Hello to all riders and readers, I have a small experience to share with you people. Like all other bike lovers I too had a dream to own a bike, I am 27 yrs old and a software professional. When I entered the automobile market there were bikes all around me, one had great power the other had fantastic looks, in between these there was the one which was to be mine forever. I wanted a 150cc bike because I believe that none of the 200+cc bikes have a fantastic engine.

I had all the bike specs on my table, every night before going to sleep I used have a look at all the specs again and again to finalize the one that I wanted. I had prior experience of riding the Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache and the Royal Enfield and out of all those Bajaj pulsar was the one which I liked the most. The reason behind is that TVS Apache does not suit my height as I’m 5’10” and well built around 75kgs. So I wanted something which will look good on me and not something which looks good standing alone. It took me more than one month to decide on the bike, test rode all the bikes in the market and had short listed 5 of them Bajaj Pulsar 150, Yamaha FZ-s, Hero Honda CBZ X-treme, Suzuki GS150R and Honda CB Unicorn. I started collecting info on these bikes from the owners, and i had following needs.

  • A hassle free engine
  • Great riding experience i.e. no back problems
  • Good handling and
  • Good power and looks

Based on the owner’s feedback I filtered out Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha FZ but Pulsar was just not out of my mind yet. That finally left me with 3, out of which I didn’t like the looks of Hero Honda CBZ X-treme so that was out of my list also. Left were the Suzuki GS 150R and Honda CB Unicorn and Bajaj Pulsar somewhere in my mind. After looking at the short listed bikes features and riding the one year old of those three bikes, I was pretty much awe struck by one engine and its riding experience with the pillion, nothing else than the Honda Unicorn. I then decided and went ahead with the booking. Just when I wanted to make the payment on the day, my friend sends me a mail with subject line “The Honda Dazzlers Out” asking me to checkout this bike. I mean I was yet again confused completely and said to myself that, I can’t start all over again.

I looked at the bike the first impression was I dint like the looks of the bike the head is ugly to me but again its “Honda” with more power and all the digital things, tubeless tires sporty looks and rear disc’s. After test riding the dazzler I decided to go ahead with my choice and got my bike in less than one month with some effort with the showroom guys. Because I feel that these days’ people wait for way too much to get their bike of their choice. After getting the delivery I started the bike for the first time and must admit that I loved the sound of it. The other day I went for a 75km ride and I felt a small niggle near my right hip, corrected my posture and dint notice it much while returning. The journey was fantastic to say the least the roads had everything in it the humps the bumps the holes that tested the bike in all the possible ways.

I dint take the bike beyond 4200rpm, 60kmph as it was in the initial “Run-In” period and my engine was entertaining me like a pied piper at the low level speeds and I knew I will enjoy this bike for all the forth coming days and had made a good decision. The pillion who was there during the trip tells me its was like sitting on a sofa throughout the journey and further adds that my girl will love sitting on it but pauses and says though bike may not impress her with the looks. But I know that won’t be a big negative because it’s certainly not that bad overall. The bike is fantastic between 20-60 kmph and it does not vibrate which probably is its signature of the “Honda’s”. All said and done my bike has some shortcomings but I don’t live in “denial” because these shortcomings are sometimes short lived.

Following things which I have noticed:

  • Gear slips and
  • Vibrations in handle bar if brake is not applied properly at both the ends

I will write some more on my bike when I am done with the customary 500kms and the first service to completely know about the bike. I hope you enjoyed reading the post oh! I dint tell you which is my bike! It’s a Silent Killer and a steady protector it’s the most elegant looking “The CB Unicorn”.

– Ragavendra

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  • Mahavir Kothari

    Dear Rajendra,

    Right choice for you. As a commuter bike cb unicorn is very well designed and it has butter smooth engine which is known for its refinement.



