Teflon coating, we must have heard this a lot of times, how is it done and what change could it bring, to answer these questions, we take a step by step look at the whole process as it is done on a Yamaha Fazer. First of all, Teflon as you have heard is basically a new age material that’s been used in everything from frying pans to space shuttles. It’s been making its way into paints and other surfaces as a protective agent in recent times. The name was coined by the world’s second largest chemical company, DuPont who is the inventor of certain symbolic products like Kevlar, Lycra and Neoprene.

In India, dealers of DuPont undertake Teflon coating for bikes and cars, DuPont is the main supplier of this chemical which can only be obtained by a dealer. It’s basically a whitish liquid that looks a bit like starch. Even though it is done all over the country, prices aren’t cheap, a litre of this chemical would set you back by nearly 4,500 Rupees. For coating a bike though, you wouldn’t need that kind of quantity.

The price for getting your bike Teflon coated varies from city to city typically around 450-600 Rupees; we managed to get the Yamaha Fazer coated for about 550 Rupees, and that included polishing of the non painted areas like the mudguards and the insides of the fairing. So on other smaller bikes; you could get it done for less than that. It doesn’t matter if your bike is new or old, as long as it is polished before Teflon is coated, the bike can really shine.

Here’s the whole process, done by a DuPont authorized centre, step by step:


This is the first step, the painted areas and the plastic parts like mudguards, speedometer etc are washed with a mild shampoo to make them free of dirt and dust, the surfaces are then wiped and dried. This is done so that the paint remains free of dust particles once the coating is applied. A soft cloth is used to make sure no unwanted scratches are also caused so as to ensure maximum quality.


This step involves the application of polish on the painted surfaces. Typical car waxes and polishes are used in this step and in this case, 3M Car Wax. This is done so that once the paint has maximum possible shine and gloss before it is coated with Teflon.

This process can make dull paints look significantly brighter. Older bikes would have a much better appearance once this step is done. Differences are noticeable on shades like black which visibly fade easily and are the hardest to maintain.

Teflon Coating

This is the final step in the process, this was when I finally got to see the tiny bottle of prized liquid, Teflon. It has a particularly pungent smell to it when it is applied onto the paint. This smell however, disappears once it has dried. A soft cotton cloth is used to apply this liquid onto all the painted areas over the bike. It is then left to dry for a few minutes.

When the drops of Teflon dry up, it bonds to the surface, this is when the people start to use another piece of dry cotton to massage it onto the surface and turn It into another layer of a transparent, shiny coating. This can be quite laborious as a lot of effort is required; which is why at some centers polishing equipment is used. Once signs of the drops have disappeared, it is wiped once again with a clean cloth to make it free of any residue or dust.

The polishing of other plastic parts is done using a typical liquid car-dashboard polish. This brings out the shine in the non shiny parts and can leave the bike looking better than what it was when it came out of the showroom.

For the Fazer, the results were amazing, the paint had a really vibrant gloss and it looked much like a mirror. It looked much better than what it was like when it was new.


  • Even though the bike was brand new, just having run 1,200Km, the paint became much more glossy and shiny. It actually looked better than what it was like in the showroom.
  • The new coating is claimed to offer minor scratch resistance, one hard swipe of the finger-nails across the surface can prove that. The paint surface seems to have become a little bit more slippery and tough.

Things to remember:

  • Once the coating is done, it is advised by the centers not to use soap or other detergents on the paint as this can reduce the thickness of the coating. They recommend the use of Ph-neutral shampoo which is essentially car-shampoo that you can buy from any car-accessories stores.
  • Teflon coating can recover faded paints but it has its limits. It cannot completely remove scratches, the swirl marks on the surface is reduced considerably after the entire process. If you simply want to recover faded paint, just use car waxes made by 3M, Formula1, Prestone, or any other major brand. Scratches can also be taken care of by using Scratch Out, from Formula 1 which is a liquid rubbing compound.
  • The whole process takes just around 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the bike.
  • Be sure to bargain with the dealer as they can be quite inconsiderate. The dealer initially quoted 750 Rupees for the job, which I promptly refused, a few minutes of bargaining and the price was brought down to just 550.
  • The dealer has also given us a guarantee of one year that the paint would not fade as long as the instructions are followed.

There you go, the Teflon coating process, explained! 🙂


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  1. Anjan, they say that the dust won’t stick to the surface if teflon coating is done. I did it for my car within 1 month of its purchase. But think twice before spending. I did teflon coating for my 5 yr old Karizma and now it shines as good as new. Either way, the vehicle would look great after the teflon coating!

    • Hello Deepak! Today i m very much disturbed,today morning when i went out 4 gymming i saw some scratches in front side of my front mud guard (hunk bike)..so i need ur help means i wanna know the process 2 remove the scratches as its making my new bike looks odd..plz reply me soon ..waiting 4 ur ans…

  2. hey can this coating be done by us at our place? and how much would a bottle of the coating for bikes would cost and where can i get that, any specific store or shop??

