Hey bikers, this is Chethan and today I would like to share with you my passion for biking. It all began in my early days when I probably was not that much aware of the biking passion. The only incident that made me dream about biking was with my Dad. As soon as I notice him getting ready, I used to run to our TVS 50 and start cleaning all the dust from it. The only thing my dad used to do was to lift me and make me stand in the compartment and take me for a small 100 meters short drive. It was a great feeling and that was when I started dreaming about bikes.

Days passed! Due to some personal reasons my father sent me to stay with my Grandmother and I started missing those lovely morning drive in our TVS. I had no other option other than just go with what my father has decided. For a Surprise, I saw my Uncle’s Blue Vijay Super and I happily waved bye to my dad just because I saw another new scooter which used to run faster than TVS.

Later my Uncle upgraded his Scooter to HH CD100. After CD100 being a member of our family for around 5+ years, uncle noticed my interest towards bikes and gave me the keys of the bike and sat behind me to teach me how to ride a bike, that was how I learnt to ride bikes.

When he was teaching me how to ride a bike, there was a dream building within me as to own a bike because I always used to think that “If you own your own, you can ride the bike like how you want” else it would be like as seen in a Castrol Ad – Where a Sardar sitting behind the bike, insisting the rider to apply brakes every 20 foot (Pardon me guys, I rarely watch TV).

I gradually gained some knowledge about bikes and always wanted to own a Yamaha. My plan was to go for a second hand bike as I just started working and had to take care of my family as well. My Search for a Yamaha RX began, and as usual the more bikes you look into the more confusion piles up.

One afternoon, I got a call from a dealer saying that there is a Suzuki Fiero and requested if I want to check with that. All I knew about Fiero was that, it was one among the first 150CC bikes on Indian roads and was mostly used by Cops in Bangalore roads to chase people who roam on roads late night.

The bike was stunning, neatly maintained, less driven, blue in color (Favorite color) and the originality was at its spec. I immediately rang a friend of mine who is a biking freak and also an Auto-Cross rider, after the complete analysis done by him, he gave an approval to go for it. I blindly agreed with him and bought the bike home happily.

Whoa! The blind decision I took was really worth it and its been 2 years now with my beloved Suzuki Fiero. I have driven around 25,000kms now and I have enjoyed each and every Km I rode. Be it Day or night, hot sun or heavy rain, city Traffic or a national highway, muddy road or a rocky path, every Km done on Suzuki Fiero was an Awesome feeling.

I never felt that I am driving a 150CC Bike because the bike was very easy to handle may be because of its light weight feature. The firing of the bike almost matches the heartbeat of a beast within me. As I used to go for a happy ride on my Suzuki Fiero, I could see many envy eyes that could only stare my bike and not me and would give a smile at the end.

Chethan Kumar

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  1. Superb circuit.. This line is very funny “I saw my Uncle’s Blue Vijay Super and I happily waved bye to my dad just because I saw another new scooter which used to run faster than TVS.” lolzz 🙂

  2. Praveen,
    Engine and Transmission
    Type: Single Cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled
    Cubic Capacity: 147.5cc
    Max Power: 12 BHP@7500rpm
    Max Torque: 10.5Nm @6500rpm
    Bore x Stroke: 57mm x 57.8 mm
    Compression Ratio: 9:4:1
    Carburetor: B.S.Type (BS 26)
    Transmission: 4 speed gear
    Brakes & Wheels
    Front/Rear: Drum130dia
    Tyre Size (Front): 2.75 x 18
    Tyre Size (Rear): 3.00 x 18
    Head Lamp: 12 volts 35/35W
    Tail Lamp: 12 volts -5W
    Turn Signal Lamp: 12 volts – 10W

    Dimensions and Weight
    Wheel Base: 1230 mm
    Ground Clearance: 154mm
    Dry Mass: 115Kg
    Fuel Tank: 13 liters
    Reserve: 2 liters
    Till now I have done a Top Speed of 122Kmph and it gives me a decent mileage of 42Kmpl in City and 44Kmpl on Highways. [Not sure how much the company claims about the Top Speed/Mileage though, some sites claim that the top speed is 110Kmph].

    • thanks…my friend too owns a red one ..he still keeps it in good condition even though he owns a pulsar he bring his Fiero to clg.
      Nice Bike…

  3. Keep the bike with you, since it has 25K on odo the bike will last more than 1lac kms easily. Lovely bike from Suzuki (from TVS factory, not from TVS though)

  4. The Fiero was an awesome machine which helped TVS learn how to make the Apache. Nice review but more pictures would have made it all the more interesting.

