsar becz its footrest nd its frame broke frequently when the bikes plz solve this problem by making its strong parts like that of pulsar and honda.morever, its parts are 2 expansive and rarely avilable.its digital screen doesnt show actual amt of fuel left in vechile .

  • prasool

    124 Kabir January 18, 2011 at 3:58 pm
    there is no need to explain about Pulsar 180 The Lion’s Choice RiDe it & Feel the Roaring


  • ravindra

    tvs apache rock i have the one belive me it’s power is amzing

  • vicky

    so great speed of both bikes bt how apache Win these means Apache is better then pulsar… Apache RTR has a great balance but pulsar suspention will beat Apache… But I luv Apache…

  • vicky

    I race vt Pulsar 200 vt my Apache RTR180… I just win…. frm 6.58 sec in the public road. 3 police van was bck of my bike at the speed of 128km/h … Apache is made only for WIN…

  • aryaprathap

    apache rtr is better compared to pulsar.. the reason is its weightless compared to pulsar.. pulsar may look good.. but when it comes to road grip.. apache rules.. 75% people who had accident in pulsar has not survived.. so i sujjest apache as the best bike to ride safe ans even in style..

  • purushotham

    i think pulsar 180 is best over all…………..

  • Gaurav

    DUDES….TRY out the APACHE 180…….
    the once who have an understanding…….
    would go for apache rtr 180……..
    u can talk to the wind…….

  • Tushar Kadam

    Hi guys…..

    can u help me, well I want to buy the Bike.

    Which one is better bike, TVS Apache RTR 180 OR Bajaj Pulasar 220 FI ?

    Really I am so…… confused !!!

    Dear guys please suggest me which bike is better……………..

    My Contact Details
    Mobile No. 9762045721
    E-Mail ID.

    • rishabh rajput

      bro u should buy the appache rtr 180
      which is best frm other bikes at its range

  • karty

    Hi guys,
    i’m karty , i wanna buy a bike with 180 cubic capacity.So, which one is the best .
    Whether pulsar or Apache.Post ur comments ASAP.And my option is to buy Apache RTR 180(White).

    Thanks in advance ,

  • rishabh rajput

    i have got max speed by appache rtr is 161 km/hr which is unbeliveble . and pulsar 180 has its max speed is141km/hr. so i like the speed and i like the appacheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Lone-rider

    I prefer Bajaj Pulsar, so strong, economic, ergonomic, good looking and good for speed, here in Indonesia it is a tough competition for non-japanese motorcycle to be exist, but Bajaj Pulsar prove that they became a serious threat for japanese motorcycle. I bought my Pulsar 180 in 2007 , i fell in love on the first sight, and until now it never disappoint me, only have problems on the digital speedometer. Next month I am planning to bore-up the engine like many pulsarians did in a motorcycle workshop in Jakarta. The workshop offer engine bore-up package that will replace the piston to Yamaha Scorpio’s piston or aftermarket piston, it will raise the capacity to 220 – 235cc, and for more faster they suggest to replace the Carburetor with Thailand made Pe 28 custom wich have been reamed up to 32mm, well I cannot imagine how fast my pulsar will run.


    Hai guyz, i’m planing 2 buy R T R 180. pls lead me if ‘m wrong……………can i go 4 dat………………………

    • maddy

      pulsar 180 is better den rtr 180

  • Dilkash Khan – D.K

    i’ have both Apache 180 in white & Pulsar 180 in black.
    In my opinion

    • Prakash

      Well said, Dilkash 🙂

  • vicky singh

    hey u anay u r a looser in the terms of bike knowledge u dont know about apache u r realy a fool person apche is too speedy even pulsar cannot reach the apache ssss speed . MIND IT always

  • Santosh Kumar

    Both the bikes are equally goood … but i might just edge in favour of Apache because of its looks and body balance … TVS Apache RTR Rocks !!!

  • dev

    pulsar is stunt bike and apacce is racing bike

  • Varun

    after reading all the comments..
    and speaking to my personal experience: Apache is a way better bike than Pulsar! even Apache 180 is the machine to be compared with Pulsar 220 not with p180, Apcahe 160 is enough to show the smoke of burning tyre to the pulsar 180 rider(he’d be behind the apache for sure! :P)
    and Yes its also true that u’ll see 90 Pulsars whereas just 10 Apache. i found no reason behind it.. may be coz Apache just born and its not of a Good company(TVS).. Pulsar Ruled when there was no machine to be compared with(in its segment)! and this might be the reason of the success of Pulsars!!
    but Apache has raised the hope for TVS for its Future!! they worked really hard to get the attention of bike freaks*Like me ;)* ahemm..
    I won’t relive the specifications and features of the both(Just scroll up for that) but i’ll surely
    recommend TVS APACHE 180 over Bajaj Pulsar 220!! and Apache 160 Over Pulsar 180.
    Pulsar got Looks! (fame also by 150cc segment)
    Apache got Performance!

