Super Bike & Super Sports, In What Way do They Differ?

In India many of us are not familiar with the difference between super bike and super sports bike. The common man has this general idea that any imported bike is a super bike. But that is not a thing to feel embarrassed if you are keen to know the difference between a super bike and super sports bike.

Though the first myth that any imported is a super bike cannot be supported because certain bikes are classified as super bikes and a few are super sports bikes because of certain features and the purpose they possess and not necessarily that they are products of foreign bike companies. Let us see why exactly these categories of bikes are termed so.

Super Bikes: If the layman browses through various bike manufacturing companies, he/she might not find separate categories of super bike and super sports bike or they may get confused, as some of the websites have listed super bikes under super sports bikes category but if you have a clear cut idea as to why certain bikes are differentiated as super bikes and super sports bikes, recognising them is a lot more easier and simpler.

The Super bikes belong to the racing category that follows certain rules and regulations such as these bikes need to bear 4-stroke engines between 750cc and 1000cc for four cylinder engines & the twin cylinder bikes must have engines of 850cc and 1250cc.

Super Sports Bikes: Bikes that have the potential to take part in World Super bike Championship are termed as super sports bikes and they need to have 4-stroke, four cylinders, 600cc engines and 750cc engines for two cylinders vehicles.

All the bikes with these specifications will make it to the racetracks. Super sports bikes are generally designed for racing and are braced with optimum braking, speed, acceleration, handling, cornering, power and performance of course at the cost of fuel efficiency and comfort. There are a few bikes though that are called super sports bike such as Yamaha YZF-R125 and Honda CBR 125R, these two bikes are 125cc vehicles and despite that fall under this category because of the style they have adopted from the 1000cc bikes. So based on certain features the bike possess a few companies classify it under super bikes and super sports bikes.

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