    Mahavir Kothari

  • arun

    Hi ragavendra just now read your article and it was neat crisp and good even i was having this confusion when i shortlisted out two bikes suzuki gs150r and unicorn i made almost 1 month research on these two bikes and finally went for gs150r, the reason y i didnt go for unicorn is that this bike is seen almost in many roads and felt that this bike will look normal for me so i wanted something exciting than unicorn including the top speed quickest to reach 100 ,amazing comfort, greater stability at high speeds,good braking, should look macho in front of other bikes at signal points and parking lots ,good mileage above 52kmpl,long life engine,international branded,digital instrumentation and should impress everyone on road and the most important factor i had in mind was the delivery time , honda guys told me that it would take around 48 days to get my bike delivered were as suzuki guys told me that it would take just 4 days to get my bike delivered along with registration so finally i went for gs150r and so far my bike has reached 3rd service by clocking 5248km.Finally i feel so good that i ve made a good decision in going for suzuki gs 150r ,i am not saying that unicorn is not a good bike it is a great and fantastic bike to buy but gs 150r offers better features for just RS.66,500 so i thought that i could save around RS.1000 by buying gs150r instead unicorn.If gs was not launched i would have surely gone for unicorn

  • Ashutosh

    but u chose dazzler …. how was the performance of dazzler…??
    i want to knw dat is cb unicorn is good or dazzler…..?

  • Pranav

    Dazzler is INDEED better than Unicorn
    Unless you like simple elegant looks with commuter feel 🙂


    He only testdrive dazzler. He choose CB UNICORN.

    Nice review.. Mate is while test drive how is dazzler looks? Is it leaner than CB UNICORN?

  • madhu

    Thanks for the review raghav,
    Overall its a good comuterish review

    One thing I can’t agree with you is your openion about the 200 CC+ engines one who owns enfield will never agree on this point.

    Not only you even few of my friends appriciated unicorn aka cb unicorn after doing a test drive on dazzler they said old unicorn is better than dazzler

    Guys about dazzler please check vicky.in they have the test drive report

    I don’t think dazzler will reach the sales figure and performance claimed by unicorn

    @ arun I got my GS150R on feb 2010 and it costs me 65,500 @ bangalore

  • arun

    Hey madhu even i got my gs 150r on feb 212010 in chennai ABT showroom and by the way you got it for just RS.65,500, man you are very lucky to get such a fantastic product at such a very reasonable price and moreover have you got issues with the bike so far.What is the mileage you get in city i get 56kmpl were i never exceed 52+kmph i stay maximum between 40-45 because i brought this bike for the mileage factor

  • nav

    my uni is with me for the past 3yrs and covered 53000km!!!… but i’m sure and completely satisfied,by choosing uni than any other 150…. now also i’m getting the unmatched smooth,quality, reliability,comfort,ride and handling,low cost maintenance…. mileage is 67.5kmpl on highway (head cleaned 1 weak before)… HONDA…… the name is enough…. really it focus on QUALITY than others with great margin…. BEST OF LUCK to DAZZLER too… GO HONDA GO….

  • Kanthi.A

    When will multicolor will be available in CB UNICORN .?

  • Raghavendra

    Hello to all, thanks Deepak/Moderator for posting on ur portal.
    Enfield, city ride not worth it…its just a prize possession unless u hit the hard/long roads regularly
    Regarding Dazzler I observed following things..
    1.Dazzler certainly does not have a feel of 150cc bike with respect to size, tank size has been reduced which makes it look like a 100-125cc bike. most of the popular bikes hav tank as thr best feature to promote.
    2.Sometimes looks like stunner, i was expecting a elder brother to CB Unicorn but it turned out to b Stunners
    3.With 8kgs reduced and some engine tweak has got fantastic pickup parallel to pulsar
    4.gears not as smooth as CB Unicorn, engine makes more sound compared to CB Uni but less than others
    5. Small structure helps in handling which is good for first timers.
    6. bike looks grt8 from behind at some angle, the rear indicators are way too out to get hit/damaged
    7. guys who want to have dazzler look out for the 3-D honda emblem properly it may out easily

    the bike certainly scores in performance department cudnot go beyond 50-60 due to traffic n signals
    will definitely take head-on to all the performance bikes

    yes the review is commuterish bcoz its still in Runin period will definitely write 90+experience and a long ride of some 200+kms.