  • M.r.K

    i like apache 180 abs more than pulsar180…….even though i’m nt having apache….the way of riding style is different than any other sports bike…… tvs made rocking system in breaks

  • Aslam

    Pulsar bikk rahi h only bajaj k naam k vajah se,but Apache is best overall…different feelings come 2 ride apache…when jab clutch ko leave karte hai…but bike is only beat by its mileage…so except mileage RTR 180 is best and Pulsar is accidental bike due 2 its rough handling(poor torque)…

  • Mayank Shivhare

    im happy i have white apache RTR 180 its awesomessssssss dude i love it …………..;)

  • Tilak

    Hi, Bike manias i want to say here something that if you are going to buy a new bike than go for Pulsar 180. The real machine. bcoz every one want a bike with good looks, mileage, performance, and maintenance, that is what pulsar is giving you. Tvs Apache id a copy cst of pulsar in every aspect. U can see from the sales figure that Bajaj is way ahead from Tvs. The guys of india is not ful. so go for the PULSAR. Happy Riding.

  • karthik.jk

    u just cant compare pulsor180 even wid apache fi160 based on der initial pick up and thats wat we need in cities ……….. so i mean der s no need of comparin wid apache 180 . pulsor oly suits for persons aged above 30 r 35.

  • Swagat

    Hi Friends,
    After looking at all the comments from many sites i am too confused between Pulsar 150 and Apache 160 rtr.
    45-55 milage for both the bikes are ok for me.
    I am bit concerned about comfort and safe driving (I dont need extream speed).
    Which bike has a safe breaking system ?

    Plz Plz help me guys.

  • sam bajwa

    millage millage kr rahe ho…… millage dekho bajaj Platina purchase krlo … sasta bhi hai milllage bhi hai…. garmio ke mossam mai fatt jayegi engine sahi nhi hai…

    • Sushant

      Absolutely correct Sam…If you want to enjoy riding the don’t think about Mileage. Both Mileage and power you won’t get in a single bike. If you are passionate about biking then go for a powerful engine rather than a mileage engine or else buy a Platina which will give you more than 80km/ltr…

  • GIRI

    Which bike’s spare part is long lasting?which is more better?

  • sanjay

    no bitch can beat Apache 180

  • U.S.Rathore

    m going to buy apache in next week……no bike can beat this hardcore babe…

  • amit

    plz tell which bike should i buy betwenn these two..


    i think u would better go for pul.180 in 180 gives much comfort,style etc.
    the problem with pulsar is hard clutch and chain sounds gradually it depends on ur use.apache is not gud for tall men.moreover vibration @ higher speeds isa problem.seats r worse too…..

  • Darshan

    In short
    both r best
    apache has smal whelbase i.e got better pick up bt poor road grip and problem of vibrations
    bt pulsar got broad tyres which reduces slight pick up as compared to apache bt what a road grip and no vibrations at all
    seating arrangement of pulsar is better than apache
    for long tours pulrar stands apart
    my opinion is that u shd go for pulsar 180

  • Sushant

    Hi All,
    P180 Vs Apache RTR 180.
    Guys don’t be so confused. The decision is very simple and clear enough to choose which bike you want to take according to your needs.
    1. If you want power, speed, thrill go for RTR 180.
    Cons: Mileage, Maintenance. This bike is bit small in length, breadth and height.
    But the power…no one can beat. It can compete up-to P200 but will empty your pocket also. If you are a true biker and want to exp thrill blindly go for RTR 180.
    If you love biking don’t worry about mileage, maintenance cost and all.

    2. On the other hand if you want a bike that has everything in it then go for P180. Good Mileage, low maintenance. Handling is good, pick up also very good and handling also very good. Overall P180 is a budget bike. If you need a bike that suits budget and also you need power go for p180. Look both budget and power you won’t get in a single machine. The machine which will consume more will give you more. So don’t worry about money if you need a real bike. If you need a bike which satisfies all condition then go for P180. Height is good for tall and heavy guys. And look is sexy that’s why you can see 5-6 pulsar in every 10 Indian bikes.

    So choice is simple.
    Power,thrill :- TVS Apache RTR 180.
    AllRounder:- Baja Pulsar 180 DTSI.

    Hope it will clear your doubts.
    for any more clarification regarding bikes.
    Safe Driving…:)

  • anush

    im totally confused which bike to buy b/w 180cc pulsar and 180cc Apache i think both also good but Apache is more better it gives very good look…………….)))))))))

  • maddy

    pulsar 180 is best ,,kyoki iski luk rtr se better hain its fast

  • Dev

    Dear guys, Both bike is good, it depends upon you.dono 180 cc ki hai,,, BHP lalmost same. so depends upon you riding trick ki kisme jyada pickup hai. milage ,performance,looks, stablity pulsar ki acchai hai, pickup almost same, rtr 180 mai vibration jyada hai not dough.pulsar is the most selling bike in india u know.

