Triumph Offers 1 Lakh Cash Back to Street Triple Owners; No Buyback Offered!

Triumph India landed itself in a bit of a soup when they sold significantly detuned Street Triples by promoting them as the regular 105PS models at their Indian website. Street Triple owners were the most affected and this complete episode created a lot of hue and cry. Triumph has finally taken some action and is providing the existing owners some compensation.

Triumph Street Triple

The Street Triple owners are offered with two packages. The first being a 1 lakh cash back which means that their motorcycle, which they originally bought for a price tag of Rs 7.5 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) effectively becomes a lakh rupee cheaper.

The other package allows the existing Street Triple customers to pick up official Triumph accessories totaling to a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakhs. Now that’s another sweet deal by which you can get yourself Triumph branded riding gear, cosmetic additions or aftermarket exhaust systems.


There is no complete buyback offer as has been in the air. Neither of these two packages are available on any of the other motorcycles which have also experienced a power detuning to suit the Indian regulations and fuel quality. New buyers will not be getting any of these benefits as they already have the knowledge of the detuned output and can chose accordingly.

So guys, do you think this is a fair deal? Or do you still feel Triumph India has not justified their act!