Throwing Light On Hyosung’s Launch

As I’d mentioned a couple of days back, Hyosung is now launched in India. The gala took place in Delhi. The company has declared that they have no competition and that they have a niche market here in India.

Garware Motors has said that they have already received 1000 bookings for its Hyosung GT650R and the ST7 bikes. The GT650R is priced at INR 4.75 lakhs, whereas the ST7 is priced at INR 5.69 lakhs (Ex-showroom, Delhi).

Hyosung has released two official videos of their bikes today, one for each bike. The video featuring ST7 talks about its ability as a cruiser bike. It also explains its features and specifications as well. About the video featuring GT650R, it projects this mean machine as a sport bike. It projects its engine, brakes and other equipment in such a way that it is one bike highly suited for sport purpose.

We have also come to know few other unheard news about the brand which would enable its brand identity in India. Hyosung has come up with the idea of offering a welcome kit to the buyers which would also contain a Hyosung branded helmet as a part of it. Also, a new club is to be formed by the name HyFlyers, which would connect all these Hyosung owners in India. The news which made me stunned is this; Hyosung will operate mobile vans which will go to the customer’s place to get their bike serviced. A good step though. But will it work out? We gotta wait and see.

To mention a word on the plant capacity, Hyosung will assemble 10 bikes per every single shift in Garware’s assembly plant. A target of 2000 units is proposed annually.

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