Will Hero Drop to the Last Spot in Scooter Sales (Among Top 5)…?

We present to you scooter sales 2023-24 and some interesting trends emerging out of them. Fourth spot may be the one to watch out for…

Hero is country’s largest 2-wheeler seller and by a fairly big margin. We should give it to the maker that it has maintained its dominance despite cutting out from Honda (and its R&D) – its erstwhile partner. But there is a consistent problem that the giant is facing.

While it has managed to grow its motorcycle sales in all these years, scooters have been Achilles heel for the brand. It has consistently fallen and despite its massive reach, it is country’s fourth largest scooter seller – under Honda, TVS Motor and even Suzuki.

If we discount Bajaj out of the equation since it is not present in ICE scooters (and also Royal Enfield), Hero is only ahead of Yamaha in the prominent maker’s list. And while I was browsing the latest sales data from SIAM, I came across some interesting numbers. Here look at them…

Scooter Sales 2023-24

MakerApr-Nov 2022 SalesApr-Nov 2023 Sales
TVS Motor8,63,9219,87,840
Hero MotoCorp2,46,7692,71,150
  • In the complete list, Honda – the largest scooter seller (by a massive margin) is the only maker to have registered a sales drop. But a few thousand units here and there won’t really bother the Jap. But yes, it has to analyze if this is just a momentary pause or if there is some kind of redundancy that has crept in in its scooter portfolio.
scooter sales 2023-24
In percentage terms, Yamaha is the maker with highest gain. Will it outgun Hero…?
  • With about 1.25 Lakh unit sales gain, TVS is sitting there pretty at the second spot and its Ntorq has really helped it in gaining this sales momentum.
  • Suzuki is another maker that has struck the chord among scooter buyers and it was ahead if its last year’s numbers why almost a lakh scooter units.
  • But thereafter it is a big gap for the fourth spot and though Hero also managed to register a minor gain in sales, it was sitting at almost half of Suzuki’s numbers.
  • Though it had a smaller base, but Yamaha was the star of the show with the highest percentage gain in this list. It managed to be higher by its last year’s tally by almost 57,000 units or a growth of almost 40 percent. Yes, it is still, 70 odd thousand units behind Hero, but if it manages to continue its growth pace we may have a new number four in this list in the months to come.

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Which will mean that Hero will get pushed to the last spot in scooter sales in the country. This despite being present in various sub-segments in the 100-125cc scooters – with as many as 5-6 variants and sub-brands. The Gurgaon based maker has been trying all it can to woo scooter buyers but its products have simply been not clicking.

scooter sales 2023-24
Hero is preparing this Xoom 160 Adventure scooter for India…

The new Xoom has shown some respite and its elder sibling – Xoom 160 has already been unveiled in an Adventure scooter guise (pictured above). It will be an interesting addition to the line-up.

Coming back to the headline – what do you think…

  • Why are buyers not buying Hero’s scooters?
  • Will Hero fall to the last spot in scooter sales (among the top five)…?