  5. its very good bike my father is using it for more than 9 years without any major changes…..n he did not even go for the free sevices….

  6. There is no standard left in all these reviews. They are all telling their stories and not bike reviews.
    Please add some instruction to give some facts about bike like fuel efficiency, power etc.

  7. Nice to hear about suzuki fierro .This is one hell of a bike which has an engine which you cannot be without.I myself have one and been on it for 10 years and crossed 1 Lakh twice and still going strong.Although the avg is around 35 it still catches up with the new gen ones.keep it for your lifetime if ever you get a new bike……………and just chill with your fierro and whroooooooooooooom………….

  8. The fiero was probably the early 150cc bikes to hit the market. A Suzuki product but made in India.

    A superb performer, we do not see many in the roads today.

    Safe riding!!

  9. Nice to see the review.It’s an excellent bike with superb build quality and pick up but I don’t know why it was not hyped much like the other similar standard bikes.I know someone who used to ride almost 100 km daily in that bike and after many years it was fine.
    But at last sorry to say that as an user review-we expect some more….Best of luck dear

  10. I am preparing to ride 700km non stop that’s from Nairobi to Busia Uganda carrying my son 7yrs with TVS SPORT LX. please advice will i manage. give tips and how to wear.

  11. am all so searching suzuki fiero bike silver……………………how much cost at now this bike? plze inform me…………………………

    • Its hard to find the Suzuki Fiero now a days bro. People, who own it hardly think of selling it. However if you could get a chance to grab one the best price should be between 25k-30k IMO.

      I would also like to suggest you, don’t stick on to only Silver color, Grab one of any color if you are genuinely interested. Make sure, its a Suzuki one not the TVS Fiero which was launched after that. TVS Fiero doesn’t hold that much demand in the market and you should get one for far less price. All the best.

  12. hello your review is one of the best i have seen so far. My dad own’s a 2001 model black suzuki fiero it’s crossed 2lakh mark.It had been theft once but god’s grace we got it back after 3 months.but in this gap my father bought a new bajaj boxer 150 cc. For all these things my father is not willing to sell fiero instead he has given it to repaint and modify what’s your opinion about it. What should be the mileage he expect’s.

  13. Hello Chethan,
    This is the only review if found in bikeadvice on FIERO. So congrats to be the first one :).

    A week ago, luckily my friend offered me his Fiero and said for few days we’ll exchange our bikes – untill then i had never rod a Fiero, all i new was it’s a gud bike, that’s it.
    But after riding it – OH MY GOD….WHAT A BIKE IT IS MAN…..!
    I’ve completely gone crazy about it & now i’m pursuing my friend to sell it for me(it’s 2002 model).
    The things which impressed me was
    01. Every morning it will start with single kick – just a kick & it says WRROOM -Like “hey i’m READY for RIDE, Are you??”
    02. V smooth engine & v gud silencer note(v pleasing).
    03. Light weight & Low hight combined with 12BHP – cool n rare combination

    After riding it, i’m desperate to own it. I feel very sad, why such excellent bike was stopped, at – least after split btw SUZUKI & TVS, either one of them must have continued without deviating/changing original 2001/02 looks/specs + quality.

    I really dont know – how else to express my happiness in last 1 week.
    Guys if any of you OWN it please do WRITE A REVIEW :).

  14. Excellent bike my bike is 11yrs old still rules, take it either on road or off-road, Best machine from SUZUKI ever made in India.. I love this bike – GEM OF AN ENGINE JEWEL OF A BIKE.. SUZUKI FIERO

  15. Guys I’ve 2000 monster n it never make me sad either on road or off road. I’m glad that I’ve such wonderful & beautifull bike. Non of the bike can beat it India:-) but the prob is can’t get its original parts:-(

  16. chandran, yr story reminded my own past how i use to love bikes esp. yamaha rx100. i had one for 3 yrs and then got my suzuki fiero.good to see old lovers of suzuki fiero.
    from last 4 yrs, i plan to buy a new bike but cud not find something matching my 11 yr old bike. some lacks power and some lacks comfort. so finaly happy with my bike on which i have done 2lakh kms.modifying it to new looks without killing the comfort or handling.

