Safety Gear Review : Yoshimura SRS Leather Gloves

One of the best gifts I would have got for quite sometime would be these rugged looking SRS performance gloves from the racing masters themselves, Yoshimura. Apart from their mastery in performance exhausts Yoshimura also manufactures riding gear like jackets, pants and gloves. While I was browsing through, I found these models for gloves from them: SCS & SMS in Mesh Gloves, SRS and RRS in Leather gloves.

These days I feel a lot is going in to make products look good but that sometimes takes away the concentration off the mainstream function of these riding gears, Safety! Yoshimura’s SRS race gloves not only look fantastic but provide an awesome level of protection as well.

These performance track gloves are produced of soft and flexible leather. The palm has been lined with an extra layer of 500D Cordura for scratch resistance as this is the part which is in contact with the throttle all the time. An extra layer of velvet-type leather is also plastered from the thumb all the way to the base of first two fingers covering the entire side stream making the internal part almost a double layered structure. The outer facing area has a leather hard mold on the knuckle area and the fingers are padded to the brim with fantastic quality high density material. There is a small bright silver styling line common to all colors which also acts as a visibility agent on streets. Just between the knuckle protectors and silver lining, there is a small patch of padding for the back part of the wrist. These gloves have two closure points separated by an elastic to keep the hold tight. The quality of the Velcro is top notch and believe me it needs a little more effort to flip open the gloves especially the bigger Velcro which has the ‘Yoshimura’ embossed in red.

These gloves are available in four colors, black, silver, blue and red with black forming the major part on all. Sizes are available from S to 2XL. There is no safety rating for gloves else these would have adhered to the best possible safety regulations. As for talking about the practicality aspect these gloves are the best gloves I have used till date. The interiors of these gloves is fully padded which gives a very supple feeling to the hands. Slightly tighter initially, they fit perfectly to my palm now and are my regular companions for any rides.

Because of the material of these gloves being leather and delightfully padded, we cannot wear these during higher temperatures else our hands would become numb without air. But this trait becomes a blessing during chilly mornings as we do not feel an inch of cold air entering the palms. The list price for these gloves is $70 but under closeout deals various sites are offering these well under $50. 50 or 70 these form the best arsenal for any type of riding!

– Saad Khan