Supreme Court Mandates Helmets With New Two Wheelers

According to the latest mandate from the Supreme Court of India, manufacturers will now have to sell helmets along with their two wheelers. Delhi High Court made it a necessity for dealers to sell helmets confirming to BSI norms along with the new two wheelers purchased, as original equipments and curtailed the registration of the vehicle without the same.

This news comes after the earlier decision by Delhi High Court on 30 July 2009 was challenged by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) quoting the restriction of people’s freedom to buy a helmet of their choice. SIAM also presented the fact that it would be worthless (and imperative) for a person who already owns a helmet prior to buying a new two wheeler. SIAM also pointed out to the clash of Motor Vehicles Act, which mentions “Helmet for a person” rather than ‘Helmet for a vehicle’.

The apex court was firm on their decision and said “Let there be more helmets. When you are buying a second scooter of Rs.40,000, then you can buy a helmet also, which is of Rs.300 only”. This move makes it mandatory for the makers to sell helmets along with every two wheeler they sell which in turn means extra expenses on the buyer.

Looking at the positive side of it, it would encourage new and less aware (till now) two wheeler owners to wear a helmet since they have paid for it (be it forcefully!). This move is definitely one in the right direction if made into effect with proper care but it also raises a concern about the actual quality of the helmets which would be provided.

BikeAdvice urges all its readers to ride with proper care and WEAR A GOOD QUALITY HELMET……ALWAYS…!

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Saad Khan