  3. No you cant purchase the bottle, only dealers are allowed to do that. You can however, get it done at a DuPont authorized centre.. They do it the way it should be done, so its really worth the money..

  4. thanks……for explaining the hole process….very helpful…
    and i heard abt some cheap chemical is used by some centres.
    bcoz here in patan,gujarat.the local bajaj dealer costed 280 rs for teflon coating from my friend….
    so how do i know that the chemical used by them is not cheap?

  5. Im planning to buy a new bike. The dealer told me that the new bike(GS150R) is teflon coated and so i dont need to do it for 6 months. Another dealer offers teflon coating as a part of the package. Can anyone confirm this?

  6. i feel my bikes outer enamel layer or the clear coat is losing its integrity by thinnin or erosion, due to harsh weather conditions of maharashtra. Bcuz after a wash the paint goes dullish pale. I havent dared to wash after observing this, bcuz it would hurt me again to see it. lol

    i wanted to teflon coat, hopefully to restore the exterior. So should i do some remedy for the enamel coat first and then teflon it? Or does the teflon coat also compensate for the clear coat protection of the paint?

    i have cherry red r15.

  7. The tips are very useful for Bike & Car Lovers , owners…..spoon feeding tips….for allllllll…

  8. thax man!!!!!
    4 givn dis nice advice……..
    after all every live their bike more then anything and i also do d same..
    thank u once again………

  9. Hi, Nice article and useful.. I wanted to do a coating for my car. can you please give me the address of the service centre where you got it done.

  10. I have recently done it for Passion Pro in the show room. They charged me about 300 bucks and 1 year warranty and another free coating after 6 months. I think as they are show room guys, its another way to attract customers I guess. I will have to see how far the coating saves the bike from the dust and water etc., But after coating the Bike Looks Awesome.

    • Hi Muni,
      I bought a bike 1 month before and want to do teflon coating. Could you provide the show room name and address as you got a great deal for coating the bike.

  11. Hi Arun !!!
    On what all surfaces are the waxes and teflon is to be applied?? because I see it is applied to you headlight plastics also. Ofcourse the guys over there will do it but what if someone doesn’t know the rules with a bike which is very different from a car Eg. you don’t wash the silencer, atleast you don’t put water in the silencer/exhaust so you cover ti up with plastic. but do the guys knows it..
    Most of the times the cheap stupid mechanics even at showroom ignore such stuff, like for example while cleaning the bike pre-delivery or during services they don’t care as its not theirs and they are doing hundreds. So they don’t even use clean cloth. We have to pay for their silly & ignorant mistakes..

  12. Your attempt is really good one, but it fail describing the steps.
    Please take my comments to improve yourself in posting.

    Little bit hard to understand some steps, like you are using wax how much?,in which direction applying? etc

    I requesting you to update with following things please:
    – List the required materials or things
    – mention the brand name for wax and teflon + quantity
    – In which motion it should be applied.
    – How much time to leave to get dry.

    Please I am waiting for you reply

  13. Hi, Deepak…
    Pls. let me know how can i remove the all scratches on my bike (yamaha fazer_black). i need your help.

  14. hi am anand and i own a yellow apache , i have some deep scratches on the tank .. is it possible to remove them by teflon coating

  15. Dear Arun,

    I really want to get teflon coating done but can’t find out a dealer in Delhi who can do it. Can you help?

    Thanks anyway.

  16. Hi, friends !!,

    i had purchased Honda Unicorn 150 cc last maonth, when I went to First Service dealers insisted me to Do Teflon coating so I agreed and they had charged Rs.1950.. after coating I did not find any change in shining… after reading all your feedback I raelly got upset..

  17. dear plz pl.send a teflon coating price & shop,Delears,Agency Name Contact Number In KOTHAGUDEM,KHAMMAM,ANDHRAPRADESH,INDIA 507101

  18. Hi Arun, I have Pulsar 180cc UG4 2011 model. In a road accident due to front wheel skid, the headlight part got scratched on the right side and a minor dent on the petrol tank. I would like to know how we can fix the scratches on the headlight so that it looks almost similar to not having a scratch?
    Please help!
    Looking forward for your response, you can also reach me through email


  19. Hi Deepak, Is it advised to have this done on a brand new bike??

    My friend advised not to have it as it will reduce the quality of the paint job on the bike. I am getting a Honda Shine and have already paid for the job… I am confused, whether this will spoil my bike in anyway…

    Please advise…
    Divya Sudhakar

  20. Hello
    I wish to establish a teffflon coating sevicing centre in my area,can you guide me in any order.like
    How to choose the polish ,as there are many polishes in market of various company ,
    How to know the Prices of it ,i.e actual market price ,from where to buy it.

    How to gain the customers satisfaction and increase the bussiness.
    and many more tips.

    Hope you will guide me .
    Thanks & Regards.

  21. what about silicon cotting some people says this teflon cotting will damage quickly ,specialy under sun or temprature difference, some people suggest silicon glass coating any idea about that ,anyone can the details ? please

    • use teflon coating every 4 months …. and use wax in every bike wash …( Recommended to use both to keep your bike like brand new )


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