Suzuki Inazuma Vanishes from Official Website!

Okay, something is not right… Suzuki India has quietly taken the Inazuma off its website! You don’t see it on the home page where Suzuki’s whole lineup is displayed, including the superbikes, and its name isn’t there in any of the drop down tabs as well (It was there earlier!).

Suzuki website home page

However, a standalone official page does exist for the Inazuma, complete with specifications, colours, price, brochure, and dealer info as before. The drop down tabs for the price details work and I checked the ex-showroom price in Delhi, which came out to be INR 2,09,374. But the question still remains, why it’s nowhere mentioned or featured with other Suzuki products?Suzuki-Inazuma-Pics

Our email inquiry to a Suzuki dealer in New Delhi went answered, but their representative did confirm on phone that the bike is certainly on sale, and that the on-road Delhi price is INR 2.32 lakh. Also, he had no clue as to why the bike is missing from the site…

We know that Inazuma has failed to take off in the Indian market and that’s primarily because of the atrociously insane initial price and then the presence of more reasonably-priced bikes from competitors.


Its initial pricing had made it the butt of jokes upon launch, and the lack of marketing post the serious price-cut has also contributed to the dismal sales. If its vanishing act from Suzuki’s website does not correspond to company’s pulling the plug on it soon, it can certainly do with some extensive promotion that highlights the bike’s strong points where it indeed is real strong.

We will try and bring to you a detailed road test review, if Suzuki India obliges with a test bike! Nevertheless, you may still take a test ride if the KTMs are too extreme for you and the CBR 250R too common.

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