Suzuki Fiero Review by Chethan Kumar

Hey bikers, this is Chethan and today I would like to share with you my passion for biking. It all began in my early days when I probably was not that much aware of the biking passion. The only incident that made me dream about biking was with my Dad. As soon as I notice him getting ready, I used to run to our TVS 50 and start cleaning all the dust from it. The only thing my dad used to do was to lift me and make me stand in the compartment and take me for a small 100 meters short drive. It was a great feeling and that was when I started dreaming about bikes.

Days passed! Due to some personal reasons my father sent me to stay with my Grandmother and I started missing those lovely morning drive in our TVS. I had no other option other than just go with what my father has decided. For a Surprise, I saw my Uncle’s Blue Vijay Super and I happily waved bye to my dad just because I saw another new scooter which used to run faster than TVS.

Later my Uncle upgraded his Scooter to HH CD100. After CD100 being a member of our family for around 5+ years, uncle noticed my interest towards bikes and gave me the keys of the bike and sat behind me to teach me how to ride a bike, that was how I learnt to ride bikes.

When he was teaching me how to ride a bike, there was a dream building within me as to own a bike because I always used to think that “If you own your own, you can ride the bike like how you want” else it would be like as seen in a Castrol Ad – Where a Sardar sitting behind the bike, insisting the rider to apply brakes every 20 foot (Pardon me guys, I rarely watch TV).

I gradually gained some knowledge about bikes and always wanted to own a Yamaha. My plan was to go for a second hand bike as I just started working and had to take care of my family as well. My Search for a Yamaha RX began, and as usual the more bikes you look into the more confusion piles up.

One afternoon, I got a call from a dealer saying that there is a Suzuki Fiero and requested if I want to check with that. All I knew about Fiero was that, it was one among the first 150CC bikes on Indian roads and was mostly used by Cops in Bangalore roads to chase people who roam on roads late night.

The bike was stunning, neatly maintained, less driven, blue in color (Favorite color) and the originality was at its spec. I immediately rang a friend of mine who is a biking freak and also an Auto-Cross rider, after the complete analysis done by him, he gave an approval to go for it. I blindly agreed with him and bought the bike home happily.

Whoa! The blind decision I took was really worth it and its been 2 years now with my beloved Suzuki Fiero. I have driven around 25,000kms now and I have enjoyed each and every Km I rode. Be it Day or night, hot sun or heavy rain, city Traffic or a national highway, muddy road or a rocky path, every Km done on Suzuki Fiero was an Awesome feeling.

I never felt that I am driving a 150CC Bike because the bike was very easy to handle may be because of its light weight feature. The firing of the bike almost matches the heartbeat of a beast within me. As I used to go for a happy ride on my Suzuki Fiero, I could see many envy eyes that could only stare my bike and not me and would give a smile at the end.

Chethan Kumar