Scooty Streak Gets an Upgrade

TVS Scooty has been a success story in India for the past one full decade, actually a little more than that. All variants of Scooty were big hits in the gearless scooter market. One main reason for this is that it was the early of the scooters to emerge and in fact Scooty created a segment called ‘Scooterettes’ at that point of time. To add to the success, it was seen that most if it’s competitor’s products didn’t do well owing to its not so-well pricing.

First was the Scooty followed bt Scooty ES. Then came the Scooty Pep, which started targeting women and girls which was a brilliant strategy for the company. TVS then added 99 new colours to the line up with the tag line ‘Babelicious’. The Scooty Pep was finally followed by Scooty Streak, which is not brilliantly laced in the minds of people. But, note that only this variant of Scooty has an Electric variant. The Scooty Pep is still more bringing more sales to the company than the Pep. The moment Scooty comes to our mind, all that we imagine is a beautiful and pretty girl on top of it. Now, you don’t have to guys, come on!

The Scooty Streak has now received an upgrade from its manufacturer now.  But, the upgrades are all merely visual and nothing more than colour change and new graphic patterns. The new version has five new colour added to the black body. The Streak had only ‘Magic Black’ colour scheme earlier, but this add on colours to the black panel makes it damn stylish and cool rather than the hot looks.

The Scooty Streak boasts of LED rear lamp cluster which makes it claim the tag of being the only scooter in the nation to house LED lights. The turn indicators are integrated along with the rear lamp cluster. The external fuel tank lid is what the highlight of this scooter. It gives a sense of practicality when other scooters have got the lid under the seat. There is another reason why girls prefer Scooty Streak over other scooters. It is really a hectic job to park the Activas and Access with their main stand which is not the case with the Streak. This is a feature foir which TVS Motors will have to be really appreciated.

Now comes a feature which not even our bikes are equipped with. The Scooty Streak comes with an in built mobile handset charger in its glovebox. Makes you feel jealous, right? Probably, we are not gifted enough and what else to say?

The LiTec engine if the Scooty Streak offers sufficient power to take a cool spin along the city. It is also fitted with anti – skid tyres to prevent terrific halts at times of emergency braking so as to reduce the internal panic. It comes fitted with a 90/90 – 10” tyres made of a ‘wet – compound’ which are puncture resistant as well.

To mention about the ride comfort of this Babelicious scooter, its seats are pretty lower than its counterparts thereby offering better and comfortable ergonomics and the seats are made with high – density MDI polyurethane foam. The Streak houses cast aluminium shock absorbers making it an ideal city commuter.

Here is the brief spec list of TVS Scooty Streak

Displacement : 87.8cc
Engine : 87.8cc, 4-stroke
Maximum Power : 5 Bhp @ 6500 rpm
Maximum Torque : 5.8 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Gears : Automatic
Clutch : Pivoted Clutch Centrifugally Operated
Bore : 51
Stroke : 43
Cooling Type : Air Cooling
Weight : 96 kg
Ground Clearance : 135 mm
Fuel Tank : 4.70 ltrs
Wheelbase : 1230 mm
Headlamp : 12V, 35W/35W
Wheel Type : Alloys
Wheel Size : 90 x 90 10″ mm

So, next time when a girl asks you to suggest a good looking scooter, would you mind referring this?

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