Soon Your Existing License May NOT Allow You to Ride RE Continental GT, CBR650F etc

Apart from its own frustrating points, hardcore European driving license regimes have a silver lining as well. The good part is that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can pick up a litre class bike and be a menace and danger on the streets not just to himself but to other road users as well. Our country, on the other hand, allows even 18 year olds to just sit on 200 bhp superbikes and zoom away to an almost certain disaster.

It seems that the people at the helm are now waking up to this loophole. As per a report on Deccan Herald, the government is planning to introduce a separate category of license for two wheelers with an engine displacement of more than 500 cc. Simply put, if this ruling comes into effect, it will be illegal to ride bikes of the likes of Kawasaki Z800, Honda CBR650F and anything over that with your existing license. To be able to ride these monsters, you will have to prove to the authorities your abilities and get a new one.

Kawasaki-Z800-Pics (5)

As per the present CMVR 1989, getting a basic private vehicle license requires the following mandates…

The minimum age of the applicant should be 16 years in case of 50 cc motor cycle without gear and 18 years in case of motor cycle with gear or light motor vehicle.

This allows riders to get a learner’s driving license and then a permanent one within 180 days after which the learner’s license is deemed invalid. A permanent license allows you to ride any vehicle sold in India, be it a puny Splendor or the massive Rocket 3 or the 250-300 kmph capable liter class monsters!

Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-Pics (4)

But we see a major shortcoming with this… Let’s take the example of the Continental GT. This bike may have an engine displacement exceeding 500 cc but the output is less than even the Duke 390. Doesn’t make sense, right?

So, we believe, just like Europe, India does not need license regulations based on the cubic capacity of a motorcycle instead they should form the output of a motorcycle as the basis!

Do you see any more shortcomings? Do share your views but what is good is that at least here’s a start!