  17. just to add, some positive points in my 11 yr old fiero,
    1)single kick start till date.
    2) had changed ring piston once after 1 lakh+ kms and it is new again
    3) best pick up in day to day traffic. probably only machine to beat this is yamaha fz which looks faster sometimes.otherwise no bike matches upto 160cc segment.
    4) sound of silencer gives a peppy feel. i have put K&N filter and the sound is superb.

    some upgrade reqd for
    1) headlight. i have pulsar round doom. going to change to fz doom which looks more sporty.
    2) noisy speedometer. i dont like any sound frm bike other than engine vroooom.
    3) broader rear tyre reqd. change the front rim to 17 inch inastead of stock 18. This adds stability.
    4) front disk brakes if u dont have one.
    5) more stylish handle bar like fz or shaolin one. not tried this tough as original handle bars are very comfortable.
    hope somebody can add on this.

  18. Hi!
    I own the original black beauty of 2000 batch. Bought it direct from the Distributors. still going strong. yes agree about the availability of spare parts.

  19. Hi all Suzuki Fiero Owners – we are a lucky band indeed. My blue Fiero is from the 2000 lot, and still going strong after 125K kms done. Lately not used the bike much as shifted commuting in the car.

    This is one of the best 150 cc commuters which has a very sporty exhaust note. Smooth and very torquey engine, great pulling power, can pull better than many modern day bikes even after 125K kms on odo and no repairs to engine yet!!!!

    One can’t beat its stability, braking at 80+ will bring the bike to a straight line stop. swerving and handling is a breeze, as if it reads your mind and does what you want it to do. riding ergonomics is very good, 150-200 km single stretch is no problem at all. No fatigue. Have done mumbai goa in 12 hrs plus many mumbai murud, mumbai matheran, mumbai pune runs.

    Reminds me of the matheran trip, two adults plus a big bag and this bike goes up the inclines purring happily. I still remember the purring sound of the exhaust – no engine stress at all.

    After 13 years am going for a total overhaul of the bike with all body panels changed, new seat, new battery, new magneto coil, new brakes. Adding two driving lights to the crash guard for better highway lighting plus show value.

    and then will go riding again into the setting sun…………………..

  20. I can remember everything after My FIERO Came into my life.

    In my school age, i steal money from my father pocket & will take rental small cycle and then will travel 3-5kms away from my home for cycle practise. Nobody teached me how to ride, I felt down and i learn by my own. On those days i was really wondered by riding the cycle, using cycle we can go wherever we want. I was thinking that cycle was one of the great gift that God gave me.

    After that i think cycle needs human power & it is slow comparing to bikes.

    At the time my father had TVS Scooty(RED Color), Usually i will not start the bike near to my home because. I use to steal my father bike without knowing him, when he is in sleep & in his rest time. Many days i had got slaps & beats from my father, For riding bike without his knowledge.

    After finishing my School, I was going to College,Studied Computer Science.

    All my College friends where riding gear bike, But i dono how to ride geared bikes. I was feared because it must be faster than cycle & Scooty. And i dono how to control…

    Then One day, I gone to my friend home and asked for his gear bike to go for a picnic with my college friends. (SILENTLY – He does not know that, I dono to ride gear bikes) Like this i borrowed bikes with many friends to learn how to ride gear bikes. Still nobody knows that on that day, i dono to ride gear bike. I Learned gear bike riding by my own without falling using others bikes.

    Then here my Love Started, (Love at Second Sight) – One of my friend had Black Color Fiero. He rocks the road, Many invites will come for him because of his bike, Also he haves many girlfriends because of bike. His Speed & smartness speaks well because of Bike.

    So what to do UNknowingly i felt in love with FIERO instead of girls on those days, I told to my home that i need FIERO Bike. But i know well about my family situation, so i waited for long days.

    After finishing my college i went to a temporary job. I earned Rs-4000 as my 1st month salary then directly i went to a 2nd hand bike seller shop. And i found a bike cost around 21000. So i called my father and told everything. I know very well that my father does not have money. But he helped me with remaining amount. Now i have purchased a Fiero and it is my own. By thinking about my FIERO, the Whole Night i have not sleeped.

    Next Day, A new day for me and my Bike. There was an accident on my day one riding. Myself, Bike Tank/Parts got scrambled. And a road crossed member admitted in hospital because of me, I was crying like a small child and gave all the money to the person whoisin hospital and returned back.

    Now its 10Years Past away, I still riding my LOVE FIERO. The days which i spent with my bike is really everlasting memory.

    MY LOVE FIERO have ride with My Father, My Mother, My Lover(R.I.P), My Wife & My Son. Thanks Man For being with me You are my Best Friend.

    By Felix


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