SC Not Happy with Rampant Fuel Adulteration in the Country

Adulterated fuel is a major menace in India. This not just leads to lesser than normal performance, but also leads to reduced engine life in the longer run. Even the government admits the presence of this issue. Now as per a report in Economic Times, the Supreme Court is now ready to take the matter in its hand.

The apex court asked the Centre if it is possible to install fuel dispensers which can detect the presence of adulterations in the fuel. They basically want a machine which would stop dispensing fuel the moment it detects impurities, thereby protecting the consumers and their vehicles. The Centre is supposed to come up with an idea in the next 6 weeks.

Petrol Station 1

One of the most widely used impurity is kerosene which is priced way cheaper than petrol and diesel thanks to government subsidies. While prices differ from state to state, to give you an idea, the price of 1 litre of kerosene in Calcutta is 17.04/litre. In Mumbai and Chennai the price stands at Rs 15.68/litre and 13.60/litre respectively. Delhi, at least on paper, is a kerosene-free city.

Petrol Station

In the last three years there have been 3,801 reported cases of fuel adulterations in the country. Uttar Pradesh is the most affected state with 672 cases reported, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra with 364 and 336 cases respectively. Indian Oil has been known to be the most affected seller with 1,700 reportings.

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What about you guys? Have you ever faced this problem?