Suzuki Launches NEX115 in Philippines

Suzuki Philippines has launched its next generation scooter NEX115 in Philippines to capture the larger market share in Philippines two wheeler market. This is company’s first 115cc scooter in Philippines and it comes with next generation technology from Suzuki. NEX115 is sporty, economical and convenient scooter targeted to students and new rider as their first scooter.

The Suzuki NEX115 is packed with the roller-type rocker arm-the first in Asean scooter, which enables the scooter to have a solid intake and exhaust of gasoline.  Featuring a BS type carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) that helps to reduce fuel consumption as it prevents over supply of gasoline from the carburetor, newly designed CVT that are both lightweight and compact which also help fuel economy without lowering acceleration and performance and compact and lightweight Magneto that has smaller and lighter internal components-all of which also helps reduce fuel consumption.

Designed with comfort in mind, the Suzuki NEX115 also comes with a low 735mm seat height for easier hand ling and bike controls especially for new motorcycle riders, a spacious 4.5 liter under seat compartment, adequate foot board, and a newly designed frame that gives riders a more stable ride.  The Suzuki NEX115 likewise features impressive, head-turning aesthetics with its sleek headlight, easy to read and highly visible speedometer that is highly visible on any riding condition.

The company has continuously increased its market share in Philippines. Last year it has 14% market share which increases to 18% this year and it currently holds number 3rd position up from the last year’s 4th position. The company aims to sell 1,20,000 units this year in Philippines The company assembled this scooter in Indonesia and imports in Philippines. The Suzuki NEX115 retails at a suggested retail price of P60,900 (Rs. 73,000 approximately) and comes in Pearl Flash Green, Pear Sakura Pink and Brilliant White color. The company aims to sell 2,000 units a month in Philippines market.  With the launch of NEX115 Suzuki will definitely achieve its sales target this year.

– Mahavir Kothari