Royal Enfield’s Stall at the Auto Expo 2012

Royal Enfield takes the crown of one of the most exciting two wheelers launches at the Auto Expo 2012. The Thunderbird 500 is definitely an enthusiast’s delight from the very angle you look at it. Situated at not one of the very best of places, it seemed made out of a little haste.

However, the end product was very well done in the end.

The main attractions of Royal Enfields stall were:

Desert Storm Classic 500: I saw it live for the first time an fell in instant love. It looked raw and macho.

Matt Black Thunderbird 500: The matt Black Thunderbird 500 stole the show and by far. Every square inch of the motorcycle was classic to look at.

Metallic Black Thunderbird 500: Not as good looking as the Matt one, but still..!

Café Racer: Royal Enfield has been displaying this since I started reading about Auto Expos!

RE Merchandise: Then there was all this RE merchandise which signified masculinity right from leather belts, riding jackets to pants, helmets etc.

RE was the only other stall where I saw Harley lovers happy.

Saad Khan
Team BikeAdvice