Taking Care of Your Bike Battery

Get the battery topped up with good quality distill water every month without fail. The reading of the battery should be around 12.36 + or – 10 for a good healthy battery with the help of a Multimeter. Make sure the battery drainpipe is connected securely to the battery and have some petroleum jelly applied to the terminals to prevent corrosion. The terminals must be cleaned every month to make sure the discharge sludge doesn’t corrode the terminals as acid is discharged from the battery every time we crank the battery for self start.

Make sure you do not use the electric start until the bike has at least run for 5 kms. By doing all the above, a battery would last easily for 3+ years and the owner need not change their batteries frequently due to lack of maintenance. Due to the heat and constant usage of the battery the Electrolyte will get dried up easily that’s why to maintain battery life we need to top up the electrolyte level with pure distill water.