10 Tips on Being a Sensible Rider

These days, I see a lot of kids riding Activas and other scooters and bikes as well. I don’t know if this scene is becoming too common in Bangalore alone or across the nation itself. What makes me worried is the way these kids ride these two wheelers. Small kids in the age group of 13 to 15 roam around in the streets with their throttles fully opened.

There is a reason why I come up with a post on this particular title. Yesterday, a kid (that’s what I wanna refer to him as) came speeding in a White Activa, lost his control and fell right in front of my bike. More than the speed with which he came and fell, what made me stunned was the fact that after the fall, guess the number of people who got up. They were four in number. Four people in a single Activa was something I cannot even imagine.

This incident made me the feel that nobody can boast about being a biker, but being a sensible rider is the ‘Need of the Hour.’ Here are few tips which will make you one.

  1. This is for all those who forget the fact that all vehicles are equipped with turn indicators. They are after all meant to be used. Why can’t you indicate the other riders that you’re all set to go off the straight road. Make it clear that it’s your responsibility to do so.
  2. Two wheelers are meant to carry only two people. I repeat so that it becomes more clear, two wheelers are meant to carry only two people. Where from do you get the idea of making four people sharing a single seat? Agreed that India is still in the clutches of poverty. But, this is a sign of high life risk which affects the other riders and commuters on the road as well.
  3. Don’t ever ride your vehicle without Rear View Mirrors fitted. Only when you get a glimpse of what is happening behind you, you’ll be able to ride comfortably. I’ve noticed that all idiots who tend to turn immediately along a straight road are those who haven’t installed rear view mirrors.
  4. People tend to ride off their senses in the traffic signals. Don’t try pushing yourself into every single gap resulting in dashing the other two wheelers from behind. Understand that you are also in a verge of getting the cars which are stuck with you in the signal getting scratched along its body.
  5. Don’t jump traffic signals. I always wanted to ask a question to these guys and here it goes. Isn’t it a fact that you can only jump this signal and still be caught in the red light of the next one? What joy does that offer you? For God’s sake stop doing that cheap act.
  6. It you’re forced to carry some baggage or luggage with you in your two wheeler, see to it that they are properly tied and are intact. Don’t ever proceed commuting thinking that it’ll stay perfectly in the place where you’ve kept it. What happens here is that the rider will start losing his/her balance in the mid of the road leading to a disastrous fall. The disaster mentioned here will not be just for you but for other ladies and gentlemen as well.
  7. Guys, keep this is in your mind as a ‘Golden Rule’ whenever you ride your bike. Be to that side of the road where you are gonna make a turn. If you have to take a left turn along a main road, make sure that you start moving to the left side of the road a little earlier. I do observe a lotta people taking a left turn from the right end of the road. This creates confusion in the mind of the rider coming begin you. This is what is called ‘Senseless Driving.’
  8.  This rule is for riders using vehicles with Disc Brakes. It so happens that most of the time, a commuter is forced to brake hard and obviously uses the front discs. But, it so happens that most of the regular riders prefer using the discs over the rear brakes.  The problem with this method of braking is something which you would have never observed. The person following you in his vehicle night not have discs in this bike/scooter. In such a case, when you tend to use your disc at instances where it’s not necessary, then there are more chances of your bike getting hit from the rear. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use where you have to.
  9. Please don’t ride your vehicle in the night without turning on the headlamp. My pal sitting next to me asks who does it. But, the answer is that there are too many id**ts in the country who does this creating accidents everywhere irrespective of it being the city roads or the highways. Common sense again, right? I’ve faced issues because of such riders many a time.
  10. There is nothing called ‘Negligence’ which comes into play when riding. Be alert and careful. Above that be Cautious on what is happening around you in the road.

By the time you’ll be reading this post, some senseless rider will be tormenting on the road. As TVS Tyres ad CEAT Tyres Ad says, ‘The Road is Full of Idiots’ who cannot be dealt with. But, atleast let us be responsible on our riding techniques so that the rest of the commuters are not disturbed by the way we ride. It is in fact part of our responsibility as a ‘Biker’.

Kudos to all Sensible riders who are our readers as well.

Do you have any tips to share?

Author – BikeAdvice.in