TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge Ownership Review By Priyam

When I was in 8th standard my brother have brought tvs Apache 150 in 2006-07. When I saw this bike I love the design of the bike it was awesome. From that year onward my interest toward bike started. Then when I was in class 10th the new Apache 160 was launched with new colure i.e. yellow. On this colure bike giving a beautiful looks and cuts over its body. When I first look the advertisement of Apache 160 I fall in love with it. From that moment I made a decision when ever I go for a new bike it is tvs Apache RTR 160.

On 2010 when my 12th board exam was being going to held. Then I talk to father about my new bike he said that if I get first division in 12th board exam then only he bring me bike only. From that day I have decided to work hard and bring my Black Panther (my Apache) home.

When my result came I have got first division marks. Then my father told me to wait of 3-4 month and decide which bike you want to bring home.

I have already decided which bike I want to ride. Months passes and I can’t wait for my moment. In between those months I have surf on internet and read reviews of different bikes I regularly check the tvs Apache site regularly. Then on last week on November I have saw the Apache RTR 160 hyper edge was launched. Then I decided to take home only that bike with superb looks and style.

Then after waiting again for few months I finally got my hands on my new Apache RTR 160 hyper edge on 3rd of December 2010. It is an awesome bike to ride. When I first sit on Apache and started the engine it makes a very beautiful throttle voice and the looks on fuel tank the racing strip give it a awesome racing bike looks. It was a complete different experience on riding an

The handling of bike is perfect but some says it leads to back pain it’s not true I ride my bike daily about 12 km I don’t suffer from any pain intact if I need a chance to ride Apache whole day I will drive it comfortably. But the tire grip of tier is little bit not satisfactory on wet roads. The breaks are good but the rear shock absorbers are not very good it give a bad sound when it gets to a big ditch.

The pickup of Apache is very good then those bike that I ride. The gear shift is problem for those who are new to Apache otherwise it is good. The average of my bike in city is approx 45 to 47 it is depend how you ride it. I am in lucknow I have got my black panther at price of 71,000. It is very good bike in compare to other bike which come in its segment as I suppose.

The vibration is still in this bike also but I treated as it is a feature of all Apache that are present. The tires are very good I found three times nail in my back tire but it never puncture till now I hope it does not happen in future also. There is a one problem in this bike is that it length the seat which is not very long in comparison to other bike except FZ.

The Split Grab Rails are very good looking it also give it a sporty look and one more unique feature is removal mud guard, the dollop attach in front of engine gives it sporty look and the unique design disc brake. The hyper edge is also come with rear disc brake with 2,000 rs extra but I have chosen with single disc brake.

Over all it is an excellent bike to drive. There are many more features present in Apache but this is all I have to say right now. And I am proud to be an owner of Apache RTR 160 hyper edge it is truly “it’s now or never”.

Priyam Srivastava