  • Raghavendra

    small correction its “twister” and not “stunner” for my previous post

  • chethan

    hey guys,
    Bit confusedd between CB Unicorn and Dazzler.
    Someone plz help…….


    U get 67kmpl on unicorn. Whats your speed when u get this milage. Plz tel me.
    Does CB unicorn has this milage.?

  • Bharath

    “67Kmpl” I dont think its possible.

  • nav

    @athul and @bharath…… yes i got….. its between 50-60km/hr.. i said in d bracket know abt d head cleaning… that may b another reason too….

  • Hi chethan,

    I would ask you to go for CB Unicorn blindly. “NEW” and “LATEST” isn’t always “BETTER” and Uni-Dazzler duo confirms this fact.

    You like Uni means you like commuter. Dazzler is not a good commuter compared to old Uni, since you have no kicker, bike looks dis-appealing, unnecessary rear-disc…

    All the best for a wise decision.

  • madhu

    He said 67.5 on highway not city

    @ arun
    I used to drive my GS in a range of 40 to 65 getting around 52 to 55 kmpl

    Once I travelled with full load 😀 😉 (me 75kg + kid 15 kg+ my big brother 92 kg) total 182 KG and the milage figure is 45 kmpl

    Didn’t faced any such major issues coz after first service I developed the habbit of changing oil by every 1200 kms

  • chethan

    @ Terrorbiker,
    hi dude. its not tat i like commuter.
    some features have appealed me in dazzler.
    tubless tyres, digi speedo, some maintenance free features as read in someother site tells me tat its worth a try.

    But also guys having test ride say its not smooth as CB uni and say rear disc is a waste(dont no y) ? and ofcourse looks r not so good (my opnion).

    still its d same engine(reliable), less weight and comparitively more power..these r d advantages i found.

    what do u say???

  • chethan

    @ Terrorbiker,
    dude which bike u r having?

  • Raghavendra

    @chethan, for hw many yrs r u plannin to ride the bike till the nxt change..list out ur priorities, no matter hw basic/silly they are…once u hav them shortlist the bikes and start eliminating the silly ones, I wud say if u want ur bike to run 4-5 yrs without any problem keep engine as the highest priority.
    looks are also important but even a FZ wont turn much heads if u dont knw hw to dazzle the bike..i hope u understand wat im saying…
    if very confused always go for a better engine..Honda/Suzuki
    and wait for 2-3 yrs, by that time im sure Honda/Suzuki or for tat matter Indian OEM’s will come up with a street fighter which will b called god of the road, bcoz wit the sales of 150cc bikes zoomin up, the market has become extremely competitive…
    if u r a college guy go for Dazzler/FZ jus to make grls turn thr heads which wil giv u a high may be…

  • chethan

    @ Raghavendra,
    Thanks dude.
    First of all i m 24.

    i need some clarification if u can find some time 2 reply.

    1. will these b d shortcomings of Dazzler for long run(for me 7 or 8 yrs):
    a. Half chain cover
    b. Disc brakes at rear
    c. pillon rider – (my mom, how is it for old people compared
    to CB uni)
    d. very importantly No Kick start – will it b a prob

    2. will these b d advantages of dazzler over unicorn CB:
    a. light weight
    b. Tubeless tyres
    c. some maintaince free features compared to CB UNI
    d. ofcourse power (i think it wont effect mileage)

    This will b my first bike if i buy…..
    also with one test ride i cant get answers for my above questions…..so i m asking an experienced guy….

