Video: Performance of Apache RTR 180 ABS

I personally know many guys who are interested in booking an Apache RTR with ABS but wanna know the way it performs before booking one. TVS has released an official video sharing its features and explaining the effect of RTRs with ABS and the same without one.

The Apache RTR is the first bike in India to sport an Anti-Lock Braking System – ABS. The Apache RTR series of bikes is a brainchild of TVS Racing. This name is synonymous across the sub continent for claiming many motocross titles and organizing a lot of racing events. Since the bike has the heritage of racing built in its DNA, the bike has to be tested in the track to know her real potential and capabilities.

TVS’ new promotion modes like creation of such videos to make people aware of its bikes get a big nod from me. I wish it’s the same with you guys as well. Just to prove the fact that the bike matches its tagline which says ‘Racing DNA Unleashed’, this bike is put on a test on the race track by a couple of high profile racers in the country. The moment the video is over, I am pretty sure the RTR owners would roam in the city where they are with their collars up.

How good is this video? Does it prove the point it intends to say. Leave a word below on what is your opinion on this video and the bike, of course!

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