Could this be the next 150cc from Suzuki? Will this Japanese head turner which actually plays a very silent game in India now launch this product in India?  We are not sure, but Suzuki might be launching this bike in Thailand in a few months to come. The engine and certain other components are expected to be lifted from the existing 150cc, GS150R which is already in the Indian market. It could also be tuned to produce more horsepower as we think. Therefore chances are high that Suzuki might bring this bike in India too.

If launched in India this bike will take the Bajaj Pulsar’s and the Yamaha Fz’s head on. The Suzuki GS150R is a high displacement sport commuter which people have been longing for a very long time now.

The bike will be equipped with disc brakes at both front and rear and is expected to have extraordinary styling as compared to the other 150’s in the market. The naked look complimented by the muscular tank adds a punch to the overall styling of the bike.

If  Suzuki manages to bring something similar to India then it will surely revive the popularity of the Suzuki brand in the country which has been doing very moderately. A mini GSXR is a recipe for success and gathering fan following! After all its just a speculation.

Disclaimer – The bike shown above only suggests how the 150cc motorcycle could look like. It isn’t an actual representation.


– Pritam Dhamde

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  • Its an excellent blog. Its true that If this bike will be launched Pulsar and FZ1 has go from the market. Its sexy, Its acctualy the craziest bike I ever seen.

    • thats not FZ1 but FZ16 and its siblings in India.. and they won’t out for sure. Splender has been still in the market for many yrs u know. Market is segmented and good bikes like pulsar, apache and FZ’s .. will rule ..

      • also u won’t get the above design at the price u r getting FZ’s and pulsar..

      • karan

        dude fz16 is a miniature of fz6…..and fazer is the miniature of fz1…..check out yamaha international website…..

  • Sachin

    Looks like suzuki is going on a yamaha FZ route.

    • FZ route?
      Suzuki has been manufacturing bikes like Bandit since a long time, you can’t blame them for imitating.

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  • cost of the bike matters……………..its looks awesome

  • Pritam Dhamde

    Lets hope for the best frm suzuki.

  • arun

    if this bike is launched in India then there is no doubt that suzuki are going to have golden days here

  • FAS

    Highly doubtful that a 150cc engine will justify the bikes capability. A 250cc is required in there.

  • niks

    SUZUKI needs to stir up …..all the products in india by suzuki , till now sucks …..specially in terms of design

    • madhu


      Assume you are the CEO of SUZUKI and the product sales is grown by 44.99% (higher sale growth than honda yamaha, tvs and hero honda during the month of september)

      Now tell me will you stirrup all the products ?

      Tell me why we need to induce a change if things are going better than the expected way.

  • dhiraj c raut

    actually fz16 is miniature of fz1 and fazer of fz1 again….confused well fz16 is miniature of naked fz1 and fazer for faired fz1…another shocking fact fz stands for fazer actually…

  • Pritam Dhamde

    @dhiraj raut
    Fz stands in japanese term for FrekaZoid.
    Means extraordinary exictmemt..

  • mustafa

    if this comes in india…surely yamaha fz….get tough competition from it…..

  • upendra katiyar

    This bike is looking awesome , i think it will rock the indian Roads with its style…

  • Shrik

    It looks just amazing. I hope it would be launched sooner. People are already looking for Honda CBR150 which is expected to come this year end.

  • arun

    Agree that yamaha fz has got sexy looking style but in terms of performance pick up and mileage buying fz for a price tag of RS.73,000 is totally rubbish and also the spare parts cost is too much instead one can go for value for money products like gs150r, unicorn and hunk u can save a lot of money and also all the three bikes listed costs below 70,000 think about it guys..

  • mohit

    let me know when r suzuki launchn this bike because m in search of a bike n by d way thanks for such excellent knowledge

  • arun

    suzuki is playing silent games in India watching other manufacturers introductions of their products,slowly suzuki will reach to the top in sales chart within 3-4 years for sure because when suzuki bikes were launched 3 years ago their sales figures were just 10% within a span of 3 years they got tremendous response from costumers by reaching to about 44% this is because the recommendations of the satisfied suzuki customers to their friends and relations , some might have purchased directly because of their trust in suzuki products and some after reading reviews from bike sites in my opinion suzuki designs till now may not be outstanding but good but their engine quality is of top notch , very soon suzuki will have golden days if they start lauching some sporty looking bikes at and affordable price tag sounding cheaper than yamaha bikes

  • ya i agree if suzuki cheao than yamaha it will b sales good in future….the company to compare with yamaha other than honda is suzuki



    • Dear Rocky, Its just assumption (speculation) not a confirmed news, other wise I may have been the second person to book it. 😉

  • Hari

    By when is this Bike To be Expected in Bengaluru ? How Long Is it Yet ??

  • vaibhav

    Nice bike. I want to but tgis bike. How much it will cost?.
    When it will launch in India?

  • Naresh

    Nice daik

  • Abdul Wahid

    In mumbai I want suzuki bike showroom with all 150cc model display.