  • Raghavendra

    Close your eyes and go for CB Unicorn…
    y do i say tat bcoz ur target is for 6-7yrs…
    the battery used for dazzler is same as tat of R15 so shud not b a problem..open chain will hav maintenance issue..dazzler wit saree guard wont look good..disc brake at rear is very tricky to comment i wud say again a marketing feature the engine is not tat powerful to hav a rear disk…
    1. maintenance free for a battery is no big deal tis is thr bcoz the bike doesnot hav a kick start…
    2.light weight will help – CB Unicorn can be handled really well wit practice again tis is done to increase the engine throughput
    3.tubeless tyres a tuff-up tyre can hold a nail for more than 3months, i thnk tat is more than enough plus if u puncture ur tubeless tyre it is very difficult to patch it up…
    4.Power yes Dazzler has more its very simple,
    Power = 1/Mileage
    at later stages u can ask ur mechanic to tweak ur engine to get some more power by compromising on mileage

    I thnk i hav covered u…
    My take on ur requirements -> “CB Unicorn” without a second thought

  • chethan

    @ Raghavendra,
    Thanks for ur suggestion dude………
    u almost got me….i can say…

  • Hi, guys, I bought a CB Unicorn one month back, and I am very happy to own such a wonderful bike. It gives me nearly 75kmpl,when I travel on highway at the speed of 40-50kmph. This is really an amazing fact and you have to beleive it. I strongly recommend every one who want to buy a new bike in near future.

  • Ahmed

    @ D.Gowri sankar
    Yes, you are correct. Unicorn delivers excellent mileage if ridden under 55kmph. My Big Brother owns it since 3 years and he is getting 58kmpl in city and amazing 74-76kmpl at highways. My GS150R under similar riding conditions gives 60kmpl in city and 74-78kmpl at highways in economy mode. But I must say handling characteristic and super refined and silent engine of Unicorn is unmatched.

  • Shaji Mohan

    Nice review mate…I have chosen CB Unicorn Dazzler as my first bike and am waiting for the delivery. Honda is asking 2 months waiting period.


    Whats the waiting time for CB UNICON.? Can u tell me..

  • Raghavendra

    @athul, its normally 45 days..and i got it in 25 days(Bangalore) with some effort..talk to the showroom guys regularly
    if u hav the cash upfront the chances of gettin it early are more…

  • Shaji Mohan

    I book my Unicorn dazzler from Trivandrum.Here some showrooms the waiting period for CB unicorn is 4 months and in some its 6 months. 🙁 My friend got his CB unicorn after 4 months

  • Naveen Tavade

    Nice quote guys.. I took CB Unicorn recently. Performance is too good, 500 km is up and the Mileage i am getting is 50KM/liter in city. Only one issue is about the rear mudguard. (In rainy season Whole rear will be full of mud, due to half uncovered mudguard). Is there any option to alter this.

    I cant c my bike with more mud… cleaning the mud will be a big head ache, since it may scratch while cleaning it.


  • Jamesh

    Hi ,

    I bought new unicorn. What is the amount of air needs to be filled in front and back Tyre.


  • Raghavendra

    @Naveen, wel CB Unicorn has the best mudguard out of all the 150cc bikes, except for cleaning it i dont see any alternative bcoz it may not look good on the bike…

    @Jamesh, its 25psi for front and 29psi for rear in cold conditions ie ur bike at max has run for 4-5kms..check it early morning…u can max go upto 30-31 if u hav pillion on most rides…

  • Naveen Tavade

    Thanks Raghavendra…
    One more clarification: Everyone has the starting problem right.. even i m observing in my bike… everytime when i start and run my bike it will jerk for 0.5 km…. Totally 750 KM has run… only one service is done… should i talk to the service centre ?

