Suzuki V-Storm 650 ABS in Three Packs

Suzuki launched the V-Storm 650 ABS early this year which is basically a lower version of its existing model – The V-storm 1000. This model is well received in most of the model but still Suzuki wanted to add a flavour to it. How did it do? Here goes the answer.

The Suzuki V-Storm 650 ABS is now available in three different optional packs and the Japanese giant allows customers to choose based on their requirements and the way they perceive this bike as. The 3 packs are basically to cater the needs of a regular city commuter, a rider who takes his bike off for a weekend tour and finally for a continental tourer.

The ‘Tourer pack’ is priced at £499 which includes fitment cost and VAT as well. This pack houses a all new knuckle guard to protect the hands of the rider, a magnetic tank bag with 14 litres capacity, a tank protector, a new styled under – cowling, an accessory bar and a branded chain guard. With the help of this pack, Customers get to save £121 over the individual parts and labour price.

The ‘Adventure Pack’ is exclusively for those interested in covering long distances with their V-Storm 650 ABS. This pack is priced at £999 which again includes fitment and VAT. This pack offers all the options as in the case of a ‘Tourer Pack’ except the Tank bag. The other options included here are a Vario Touring Screen, which enables the rider to pre – set the level of weather protection to suit him/her, an easy – to – maintain centre stand and a 42 litre top case. This pack will enable the customer to save £291 over individual parts prices

Finally, there is the ‘GT pack’ which is for those set of riders who those looking for more practicality and luggage capacity. It includes all the options of the Adventure pack combined with an extra luggage carrying capacity with the help of side cases which enables the rider to carry as much as 70 litres of additional baggage. This pack is the most expensive among all three and is priced at £1,299 including fitment and VAT. The GT pack offers the customers, a saving of as much as £360 compared over the individual parts and labour costs.

The customer, on opting one of these packs also get a two years warranty on all the components included as part of these packs.

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