  • Ash S rulz

    Pulsar 150 is best bike in terms of Vlaue for money. Great

  • Kim rey

    Yeah!! As seen abv der’s nthng to say no mr wrd’z frnd’z u jus tak apache luk’s gud bt’r mileage and too sporty those who r craze in bik’s to ride rash u jus tak apache it had a lng lif nd cmp’rn to pulsar it’zz really gud:-)

  • abhishek singh

    pulsar 180 is best
    In term of racng wining depend on d rider style not on d byk

  • khannoor

    bajaj walaa marwadi hai!!!!!!!!!!
    2 sal me bajaj ki bike ke(L) lag jati hai


    BAJAJ PULSAR is the ruling bike from the last 10 years…….no 1 dared to mess with it
    n RTR huh…….feared bike…….ass hole bike …………if u want to mess with pulsar maniacs u can contact me
    MY 220 GOES 148km/hr………..if u dare then come and mess wid me

    there is nothing to say

    • joe

      belive it or not ! my 180 goes upto 160


  • rizZi

    hey guys if u ppl wanna gud lukin stylish byk then jus go wit p180.. it shows all round performance …. even apache may hv good qualities.. but comparin A180 to p180 only the torque power s greater in A180.. that’s it.. if u ryd de apache more than 100kmph it starts vibrartin.. tat may lead us in trouble.. nd even survey says apache as de most accidental byk.. so on safer side pls go wit pulsar.. 🙂

  • lucky

    i hv apache (2006) model, hv already crossed 100000 km without any big maintenance,

    hv not get open its engine yet & still the beast goes to 100km/hr easily

    nd handling is also as superb as it was,it did’t shake while passing by truck or bus

    m not going to sell my beast ever

    hatts off to tvs 4 producing such a tough beast…

    Nd my bro just brght another beast apache 180 ABS

    n ye to sbki baap hai…..

    in sbhi ko beat kr rakha hai mene.

    Apache rules -apache rocksss

  • Ayan

    Pulsar180 bettar than apache rtr.bcz its speed 0_60 only 4seconds, and bettar handleing and control. I suggest Pulsar 180 dtsi no.1 byke.

  • sid

    Pulsar is the best guys .jst stop finding n go for pulsar. Style mileage engine speed all evethng.. Apache is nvr a gud byk. Aftr reachng 100km it flies in air..

  • Alok kumar singh

    apache dubli patli gadi……….pulsar se compare karke pulsar ki bejyati mat karo yaaron

  • Sailen

    After reading the discussions..cudnt stop myself
    M a proud OWNER of APACHE 160 RTR
    One shoild ride rtr to beleive it… rtr is d best…
    The sound d performance d body bal d looks d sitting position d speed….
    U name it n u get it in Apache…..
    However only one Disadvantage…..d TVS tyres.. not at all good in wet road.. RTR shud use MRF TYRES…..

  • sachin

    apache rtr 180 racing dna unlistttttt power unlistttttt is the best……………?

  • pradeep

    on my part i say tvs apache rtr180 has more power than bajaj pulsar180 and 200

  • Junaid bhat

    I, have brought apache rtr 180 last month ,,,, i have driven both pulsar n apache as well ,,,, but being an experienced rider …. I would say apache rtr is the best among all indian bikes esspecially rtr 18o its scaringly fast..gud lukin ,commuter bike… More ever bajaj pulsar has some technical problems its the only bike who has raised number of accidents to teens…. Beware be safe …. Go on to Rtr 180 it will remain the same after 10-20 years ….

  • a

    first of all u all shud not fight over dis issue
    v shud remain to our likes and not try others to copy ur likes
    i bought apache 180 in 2009 n recently bought p180
    previously i was thinking to buy p220
    but the handling was truly identical with 180 so decided to go for 180 ofcourse
    i do agree p220 is better in power in p180
    my experience
    i must tell u guys truly
    in terms of performance i was not expecting dis from bajaj pulsar 180 but its true it equally performs with apache 180 although it is 10 kg heavier than apache
    but apache is somehow fast than pulsar but not refined n i think
    it will b unjustice to say dat apache is power thrill or rocket surely not
    it is just slightly good till 60-70 than pullsar but after dat it vibrates b coz of low wt n pulsar dominates here widely with broad rear tyres n extra 10 kg wt
    pulsar is more stable
    overall both r equal but again last not d least pulsars are more fuel efficient but but but i like my old apache 180 blue digi console dan d orange one of pulsars
    in looks depends on viewer
    personally i like both of dese
    needs city track tool go for apache 180 can fire d road
    needs highway track tool go for pulsar it can burn d tarmac

    but i insist u dont go for pulsar 150
    its handling is very bad n very low wheelbase n rubbish clip ons
    apache 160 is lot more better dan 150 p
    b coz many people think p180 n p150 looks same
    but pls dont shattered by dis
    more than dozen of changes are dere in 180 dan 150

  • gaurav kumar singh

    sir which bike is better apache 180 or pulsar. . . ?

  • fast

    im a owner of apache rtr 160, my friend who owns pulsar 150 used to call my bike as beast due to its harshness in pickup but really lacks in back of mileage!

  • velmurugan

    my fav bike in apache rtr 180 bike then i am like in a racing apache rtr but beet sound verry liked all college student ride in. best sport bike in the apache rtr 180

  • Somenath Gorai

    RTR 180 is very much better from Pulsar 180..
    RTR’s top speed is about 150 km/h..
    No one bike of this type of category can beat RTR even Pulsar 220…