    Please comment on this…. Thanks for your advice…

  • Raghavendra

    Its called Cold start problem…its thr in all CB Unicorn engines, if u see the manual u wil find a note on the same
    tis is wat i do and it has wrked wel for me..
    turn the choke to full on position ofcourse key on for 20-30sec and then kick start, run the engine for 1km with choke ON
    or run the engine in lower gear (i.e 1-2) fr sometime
    and ur engine is ready for the day…

  • saichand


    My name is saichand.I am user of Honda unicorn of 2005 model.
    Even i had riding experience on Unicorn 2009 model.Both are very good to ride.
    The advantages are:
    -Smootn engine
    -stability in riding
    -long drives with out irritation.
    -comfortability.Mono suspension will give you some thing different experience compare with other bikes.
    -Mileage( it depends upon how you are riding.In my case even my bike drove for one lack kilometer,it is giving 47 kmph when i drive it for 50-60 speed.Then i done Bore for it in honda showroom at ongole(andhrapradesh) it is giving me now 55 mileage when i drove it for 50 kmph standardly.)

    Dis advatages:
    – Disc is not that much powerful.Rear drum break also weak.
    we have to press strongly to apply breaks.Rear drum break efficiency decay gradully and now after 5 years of uasage decided to renewal the rear break.
    -you cant find professional mechanics for honda as you find for herohonda.I found some what good mechanics in ongole city,andhra pradesh.(pioneer honda)
    -very late delivary.
    so,more than this i can’t find any major disadvantages in this bike.
    I have intention to know how new CB Unicorn compare to old one.

    But i heard that the new one is lack of height,length,weight.
    Compare to new one i think old one is good in above aspects because it will give stability while you drive if you can bear with mileage.May be the new version will differ in mileage 2-3 kmph more tham earlier version because of alloy wheels,light weight.


  • Johnson Thomas

    Hi ,

    I brought my Honda Unicorn just a week back and done around 500 kms
    I just wanted a small clarification …..is PILLION riding allowed during the running period or is it recommended to avoid , didn’t do much pillion riding , but took a friend yesterday on bike and had to climb a few flyovers …………. does pillion riding effect bikes engine in run-in period ???? also once my bike crossed 4000 rpm for ONE second during run-in period …..will it cause any problem ???


  • Raghav

    Don’t worry…u can have pillion during run-in period…
    small burst of engine is fine and is also considered good…don’t see that u don’t cross the 4-5K rpm regularly
    don’t run the engine on one single gear for long period of time.
    Once in a while u can cross the 60 barrier..but not for long period

    Have a nice time

  • Shaji

    Hi Guys,
    I brought my first bike “Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler” last month. Compelted 500 kms…
    The riding is very comfortable. But the smoothness of the engine is lesser than the original CB unicorn.. Rear Disc brakes is very good. I got mileage around 50 before the first service, which i used to ride it in heavy traffic.

  • Krishna

    CB Unicorn is far far better than Dazzler.Unicorn is well built and Heavy which makes you feel safe when you ride.Coming to Tubeless tyres in dazzler they are little ok then Unicorn’s Tuff up tyres.

  • sonu

    is cb unicorn different from dazzler

  • Alvin

    Hi all,

    I have bought a CB unicorn and I have experienced problems of Gear slips sometimes, especially transition from 1st to second and during reducing the gear.
    There is a slight imbalance in the handle bar when rear brakes are applied. I feel the vehicle tends to skid on one side (very slightly)

    Does anyone observe these issues

    • Raju Saha

      Hi Alvin,
      You are absolutely right. I also did feel the same, and for this i had skid on the road for 2 times. The grears somtimes got slipped, specially as you detailed in your observation. I ve crossed 8500 kms, in last One Year.
      Another thing I’m getting very poor milage of 30 KMPL, instead of regular, engine oil change, and servicing, and I do not ride the bike in risky mode. I normally drive at 40 km/hr. i live in Kolkata, and the heavy traffic will not alow you at all to ride more than this speed.
      i’ve complained several times to the Honda Service Centre people, for poor milage, but they didn’t care at all.
      I ve purchased the bike from Todi Honda, Minto park, Kolkata.
      Raju saha

  • Balaji

    Is there any difference between Honda Unicorn & CB Honda Unicorn?

  • krish

    i bought this bike last month . with in one month i changed back break shoe nd some noice is coming from chain cover … it is not value for moneyy bike ……..
    i hate my bike from day 1 itself