The Story Of Resurrection – My Pulsar 200

July 31st 2009 was a fine day for me in the morning, where i started off with some fun playing with my 6 month old daughter and as clock started ticking the hourly chime at 9 reminded me of me getting late to work. Saying bye to my better half and again fuzzing with the kid, i had to leave them. Came to the parking lot and saw my partner, (yes my Pulsar 200) with a little dust on it, buffing them gently with a soft cloth took all the dust away and there she smiled at me saying “Let’s Go”. ¬†Cranked the engine and there she comes to life and kept her idling for about a minute and slowly drove her away to my office with some respect for her power ignoring the posers who tried to overtake me at each and every corner wanting a street race.

Had a hectic day all over at the office and i was wanted at my other branch which is again 30 kms into the remote area of coimbatore Tamilnadu.

Went all the way there and finally completed my work at 6 and was ready to leave the office. Witnessed the beautiful sunset and there again i saw my partner asking “Is it over” nodding my head positively i hopped on to her, wiping my NX5 visor and again there she’s got her life vrrooommm….there again we left the place with some foot prints of the IRC’s. Had a nice time in pulling some stoppies with my friends for about 10mins and we split heading home for the weekend. I was enjoying my steady cruising at 70 kmph enjoying the sunset and out of the moon i saw two guys just ahead of me in some 1 meter distance on their Tvs XL’s who were actually standing in the corner of the road and appeared at the centre of the road in no time. Both me and my partner didn’t have enough time to respond and there i land up in head-to-head collision the bike flipped over twice and I was thrown away on to the road side regaining some consciousness i got up and found the two guys to be totally smashed out on alcohol and i had no choice than to leave them and tow the bike home.

That night i discovered that i suffered from some serious injuries, bruises all over my knees and arms, swollen neck, left arm with a slight dislocation and pain!!! But i must say a truth that my partner took all the beating and some of the damages to him were front fairing totally broken but managed to save the HID, Front fork assembly bent, rear tail completely broken, foot rest broken, seating frame broken, handle bars broken, dents in silencer plate and more.Took my partner to service center 3 days back and the estimate was about 16k (On insurance, but they’ve asked me to spend and then claim) overall and as i’m running short of funds as i’ve given around 30k to my closest friend to find his lost sister.

I had no choice but to leave her there!!! My eyes were filled with tears seeing her stripped and it kept waiting for me and is still waiting hoping that i will come take her back soon!!! But time and God favoured me where i got the cash and started getting her back is shape. As i wanted a different 200 altogether, here i decided to do the following:

  • 220’s Clip-on’s
  • 220’s front forks

The set-up costed me a whooping 10k and i was ready for it as my wife was sponsoring the cash part. The bike slowly started taking it’s shape and since my bike had already clocked 20,000 kms i decided to de-carb my engine and so i did replacing the old valves with new, new camshaft bearings, NGK iridium plugs and last but the best my bike can get Motul 300v fully synthetic oil which has made my engine butter smooth and revs freely throughout the entire rpm range.

Things went over as i decided to do some paint job in the all new refreshing white which is the trend setter now. Searched a lot of white and finally found the color that i want, the “Noble Arctic White” as complicated the name is the paint. The paint was expensive than i initially thought and went on with the same with a lot of hesitations as paint job is unforgiving compared to a sticker job. Although i didn’t want to paint the bike full white i started giving accents of white here and there and honestly it did come out well.

Went for the first ever trip with my gang to Valparai and the adjacent spots and from then on my bike is in an intact condition.

– Ram